Labor Day restaurant marketing ideas to boost sales and revenue

Update:  January 17, 2024
Labor Day restaurant marketing ideas to boost sales and revenue

Take advantage of Labor Day and devise restaurant marketing ideas to improve your bottom line.

According to the national restaurant association, 35% of Americans will visit restaurants over the Labor Day weekend. Since many people will dine out, this is a perfect moment for you to capitalize on this occasion and attract new customers. 

Perhaps food businesses, like Mexican restaurants, have already prepared their menus for this significant holiday. Hence, you need to step up your marketing strategies to stay ahead of your competition.

You can implement relevant promotions and create special deals so diners can make the most of the holiday and for you to generate more sales. 

For more brilliant labor day marketing ideas, keep reading to find out more.

Labor Day restaurant specials to increase sales

Labor Day weekend is a good opportunity for restaurants to capitalize through promotions.

In fact, in a survey conducted, consumers were asked what factors influenced their decision to dine at a restaurant during the summer.customers dining with a menu QR code on their tableSeven percent responded that they dined at restaurants as often as they could during the summer months. 

Typically, people dine to relax and enjoy the atmosphere in a restaurant. So, why not give diners what they ought to experience this summer season, which happens to be the time for Labor Day? 

If you’re thinking of ways you can grow sales, here are some ideas for you:

Implement Happy hour 

Make the most of Labor Day weekend by implementing a happy hour strategy. This can bring in new customers over the long weekend.customers having talk over a drinkFor example, if they purchase food worth $20, they get $5 off. Customers would appreciate this idea because it allows them to save money. Diners can spread the word to their friends, increasing foot traffic.

Free appetizer when a customer buys an entree

No customer can’t resist freebies. This holiday, make diners line up outside your door by giving them a free item when they dine. Diners will get a free appetizer if they buy an entree, which means they can save money.

An effective way to inform customers about this promotion is through emails or posting them on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Last offer for the summer menu

This is a surefire strategy to consume all stocks left for the summer menu items. Giving away a seasonal dish or cocktail is a good tactic to use all inventory supplies for summer menu items.

Sending targeted people an email including the phrase, “hurry. before it’s gone,” can stir the person’s competitive spirit. This can be an effective FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) marketing technique.

Family Labor Day Dinner Promotion

Devise a promotion exclusive for families. Summer is nearing its end, meaning that children will return to school. A family dinner at a restaurant allows parents to spend quality time with their children before everyone becomes too busy.

You can have children eat for free (in your choice of age bracket). Given that children only consume a small portion, allowing them to dine for free wouldn’t hurt.

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Labor Day restaurant promotions through email

Email promotions are another common advertising strategy to promote restaurant products. Since a great number of individuals spend most of their time on their phones, it is an excellent way to reach more audiences. 

In fact, a survey revealed that almost half of the respondents spent an average of five to six hours on their phones daily (excluding work-related smartphone use). 

This means that sending out a newsletter keeps you in contact with your customers. It can also increase customer loyalty.

Here are some examples of promotional emails for the upcoming Labor Day.

Give discount codes

Give loyal customers a discount code so that they will only pay a percentage of the total amount of the food item purchased. 

For example, for a minimum purchase of $15 or more, they can use the discount code for 25% off. Moreover, this is a good strategy to retain loyal customers and make first-time customers repeat business.

Limited time offer 

Sending customers a limited-time offer through emails can entice them to come to your place to avail of the promotion. For example, you will reduce the price of your chosen desserts on Labor Day from 5 pm to 10 pm.

As a result, it gives consumers a feeling of urgency. This can also make them increase their purchases, which can boost the restaurant’s sales.

Giveaway promotions

If you’re feeling extra generous, send targeted people a newsletter informing them that you will give a free appetizer to the first 100 customers who dine at your restaurant on Labor Day.

Promotional giveaways are an effective strategy for increasing brand awareness and capturing the attention of existing and potential customers.

Promote events or parties

If you plan to hold parties or host events, you can simply send customers an email invitation. A karaoke night, for example, would attract millennials, so ensure you are sending the invitation to the right people. 

You can implement this in your restaurant or bar over the weekend. As a result, people looking for a fun night out will come with their group of friends.

Optimize digital menu using MENU TIGER for more sales 

MENU TIGER is an online tool that the hotel and restaurant industries can use to automate and speed up their ordering operations.

