How to Use QR Codes in Print Ads to Leverage Your Print Marketing

Last updated:   March 02, 2023

With the tight competition in the print media industry, how can QR code in print advertising leverage your print marketing?

Are there ways to continue your business even if there’s a COVID-19 pandemic disease? 

In business and marketing, the competition between corporations of large and small scale enterprise, and technopreneurs are tight. 

Dominance in the world market is ultimate goal of course! 

Businessmen and marketers are thinking of new and unconventional means of penetration in the business industry.

The configuration of existing technologies is one of the solutions that they can use in gamifying their business operations.

QR codes in print ads businessQR codes in print adsWhether it is an unsought product, commodity, customer-preferred product, convenience product, niche product, complementary goods or premium products; the need for tools like QR codes are high. 

Trendy business establishments that are using high-tech equipment in operating their business, have a higher chance of attracting more customers.

Technologies improve customer service scheme, the cost, and time used.

Through these, business owners can help customers minimize the time they spend in order.

For starters, technologies such as QR codes in print ads integration can be used in improving and enhancing your products and services.

Four types of businesses that use QR codes in print ads: 

  1. Service business
  2. Merchandising Businesses
  3. Manufacturing Businesses
  4. Hybrid Businesses

QR codes are generated using information that is needed to store data.

In this way, businessmen can use an editable QR code generator in generating and printing QR code in print advertising.

Here are some ways on how to improve your business operations by printing QR codes correctly.

If you are in the service business such as in freelance firms, salons, repair shops, schools, transportation, etc., QR codes can be useful in handing out your business cards, campaigns, resource materials, etc.

By following the right steps in generating and printing the QR codes, you can now start improving your operations.

QR code with logo

Printing QR codes: What is the importance of printing them correctly? 

1. For easy scanning.

This is one of the common mistakes that businesses tend to repeat. Some establishments display QR codes that are in conditions that the customers QR code scanner cannot detect immediately.

QR codes are essential in delivering fast and accurate scans of information provided that the data stored is readable. If  QR codes generated and printed takes time to scan and detect, your business will be in bad shape.

2. For durable and sustainable scans

The purpose of printing QR codes is to enable data sharing in scanning.

To businesses, it is a long term commitment to providing basic information about their services and other offers.

If the printed QR code is durable and sustainable, then the QR code’s future scans are safe and secured.

3.  For material and cost-saving.

Businessmen always search for means of increasing their profit with minimal resource spending.

For some, being stingy is a way of life in the business industry.

Thriftiness is the key to surviving the battlefield.

As printing QR codes also save them funds and other resources, QR code generators are there to ensure that the code they generated is working properly.

In this way, they can ensure that QR codes are an asset to their business operations.

How to print QR codes on business cards and gain more clients?QR codes in print ads

Established businesses and firms always use their business cards in getting more clients, while in education, school partnerships happen by exchanging business cards for future collaboration and project references.

QR codes on business cards are dynamic QR codes since they require more information to track and store.  You can generate and print your QR codes for your business cards in 7 easy steps:

  1. Open QRTIGER QR code generator online
  2. Click the “vCard” interface, fill up the required fields, and upload your photo.
  3. Generate the QR code.
  4. Customize your QR code by choosing a set of patterns, eyes, add your logo, set your color according to your business card’s color scheme.
  5. Test the QR code and download it. You can download it in PNG or SVG format.
  6. Insert the QR code in the designated space of your business card.
  7. Print your QR code business card and circulate it to your business affiliates.

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Why Dynamic QR codes are the best in generating business cards and file QR codes?

While static QR code does not allow you to edit your QR code and track your QR code scans, with dynamic QR codes, track your QR code scans and even edit its content without printing or reproducing another QR code, allowing you to save more money in the long run.

Although this type of QR code needs payment and subscription, this is worth it to use for long term goals. 

