7 Best Ways to Use a Skype QR Code During Meetings

Update:  April 30, 2024
7 Best Ways to Use a Skype QR Code During Meetings

A Skype QR code can provide a quick and easy way for participants to join a Skype meeting in one scan.

No need to manually enter the meeting link or type in the host’s name.

With today’s advanced online QR code generator software, you can make a QR code for Skype to get more people to follow you on social media and improve your business’s digital campaigns.

This article will run you through the opportunities you can open by simply creating a QR code for Skype meetings.

How do I get a Skype QR code?

Did you know that Skype for the mobile app comes with a Skype QR code generator? It lets you create a QR code that allows people to add you as a contact in a faster way.

Skype QR code

Here’s how to access it:

  • On your Skype app, tap your profile picture. You can find this in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Tap on “Skype profile” under the “Manage” banner. This will bring you to your profile page.
  • Select the “Share profile” below your profile name.
  • From the four options shown, select “QR code.” You can then show your QR code to other people, and they can quickly add you on Skype by scanning it.

This is how to add a Skype contact with a QR code.

What’s great about using this method is that people won’t have to search you manually, and you won’t need to send people your Skype Name.

Download Skype through QR code

App QR code

If you go to Skype’s website to download it on your PC, you will also find a Skype download QR code on the page to easily install the Skype for mobile app.

This is an app store QR code, and when you scan it with your smartphone, it will redirect you to the app marketplace suited to your device: Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS.

Can you join Skype meetings via QR code?

Yes, you surely can.

If you host a Skype meeting, you can use a URL QR code as Skype invitations instead of the meeting link, making it more convenient and faster for participants to join.

While it’s also easy to copy meeting links and paste them, some participants may find this annoying or difficult.

Simply scanning the code to join is still a way better option.

This QR code also allows participants to join meetings using their smartphones or laptops.

How can you use a Skype QR code during meetings?

A Skype QR code provides an easier way to add contacts and a faster means of joining meetings, but its function does not end there

You can also use it while in a meeting.

Hold on for a second. How exactly does that work?

Here’s the answer: you can share your screen to show the QR code or create a personalized virtual background and add QR codes to it.

Your fellow participants can scan your QR code while the meeting goes on.

You can assign many possible functions to your QR code on your virtual background. Here are seven examples:

1. Promote your social media pages

Social media QR codeq

Social media now plays a crucial role in the success of any business.

Platforms such as Facebook allow companies to promote to a broader and more diverse audience.

It has also launched the careers of influencers — social media personalities and content creators with a huge and loyal fanbase.

Having more followers is great for businesses as it increases their reach and engagement.

For influencers, it brings more opportunities for brand deals and partnerships.

A social media QR code on a custom Skype background is one effective way for businesses and influencers to promote their social handles.

When participants scan this dynamic QR code, they will find all social links on one landing page.

The landing page is also fully customizable so that they can match it with their brand or aesthetic.

2. Network with co-participants

vCard QR code

What used to be in-venue conferences have now become Skype webinars due to social distancing measures mandated by governments to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Before the pandemic, these events became an avenue for attendees to meet new people and expand their network of connections in their respective fields.

But even though interactions are only through screens now, participants can still network with others using a vCard QR code to share contact details quickly.

You can also use this dynamic QR code to let prospective employers easily reach out to you when you join online job fairs held through the program.

3. Boost traffic to your website

Business owners and influencers with an official website must see that their domain ranks high on search engine results pages to establish a solid online presence.

One way to improve SEO ranking is by increasing the traffic volume to the website, and there’s one tool that can quickly help with that: the URL QR code.

It would also help to use a dynamic URL QR code so you can monitor the number of scans at any given time.

4. Convenient file sharing

File QR code

Skype greatly helps in internal communication within workplaces, especially in companies that let their employees work from home or remotely.

It’s also an excellent tool for company meetings.

Administrators can use a file QR code to provide employees with a copy of files necessary for the meeting, such as the meeting agenda, reports, and minutes of the previous session.

This can also work for webinars.

Resource speakers can use the QR code to share a copy of their presentation with the participants quickly.

5. Provide multilingual resources

Some webinars welcome participants coming from different countries across the world.

