New! QR TIGER Software Update for Q4 2022

By:  Jaesny
Update:  August 01, 2023
New! QR TIGER Software Update for Q4 2022

Software updates are essential as they often include security patches that improve software and protect your data from being compromised by hackers or malicious software. 

The recent QR TIGER software updates include the social media QR code with all links in one and the availability of Wi-Fi QR codes with empty passwords. 

It also featured new software integrations with Canva and more security updates, such as the QR TIGER two-factor authentication.

As 2022 approaches its last quarter, QR TIGER introduced a new software update to improve its overall performance.

The new product feature and functionality enhance user experience and help businesses create tailored and more engaging QR code marketing campaigns.

Staying up-to-date with the latest QR TIGER software can ensure you have access to the best possible product version.

QR TIGER’s new QR code shape

Releasing round QR codes

Reliable QR code generator

QR TIGER  QR code generator presents its latest software update: the round QR codes.

Round QR codes are still uncommon, as we’re used to the traditional square shape. 

Marketers can use it in the same way as square QR codes, and users can scan them with a QR code reader in the same way.

The round QR code frame aims to provide an alternative design option for QR codes and make them stand out more, especially for marketing campaigns.

The frame can be in any shape or design, and it is not necessarily related to the form or structure of the QR code itself. 

For instance, marketers can use it to add branding or other visual elements to the code, making it more appealing to users as it stands out from the typical square QR codes we see every day. 

Brand managers and marketers should include additional information or a call to action to encourage target customers to scan. 

Creative uses for round QR codes

Round QR codes can be used in various creative ways, depending on the needs of the person or organization using them. Here are a few examples of how you can use round QR codes:

Promote your brand 

Round QR codes

Brand managers can use round QR codes just like the regular square ones. 

They can use it as a unique way to display QR codes on food packaging or other marketing materials, such as posters, and business cards.

Add a personal touch 

Round QR codes can add a personal touch to your branding by using a more unique shape that can match the overall design aesthetic of a website or product.

Because they are eye-catching, round custom QR codes can help businesses stand out and attract attention. 

Make it exclusive 

Make a QR code more accessible by using a round shape that is easier for people with visual impairments to scan.

Round QR codes make it easier for users to scan the code because the circular shape may be more intuitive to align with the smartphone camera.

Create an interactive marketing strategy

Interactive marketing strategy

With this new QR Code shape, you can easily develop marketing campaigns or images around it. Create an image that leads people right to the QR code.

It should be easy, even on Canva, as QR TIGER has a drag-and-drop feature when you install it there.

Overall, using a round QR code can make your campaigns more engaging and effective and help promote a brand or product uniquely and memorably.

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We always want our software to work efficiently, so we update it often to help customers achieve their marketing goals. 

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