QR TIGER Product Update: Clone QR Code Feature

Update:  June 08, 2024
QR TIGER Product Update: Clone QR Code Feature

Track product movement and streamline data-gathering procedures efficiently with QR TIGER’s recently launched clone QR code feature. 

This advanced solution allows marketers to deploy clones of QR codes across various marketing areas and have multiple working tools that lead to the same objective.

Furthermore, it supports tracking each QR code. This lets you manage your campaign more accurately, as you can assess which location or platform boosts the most conversion rates and which calls for immediate action. 

Curious as to how this works? Read further to learn the specifics of this tool and how you can create a surplus of identical codes using a QR code generator for your business initiatives. 

Are QR codes easy to replicate? 

How do QR codes work and function? Let us first unravel their complexities before delving into the details of this new, exciting feature. 

Whether a QR code is easy to copy depends on the QR code type. You can easily create an exact copy of your static QR code, but to do that, you must meet these conditions:

  • You have a copy of its embedded content, and
  • You’ll use the same QR code software to create the duplicate.

This is because a static QR code encodes your content directly. It breaks down the content and stores each bit into its modules—the tiny squares that make up its pattern.

Meanwhile, it’s a different story for dynamic QR codes. Each dynamic QR code stores a unique short URL in its pattern, leading scanners to your embedded content.

This short URL can either redirect to the website you embedded or a landing page that can host digital files. This link is why a dynamic QR code can store images, documents, audio files, and videos.

It’s also why you cannot create an identical copy of a dynamic QR code; the clone will always have a different pattern. But here’s the good news: it will still redirect to the same content stored in the original QR code.

QR TIGER’s clone QR code feature: How does it work?

QR TIGER’s newest feature allows users to create copies of their existing dynamic QR codes.

No matter how many duplicated QR codes you wish to produce, all will hold the same information and lead scanners to the same destination.

Since each copy will have a unique short URL, you can track the scan metrics of each clone. This makes the feature helpful in monitoring a campaign’s performance in different locations or mediums like online or print.

You won’t have to generate and customize a new dynamic QR code each time you want to have a duplicate. With this QR TIGER feature, you can instantly have many QR codes with the same content and design as your existing dynamic one. 

How to use the clone QR code feature

Suppose you’re launching a coupon QR code campaign and want to see which areas of your store get the most scans from your consumers. 

You can disperse clones of your coupon QR code at varied marketing spaces to evaluate if it delivers as intended. 

The cloning feature lets you track the scan metrics of each QR code: the number of scans, the time and location of scans, and the device used to scan from different locations. This is possible since every clone has a different short URL. 

This allows you to monitor the performance of one QR code campaign at multiple locations, making it a valuable marketing asset in charting the progress of different outreach efforts. 

With more accurate scan data, brands can now fine-tune their marketing campaigns and explore avenues for advancement. 

The unrestricted generation limit is a bang for the buck for QR TIGER’s new feature. You can copy a QR code as many times as you want, but make sure not to exceed the number of dynamic QR codes specified in your chosen plan.

How to clone your existing dynamic QR codes using QR TIGER

clone QR code
Here’s a quick guide on how to copy a QR code:
  1. Go to QR TIGER online and log in to your account. 
  2. Head to My Account and click Dashboard.
  3. Choose a QR code solution you want to clone from the My QR Codes list and tap the Settings button. 
  4. You will see a dropdown list. Select the Clone QR code, and enter the number of QR codes you want to generate.
  5. Click Clone. The generated clones will follow after the original QR code. 

Tip: If you generate multiple duplicates of your QR code, you should first clone one in a folder. 

This way, when you create another set of clones, all the QR codes will be stored directly in a folder. You do not have to move them one at a time. 

Here’s how to manage your duplicate QR codes more efficiently using a folder:

  1. Go to Folders, tap Create New Folder, name it, and then click Save
  2. To move the QR code to the folder, click Settings and press Move to folder
  3. Proceed to generate more duplicates. Find the previously cloned code, then tap the Clone QR code
  4. Next, specify the quantity of clones you require. Click Clone

Note: You must subscribe to any of QR TIGER’s paid plans to use this feature. Continue reading below to learn how to get your plan and create your account.

How to subscribe to a QR TIGER QR Code Generator plan

You can enjoy QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes and advanced features for as low as $7 per month. To subscribe, simply follow this detailed yet easy-to-follow guide:

  1. Visit the QR TIGER website, then click Pricing at the top banner of the homepage.
  2. A popup will appear onscreen, containing a welcome gift of $7 off on any yearly plan. Click Copy Code to save the code and use it upon payment.
  3. Choose among our plan choices: Regular, Advanced, Premium, Professional, or Enterprise. Once you’ve decided, click the Buy Now button under the plan you want to get. This will take you to the registration page.
  4. Enter your information—name, email, and a password for your account. Check any of the industries you’re involved in. Lastly, enter the four-digit code you see on the screen.
  5. Read our Terms and Conditions first before checking the ‘I Agree’ box, then click Register.
  6. Carefully read our terms and conditions before agreeing, then click Register. This will take you back to the Pricing page, but you’re signed in this time. Simply click the Buy Now button under your desired plan.
  7. You’ll find the Order Summary page. Enter the discount code you copied earlier, wait for it to be applied, and click Pay Now. After that, select your preferred payment method.

