How to create a QR code attendance and leverage your COVID-19 attendance checking means

Last updated:   July 28, 2022

Do you need to create a comprehensive COVID-19 attendance checking system for your school and office ? The use of a QR code attendance system is the perfect one for you!

If we count all of the different attendance checking systems that teachers and employers use for their students and clients, there would be more than three systems that they can employ.

And these systems can range from the traditional form plotting to the biometric attendance checking configurations.

But as these systems are great for seamless yet organized attendance checking prompt, its touch and go aspect can potentially start a health crisis and can cause a disease outbreak.

Though, people before don’t see the threat physical interactions can do to them, the use of a biometrics system is deemed to be perfect.

But since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our health security is currently at risk.

Because of that, a COVID-19 attendance checking system becomes what schools and offices needed during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

As RFID-based attendance may seem to cost more when applying it to the wireless attendance checking, we will look on to the cost-efficient and easy to apply wireless means.

And that means is by applying the use of QR codes.

But before you dive into incorporating the use of a QR code attendance system into your office or classroom, you must first learn the fundamental skills in typing data and transitioning information from one program to another.

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Technologies that you need to create a working QR code attendance system

Before you start immersing yourself in the fun part of making your QR code attendance system, there are three important technologies that you need to know how to use and make.

1. Google Spreadsheet

google sheet qr code

The spreadsheet is Google’s counterpart of Microsoft’s Excel program. While they hold similar uses, Microsoft’s Excel and Google Spreadsheet have different operating schemas.

The excel one is installed and launched in Microsoft and Mac devices and can be used offline.

While the Google Spreadsheet is a part of Google’s web-based online software offers in which it can only be accessed and updated online.

Google Spreadsheet is great to use when you plan to keep updating your data without the need to manually opening the Sheet that you are working on.

2. Google Forms

google forms qr code

Google Forms is a free online survey administrator software that is part of Google’s Google Docs Editor Suite. This online survey creator is perfect for creating surveys, quizzes, and online event registrations.

In terms of powering a scan and check attendance system, the use of Google Forms is great for easy data input and tracking.

(You can also just copy the URL of your Google form and paste it in the URL QR code solution to generate a URL QR code solution for your attendance. Once scanned using a smartphone device, it will redirect students to enter their names and they can just click on the submit button) 

3. QR code generator

qr code generator

As you are making a QR code-powered attendance system for your business or classroom, it is important to have a QR code generator that can help maintain working and scannable QR codes.

In choosing one, there are various key factors that you need to consider such as credibility to secure your sensitive information and GDPR compliance of usage, ability to create editable and trackable codes, and more.

Through this, you can ensure that your QR code attendance for students and employees is created with a safe and worry- free QR code generator. 

How to create a QR code for attendance Master list?

To make a QR code attendance master list for your employees or students, you will need to use Google Spreadsheet and Google Forms.

In the first three steps, you will first use Google Spreadsheet.

1. Create a new folder and name it to your institution or class section attendance file for easy access.

In creating one, click the plus icon and select the folder with a plus icon.

You can name it as [company/class] Attendance Master list.

2. Open the folder you have created and add a spreadsheet file by selecting the new icon and choosing the Google Spreadsheet tab.


3. In the Google SpreadSheet tab, select the blank spreadsheet and start creating your Attendance Master list by renaming it as the [department/class] attendance list.

Label the four columns in the first row with the following words: First Name, Last Name, Full Name, and URL.


In the first two columns, place the first and last names of your students or employees.

After typing the first and last names of your students or employees, proceed in filling up the third column by following the formula: =A2&" "&B2 then do an autofill command.


For the URL column, you are going to use Google Forms to obtain your students’ or employees’ URLs. To do this, go to the Tools tab and select the Create a Form tab.


4. Once the Google Form loads, rename the untitled question into Attendance.

Copy the data of your Full Name column and paste it to the options tab. After pasting the names of your students or employees, select the three vertical dots found in the upper right portion of the console and select the get pre-filled link section.


In this step, check the first option and click the get link tab. A floating box will appear in the bottom part to confirm the link that you will copy.

After that, click the highlighted Copy Link phrase and the link is copied to your clipboard.


5. After getting the link, go back to your master list spreadsheet and paste the form link in the URL column.

But you are not done yet. After pasting the link, there are some minor revisions you need to make with the pre-filled link that you get.

As you will most likely get the pre-filled link in this format:

You must convert the link in the cell entry into =""&A2&"+"&B2 . After that, you can drag the revised code down for automatic data fill-up.

qr code attendande

Note: It is important to encode the right link to ensure the desired information display when they scan the QR code.

By following these steps, you can become an expert on how to make an attendance using QR code. 

How to create a QR code for attendance?

Once you have secured your QR code attendance master list, you will then have to create your QR code using a QR code generator.

But as manually creating your students’ or employees’ QR code attendance is can be a tiring pursuit, the use of a bulk QR code generator is recommended.