The access to this type of code allows you to add URLs such as your social media accounts, website, and more; files that have an advanced capacity limit and monitor real-time scan counts that can be divided into 3 categories, a timeline of the scans made, location, and device used in scanning.

It also promotes long term use as the QR code that you have generated can be edited and redirect into another URL.

The hassle of updating your links will be eliminated and the QR code paper used will not be wasted. There are several Dynamic QR code generators found online and one of those is QRTIGER.

You can search and explore it here.

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How to quickly distribute resource materials by printing QR code in print advertising such as brochures and flyers?QR codes in brochures

As services such as marketing planning, house and building planning, and statistical reports are made and forwarded to clients, delivering plans and reports can be a struggle.

With the pandemic’s interference in your businesses, profits gain will result in a net loss.

As a result, the number of transactions made is limited. 

To avoid such losses, QR codes in print ads can be your saving grace.

With the use of QR codes in your brochures and flyers, the trouble of creating templates and tags in your physical brochures and flyers will diminish and be replaced with interactive e-brochures through the use of your uploaded business resources materials such as PDF, images, audio, and video. 

9 simple steps in printing QR codes in print ads such as your brochures and flyers:

  1. Open a trusted and reliable QR code generator.
  2. Choose the “File” menu and upload your resource materials. 20 MB is the maximum file size that you can integrate into your QR code. Bear in mind that the type of QR code you needed to generate is a Dynamic QR code.
  3. Generate your Dynamic QR code.
  4. Customize your QR code by selecting a set of patterns, and eyes, add your logo, and pick a color that matches your business identity.
  5. Test your QR code by using a QR code scanner app on your smartphone to see if it is working properly.
  6. Download your QR code in print quality (SVG format).
  7. Insert your generated QR code in the soft copy of your brochure and flyer. For a smart and appealing brochure tip, you can align the QR code in an area where the reader can easily scan it.
  8. Print your QR code added brochure and flyer.
  9. Distribute it to your colleagues, customers, and advertising areas in your place.

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This method can also be used by institutions such as museums, hospitals, and schools. Even during classes, you can integrate it by handing out a piece of QR code print paper for them to study.

In this way, students’ curiosity will be triggered, and experienced an unconventional way of studying.

How do printed QR codes work in merchandising and increase product information dissemination to customers?QR codes on product

Business establishments such as grocery and convenience stores are slowly adopting new means of selling products and inform scheduled sale bonanzas.

Before, barcodes were used in integrating product information and discounts in informing customers.

But as technology rapidly integrates and changes ways of how things operate, QR codes become a hit to store owners and customers.

Through the use of QR codes, store owners will no longer need to purchase barcode scanners and use smartphones in scanning a product’s QR code.

In this way, stores save time in scanning QR codes as it works instantly due to a flexible scanning interface, unlike traditional barcode scanning. 

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QR codes in print ads: 6 ways on how QR codes work in merchandising.

1. Links to the product’s manufacturer’s website.

URL QR codeAs QR codes are added to products, customers can scan the code and view the manufacturer’s website to gain more information on how the product is made and what are other goods that the manufacturer is selling?

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2. Add additional information that is not found in the product’s packaging.QR codes on clothes

QR codes store more information than barcodes, information such as allergen warnings, ingredients used in the products and recipes are useful to customers who have health issues and looking for ways in using the product.

3. Discretely inform customers on special discounts, promos, and sale bonanzas.QR codes for discount

The search for best deals sometimes wastes our time and resources.

However, if grocery and convenience store owner upgrade their operating schemes in distributing events such as sale festivals and give back discount bonanzas.

Fun activities such as Sale Treasure Hunting can be used in initiating grocery customers’ shopping parties. 

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4. Fastens transactions and payments for goods.

Online payment methods are becoming popular these days.

With the use of QR codes, fund transfer is easy and germ-free, as you won’t need to swipe your credit cards to machines that have been swiped by others.

With the pandemic’s disturbance in our daily activities, it promotes healthy interaction and social distancing.