Other dynamic QR code features offered by QR TIGER QR Code Generator

Aside from QR TIGER’s QR code clone feature, here are more dynamic QR code functionalities you can enjoy. 

Track QR code performance

QR code tracking offers comprehensive data on your QR codes, allowing you to measure the engagement level of your promotions. This enables you to gauge the overall progress of your campaigns and business growth. 

Edit QR code design

Edit your QR code’s design and enhance its aesthetic even when it is running. With this QR feature, you can match your QR code design with your campaigns on the dot. 

Update stored information

Update or change the information stored in your QR code. This dynamic function allows you to edit a QR code and divert scanners to fresh content even if you’ve already deployed the QR code.

Protect QR codes with passwords

Manage QR code access by adding a password to your QR codes. You can use this when distributing confidential files to limited people in a communal space. 

Set QR code expiry

Set time and date constraints, deactivate upon reaching a specific number of scans, and impose one-time access for any unique IP address to your QR code.

You can harness this when providing time-limited information sharing within a specified period. 

Receive QR code alerts

QR code notification
Get notifications of your QR code’s scanning activity. This dynamic feature simplifies campaign monitoring for you, as you won’t have to check your QR TIGER dashboard now and then.

You can also adjust the notification frequency according to your preference—daily, weekly, and monthly. 

Integration with other software

Create a seamless workflow with other platforms like Canva, HubSpot, Google Analytics (GA4), Zapier, Monday.com, and Google Tag Manager.

This lets you connect to major software for cohesive and uninterrupted operations. 

Locate scanners with precision

Determine a scanner’s accurate location with our spot-on GPS QR code tracking. This feature only works with the audience’s consent.

After scanning a dynamic QR code with this feature activated, they’ll be asked whether they consent to give out their location.

This feature will provide location-based insights, allowing businesses to develop strategic plans for advertising campaigns. 

Track website traffic with accuracy

Trace campaigns online or offline and identify high-performing channels or materials that drive more traffic and conversions to your website or landing pages. 

With a UTM URL QR code, you can precisely measure the effectiveness of various marketing initiatives. 

Retarget scanners 

Boost sales conversion with Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel. This advanced feature allows you to reach out to visitors who have interacted with your QR code but did not perform your intended action.

This way, you still stand a chance at turning them into patrons. 

How to use the copy a QR code feature

Test your QR code campaign 

QR code test scan

Cloning a QR code gives you the power to conduct A/B tests with precision and limitless testing privileges.

Experiment with different QR code designs, calls to action, or placement strategies to see which echoes best with your target audience. 

By testing your campaign using QR code clones, you can identify the most efficient tactic for your business crusades. You can also tailor your methods and set up QR codes based on demographics, interests, or location. 

Consider this helpful tip: Perform a QR code test scan before deploying your QR codes. That way, you can see if they all work to sidestep issues. 

No more guesswork and wasted resources for you; simply copy and paste the QR code to witness the results. 

Seamless inventory management

Create an army of dynamic QR code clones and systematically place them in your items or goods to gain access to vital information and track them throughout the entire supply chain, from production to delivery. 

This advanced feature makes inventory tracking seamless, accurate, and lightning-fast. 

Experience a simplified and hassle-free stock control. The clone QR code feature can help pinpoint bottlenecks and optimize routes to ensure a trouble-free flow for your operations. 

Efficient payment processing

Picture a food court full of bustling people hungry for a meal. 

You can tame the lunch rush with clones of QR codes set at each stall or table. Just copy and save the QR code leading to your online menu or ordering platform.

Starving patrons can then scan these codes to bypass long queues and dreary card swipes, liberating both the sellers and customers.

Meals are savored, and payment experiences are as smooth as butter.  

Multi-channel campaigns

Custom QR code for marketing

Use QR codes across various marketing channels to expand brand and product visibility.

You can print clones of QR codes for physical marketing and embed them on flyers or billboards. You may also weave these duplicates into social media platforms and TV ads, skyrocketing engagement like a marketing goldmine. 

Just copy the QR code link to a QR code generator, create a clone, and spark conversion. 

This way, you can showcase your QR codes across avenues without exhausting your resources. Stay informed of the QR code best practices to ensure that you’re on the right track of your QR code journey. 

Effortlessly replicate your dynamic QR codes with QR TIGER

QR TIGER’s clone QR code feature proves that duplicating your QR codes can potentially be a doorway to many possibilities for fine-tuning marketing efforts.

When used strategically, these clones ease, speed up, and make complex processes accessible to users, especially businesses that operate on a grand scale of data and operations. 

Experience seamless duplication of QR codes and optimize your sales funnel with QR TIGER QR Code Generator online. Subscribe to any of our affordable plans today.

Frequently asked question

Are QR codes reusable?

You certainly can reuse a QR code, but only with dynamic QR codes. This tool allows for information editing and design modification of QR codes. 

You can then reuse the same QR code for different purposes.

How do I clone a QR code?

It's easy to clone a QR code with QR TIGER. Just go to your dashboard, select a solution you want to clone from the My QR Codes list, and click Settings

After that, tap Clone QR code, input the number of QR codes you want to generate then click Clone.

Will a copied QR code work?

Yes, a copied QR code works just as well as the original one, so long as you use a QR code software that can accurately reproduce QR codes. 

And with an advanced QR code maker like QR TIGER, you can do just that.

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