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1. Open

qr code software

2. Go to the bulk QR tab

After opening QRTIGER’s QR code generator interface, log into your QRTIGER account and go to the Bulk QR tab. In the bulk QR tab, select the download template icon to download the CSV file.

bulk qr code attendance

3. Open the CSV file, fill in the required fields, and upload the file.

Open the CSV file and fill in the required fields. Since you have generated the attendance links of your students and employees, you must use the template for bulk URL QR code generation.


In the content column, you can place all of the links in the second column.

After filling in the required fields, save the CSV file and upload it to the bulk QR tab. 

4. Generate your attendance QR code

Once the CSV file is accepted by the QR code generator, you can proceed in generating your attendance QR code. To take full control of your QR code data, generate your QR codes as a dynamic one. 

generate qr code

5. Customize the QR code’s design

customize qr code

You can customize the QR code's design by selecting the set of templates given by the QR code maker or make your own by choosing the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors for your design.

To ensure faster-scanning results, avoid using light colors such as yellow, neons, and pastel tones. 

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6. Test if it works.

test qr code

In every QR code generation process, QR code users never forget to give their codes a scan test to ensure the right QR code information display.

As its purpose is to check a person's presence, it is important to know if the information displayed works well. 

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7. Download, print, and distribute the code to your students or employees

download qr code

Once you are satisfied with your attendance QR code tests, you can then proceed in downloading, printing, and distributing the QR code to your students or employees.

To ensure a high-quality QR code output, download your QR codes in SVG format. 

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Uses of QR code attendance

Employee attendance system using QR code

As offices are temporarily banning the use of biometrics in checking the employees' daily time records, the use of QR codes is a great technological substitute for checking their daily time records.

Since the employees only need to scan their corresponding QR code attendance, the chance of infecting each other with a communicable disease lessens.

Because of that, offices can use an attendance QR code into their attendance checking routines for a smooth and safe daily time recording. 

QR code attendance for classroom employees and students

Being on time in school presents a better career path for students.

As they help them practice proper time management and prioritization, attendance checking is a crucial practice that every institution implements. 

Because of that, the education sector is encouraging the schools to get creative with their attendance checking routines.

But as the use of biometrics is can be expensive for some schools, the use of QR code attendance is a great technological attendance checking tool that they can employ to students and its employees. 


In most events, event organizers always make sure that their guests attend every event they cater to them.

As part of the quality event execution for them, checking its attendance plays a crucial part in maintaining the credibility of the event in terms of the people who participated in the event. 

To make sure that the people attending the events are the ones who are invited by the organizers, the use of a QR code attendance system is great for easy scan and check guestlist checking prompt. 

COVID-19 Attendance Checking

Now that COVID-19 is becoming an essential factor for businesses and other institutions to automate  attendance checking, the QR code attendance system is a great COVID-19 alternative to fasten the need to check their employees', students' or coworker's current health state before lodging in their work or school ID to have their regular attendance be logged on the system. 

The COVID-19 attendance form usually houses all the factors considered by health experts to fully assess a person's current health status and eliminate the instances for possible cases to continue their work or schooling and infect others. 

The QR COVID-19 attendance system also follows the means of how to create a QR code attendance system but with added options such as knowing the person's last public place check ins, exposure to possible COVID-19 patients and checking in the COVID-19 symptoms they might be experiencing prior and after their work or school attendance. 

Benefits of using a QR code attendance


Other forms of attendance checking can cost more than their initial implementation. As maintaining them requires more resources, the amount you spend on them increases.

Because of that, many institutions that are on a tight budget are looking for a better attendance checking tool that is cost-efficient and doesn't require more resources in maintaining them.

QR codes are known to be the cost-efficient technological tool that many businesses use in keeping a contactless operation.

With the use of a QR code attendance system, institutions can implement a secure and safe attendance checking system without the need of spending more in maintaining them.

Environmental Friendly

Traditional attendance checking system requires the use of paper in compiling and checking. And when it is time to declutter their piles, many papers are dumped by institutions.

Because of that, the amount of paper being used and dumped by them increases.

But with the use of QR codes, checking and compiling the employees' or students' attendance is done by the use of Google Sheet. And by scanning the codes, the designated file updates its information automatically without the need to input them manually.

This makes the QR codes a great win for task reduction and environment saving.

Thus, making QR codes the environmental-friendly attendance checking alternative today.

Trackable in scans 

trackable qr codes

To ensure that your QR code attendance is scanned in the designated area of scanning, the use of QR codes helps detect the areas where the scan is made.

Especially with the use of dynamic QR codes, you can always check your employees' or students' scan location demographics.

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Easy to implement

After a rigid system structuring for your QR code attendance system, deploying them to your employees and students becomes easy as scan and check.

As they only require two items to implement, its use to many institutions is great for easy secure and safe attendance checking.

QR code attendance – seamlessly scan to acknowledge your presence

As attendance checking in today's context is defined by many factors such as maintaining contactless operations, the use of QR code attendance is a great help for most institutions.

Using QR codes in checking their attendance, the seamless scan to acknowledge people's presence means is possible.

To successfully make a QR code attendance system for your institution, you can always rely on the best QR code generator online like QRTIGER to unlock a seamless attendance checking system.