5. Keep track of the number of products sold.

Product inventory can be tiring and difficult to keep up with. Barcodes have been a part of the inventory system.

But as competition advances, the use of barcodes may not be an easy way in keeping up with the number of products sold in stores.

QR codes enable store owners to track the product sold and on what branch does the most products were sold. In this way, owners can decide on expanding their store by installing new branches in areas with a blossoming number of sales.

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6. Enable customers to order goods ahead of time.QR codes in print ads

Picking grocery items take time before checking out from the store. By putting your store’s business QR code, customers will be redirected to your online store and choose the products that they want to buy.

By that time, the customer will save time and go to the grocery and pick up the groceries that they ordered ahead.

The same goes for manufacturing businesses, but instead of injecting information about their products, information about the machines used such as production capacity, power status, and maintenance warnings are used.

Businesses can integrate uses of QR codes by correctly printing their QR codes and establish it to areas where customer attraction will take place. 

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How printing QR codes in your marketing materials can be a life-saver among your customers during COVID-19?

As the pandemic continues to disturb and change our normal way of life, print QR codes can reduce the risk of catching the disease.

By integrating electronic transactions and files such as digital menus, and online portal access, hybrid businesses such as restaurants and corporations can gain profit while ensuring their employees and customers’ safety.

Here are 4 ways on how print QR codes can save people from getting COVID – 19.

1. QR codes as contactless platforms in ordering food and paying bills.QR codes in print ads contactless

As we are promoting contactless interaction, digital menus, and online portals can become a substitute in personal communications. 

Paperbound menus increase the risks of transmitting viruses and infections.

The same happens with paying bills, as the customer’s exposure to COVID-19 hotspots increase.

But if we use QR codes as a way of accessing digital menus and portals, the danger of getting infected will be lessened and rehabilitate the community’s economy.

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2. QR codes as portals in unlocking learning materials for online education.QR codes in online education

Adding QR codes in the syllabus, learning kits, and worksheets enable students to lift the burden of copying links from sources and automatically let them download it.

As searching for materials in learning can be troubling, teachers can integrate their learning references into generated QR codes.

Online learning can distract students from learning if the references given are needed to be accessed on a website.

Thus, QR codes in learning kits fasten and create more time in learning.

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3. QR codes as online survey portals.QR codes in print ads survey

Business establishments are continuing to find means of improving their products and services.

Printed survey QR codes that can be found posted on a bulletin board, restaurant door, bus stops, and shopping malls are one of their means of initiating surveys without risking their employees’ health and well-being.

In terms of education, their printed QR codes can be posted in public places such as parks, town halls, and public bus stops wherein students, parents, and guardians can take the survey by scanning and give suggestions on how to improve their quality of teaching. 

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4. QR codes as COVID-19 case tracker.QR codes in print ads covid

With limited information gathered about this disease, QR codes can be a helpful tool in tracking possible COVID-19 cases.

By embedding surveys and health declaration forms, health workers and other front liners can determine who are the possible COVID-19 patients without risking their lives by interviewing and checking them.

QR codes can be used as passes for individuals who are traveling from one place to another and keep records of their daily activity.

These QR codes can also be a tool to monitor the patient’s condition.

Since the integration of QR codes, many solutions are made and used.

As communities are bracing towards new normal, the QR code functionality has shifted into lifesaving functions as it not only saves people’s lives and livelihood but also improves the ways on how their business operations improve. 

With the integration of QR codes to your marketing, unbounded means can be used and enforced by the business community.

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QR code generator

Give life to your print marketing using QR code in print advertising today

With the world’s current situation, printing QR codes as menus, payment centers, and business proposals can give aid people in staying to be healthy and fit. 

By using the a QR code generator online, unbounded possibilities can take shape in reality.

The future is coded with limitless uncertainties, but with the right mindset, you can carve a path into a certain future, which is a success. 

Brands using QR codes