Organizers can use a multilingual QR code to help with problems that may arise due to language barriers.

This dynamic QR code can contain multiple unique links and redirect participants to a landing page set in a language that matches the one used in their device.

For instance, a user with Nihongo as their device’s language will find a landing page set in the said language.

6. Boost app downloads

App developers who join Skype conferences can create an app store QR code and place it on their custom virtual backgrounds to promote their apps and increase the number of users downloading them.

This Skype QR code can also work for software companies that release various apps and games.

7. Gather participants’ feedback

Feedback QR code

Webinar hosts and organizers always ask participants for their comments and suggestions on their experience to know where to improve in future webinars.

They can set up a convenient feedback-gathering system using the Google Form QR code.

Scanning this code will bring the participant to a Google Form, and they can quickly fill it out on their smartphones.

How to create a QR code for Skype for FREE

Creating QR codes is now made easier with QR TIGER, the best QR code generator online software.

Our software provides you with a QR code solution for every purpose. We also offer customization tools so you can change the design of your QR codes to match your brand or preference.

Here’s how to use our Skype QR code generator for free:

1. Choose the QR code solution you will use. For your free QR code, you can try selecting the URL option.

2. Copy your website link and paste it into the blank field.

3. Click the “Generate QR code” button, and after a short while, your QR code will show up on your screen.

4. Customize the design of your QR code for Skype.

You can select a different design for its pattern and eye shapes and change the colors of its modules and background.

You can also add a logo and a frame to it.

5. Scan the QR code with your smartphone to check whether it redirects appropriately.

6. Once the QR code is working, you can download it.

Sign up for a free trial

You want to use our dynamic QR codes but are not yet ready to subscribe. Trust us; we truly understand where you’re coming from.

In that case, you can register for a free trial. It comes with three dynamic QR codes, each having a 500-scan limit.

How to add your Skype QR code to your custom background

Since you now know how to generate a Skype QR code, you can now proceed to create your custom virtual background that you can use in meetings.

One tool that can help you is Canva, an online graphic design tool you can use for free. You will only create an account so you can access it.

We also recently launched our QR code integration with Canva. This lets our subscribers access their QR codes on the Canva designer tool and add them as an element to their designs.

Once you have your account, follow these easy steps:

1. Go to Canva and search “Skype virtual background.”

2. Choose from the free templates and click the one you want.

3. Customize the background according to your liking. Make sure not to put too many details so it won’t look messy.

4. On the left tab, click “More.” Scroll down until you find the QR TIGER logo, then click it. To connect your QR TIGER account, enter your API key.

5. Search the QR code you will use. Click it and place it on your design. Note that you will use it as a background, so place your QR code where you won’t cover it.

6. Once the QR code works, click the “Share” button in the upper right corner and click “Download.”

Advantages of using a QR code for Skype in meetings

Engaging meetings

Skype meetings can sometimes bore participants, especially if they’ll only listen to the host or the speaker.

With a Skype QR code, participants will find something to do that’s related to the meeting. This way, they feel more engaged and involved in the meeting.

Cost-effective promotions

Using a QR code for Skype business promotions, you can target your fellow participants without spending too much money.

You can also guarantee that this method will work because everyone has a smartphone now, and all smartphones now have a built-in QR code Skype scanner.

Seamless networking

Adding a vCard QR code custom virtual background lets you quickly expand your network.

This will connect you with people who can give you insights or knowledge on your field of discipline or with employers looking for potential candidates.

Easy access to digital resources

A Skype QR code can help participants who use the platform to collaborate on tasks.

It can work for sharing documents and online sources such as web pages and videos.

Quick connection to businesses

A QR code for Skype containing your website will provide a more convenient way for people to reach you should they want to inquire about your company or collaborate with you.

Start using a Skype QR code today

QR codes have come so far from their humble beginnings.

They are now a diverse digital tool that can work for almost every industry, and the convenience they bring is truly undeniable.

Such is the case with the Skype QR code.

What was once only a tool for adding contacts and joining meetings can now help businesses improve their performance and achieve success.

Create your QR code for Skype with QR TIGER, the best QR code generator with a logo.

Be a QR TIGER subscriber now!

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