Furthermore, it is jam-packed with useful features that food businesses can use to run promotions, update menus for increased profits, and provide excellent customer service. 

One of its features is QR code ordering, which allows you to serve customers quickly, especially during peak hours.

It also includes POS integration, allowing you to better manage your business.

Sales and revenue analytics are also available to help you track sales and revenue daily, weekly, or monthly.

Furthermore, you can carry out promotions by utilizing its upselling features and displaying promotional banners on its custom-built restaurant website. Website visitors can then place takeaway orders on your page.

To find out more ways to generate a profit using MENU TIGER, continue reading.

Upsell menu items

Upselling is a proven and effective strategy to drive sales. Implementing this strategy, especially during holidays like Labor Day, will increase the restaurant’s sales.

Gladly, MENU TIGER has a feature that enables you to perform this strategy. This would benefit restaurants’ profitability, especially on special holidays or events.

For your guide on how to add a modifier group with MENU TIGER, see the following steps below:

On the system dashboard, go to Stores, where you will add a new modifier group. After that,menu tiger store sectionGo to Menu and choose the Modifier tiger modifier subsection

Click the Add button. Then, fill in the Name of the Modifier tiger modifier group Choose the type, either Optional or Required. You can tick the box if you allow customers to order the item numerous tiger modifier groupNext, fill in the Name of the Modifier item. Set its Price, then don’t forget to click the Save button.

Highlight special offers

A digital menu would be easier and more cost-efficient for you to highlight certain dishes, meaning no fee is charged every time edits are done. 

Setting this up will only take a few minutes, and featured dishes will be visible on the online menu.

Furthermore, featuring an item is a great way to make customers include them in their choice of orders since they are the ones that they will notice when they are redirected to the online menu.

So, to do this using MENU TIGER, follow the steps below.

First, on your dashboard, go to the Menu section and click on the Foods subsection.

menu tiger foods subsection

Next, choose under what Food Category the item to highlight belongs. Then, on the food list, click the Edit icon of the menu item.menus tiger food category Scroll halfway, then tick the box next to Featured. Lastly, click Update to save the changes.

Label food items as “New” and “Bestseller”

menu tiger QR code menuMENU TIGER has a food labeling feature in which you can label food items as “New” or “Bestseller.” This keeps diners informed on the status of food items as they browse through the menu and choose what to order.

Moreover, it can help them decide what to buy, resulting in a faster table turnover.

Follow these steps to label menu items on your digital menu.

On your Admin panel, go to the Menu section, then click the “Food” tiger foods subsectionChoose what category you will go to and click the edit icon beside the item you will put a tiger foods subsectionAfter that, scroll halfway and look for Labels. Then choose the label you wish to put, either  New or tiger labeling item as new or bestsellerTo save the changes made, click Update.

Run scheduled promotions on the custom-built restaurant website

Online promotions are one way to reach out to new potential customers. The advantage of online promotion is that it is inexpensive and will result in a positive outcome for your marketing efforts.

MENU TIGER has an in-built restaurant website where restaurant owners can schedule promotions. This would be especially helpful for small businesses looking for ways to stretch their budget for advertising goals.

To schedule promotions on a restaurant’s website with MENU TIGER, follow these steps:

Firstly, go to the Website section on your Admin panel, then click tiger website sectionClick the Add button. Then fill in the name and description of the promotion. After that, add an image of the promo to be displayed on the tiger add button for promotionSet the Date and Time to start and stop displaying the promotion. Choose between Amount and Percentage to determine the kind of discount you will offer. After that, set its Value.edit a promotion to start and stop displaying promotionNext, select the food items included in the promotion. Tick the box if it is applicable for add-ons. Lastly, click the Save button.

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MENU TIGER: The must-have tool for restaurants celebrating Labor Day

When you think of promotion deals, you will not only consider the extra profit you will get from it. Think of the value it can give customers and its relevance to the occasion.

Developing promotional plans for special holidays like Labor Day can be a little challenging with the thought of giving customers a memorable day. However, your restaurant can rely on an online tool like MENU TIGER.  

MENU TIGER allows you to set up promotions easily, eliminates the hassle that you have to go through on busy holidays, and provides customers with a memorable dining experience.

Sign up with MENU TIGER and choose any of the plans, all with a 14-day free trial.

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