Cardi B Stars in NYX Super Bowl 2024 Commercial With QR Codes

Update:  May 21, 2024
Cardi B Stars in NYX Super Bowl 2024 Commercial With QR Codes

NYX released a new viral line of lip products, bringing Cardi B, the “queen of glam,” as the face of their bold QR code marketing campaign.

This marks the Bronx-born rapper’s first-ever beauty collaboration.

“NYX is a brand that I’ve used since high school, and that’s why it’s so special to partner with them for this campaign,” the 31-year-old superstar said in a press release.

“NYX has always made the best, affordable products, and that’s why I still use them today. We had a lot of fun making this over-the-top, hilarious commercial, and I can’t wait for everyone to see.”

The ad centers around Cardi and other fearless women addressing the male-dominated tradition in the football industry. 

Denée Pearson, NYX’s Global Brand President, also shared with Marie Claire a statement:

“Cardi B reps full glam, bold authenticity, independence, and is a true makeup lover at her core. We couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate and bring the ultimate energy and empowerment to entertainment’s biggest stage!”

Cardi B x NYX Cosmetics Super Bowl ‘Duck Plump’ lip gloss ad 2024

Super bowl product ad commercial

Cardi B strikes gold and gloss again. The NYX Cosmetics 2024 Super Bowl commercial nailed it, serving up fierce beats, dazzling hues, and a whole lot of plumping power. 

They scored with their 2024 Super Bowl commercial, selling a product and a feeling of boldness and beauty, ready to conquer the world with plumped lips.  

Bursting onto the scene in a striking orange bodysuit, Cardi B’s signature sass shone as she shilled the Duck Plump lip gloss, promising “big, juicy lips” with every swipe. 

This promotes their two transparent shades and 16 high pigment shades of Duck Plump Extreme Sensation Plumping Gloss, injecting people with extreme sensation powered by spicy ginger – their proud vegan formula. 

This 30-second ad had everyone talking about NYX’s latest “Duck Plump” lip gloss, aired during the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers game.

“As a female-led brand with female creators behind the work, we’re proud of our creative idea, which flips the script on male stereotypes with lighthearted humor,” says Yasmin Dastmalchi, NYX’s Professional Makeup general manager. 

This wasn’t just a makeup advertisement but a celebration of confidence, individuality, and rocking your game-day glam. It is a visual delight, a party for the ears, and a fearless ode to self-expression.

Uncut Cardi B x NYX Cosmetics #ForLipsOnly commercial using QR codes

The league representative approved only a 30-second air time for broadcast during the Super Bowl “For Lips Only” ad. This prompted NYX to ingeniously maximize the power of QR codes in its marketing strategy.

In place of the ad’s original second half, its last 15 seconds displayed a blackout showing a QR code highlighting Cardi B’s trademark humor as she says, “That’s suspicious, that’s weird.”

Using highly developed QR code generator software, NYX has attracted the attention of onlookers and online viewers, prompting them to scan the QR code. 

What’s on the QR code?

Super bowl QR code

When scanning the QR code, viewers are led to “a QR code directing viewers to watch the unedited, 60-second version that is currently being shared across NYX Professional Makeup’s YouTube and social channels,” a representative for NYX wrote in a press release.

The uncut version of the commercial garnered more than two million views on YouTube at press time, which was released on the internet before the game started.  

The 60-second ad revealed the instinctive male reaction to the product after they had seemingly confused the word “duck” with another four-letter word, which is what is already in your mind — using the plumping lip gloss in a different context. 

This ad takes a hilarious turn when it switches to a breaking news update reporting men putting the Duck Plump “where it should not… go,” reminding everyone that Duck Plump is strictly for lips, thank you very much. 

As the #ForLipsOnly comes up on the screen, Cardi asks, “They put it where? Why?” poking a light-hearted banter at men. This kept the viewers entertained and the message crystal clear. 

Let’s not forget the catchy jingle—“It’s time to plump yourself up baby… be bigger, so big”- that’s living rent-free in our heads. 

NYX’s Super Bowl QR code commercial is a playful reminder that makeup is all about expressing yourself and sometimes means sharing laughter along the way.

QR codes are transforming the marketing arena

QR codes are taking the field by storm, turning them into the hottest trend in the Super Bowl.

Once integrated into product packaging, its popularity has made it to big screens and is part of iconic brand strategies. It has transformed how businesses connect with millions of people during this advertising extravaganza. 

Marketers are now unrestricted by physical space, struggling to fit endless content into flyers. With a quick smartphone scan, QR codes send fans flying from their chairs straight into the heart of the action. 

Do you want to see an exclusive behind-the-scenes huddle of your favorite sporting team? Just easily access them on the bleachers. Interactive QR codes have blurred the line between the physical and digital worlds, and this is only the beginning. 

The future of advertising is right here.

Brands using QR codes

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