QRators in Action: How CityMedic Redefined Information Sharing Through QR Codes

Update:  December 05, 2023
QRators in Action: How CityMedic Redefined Information Sharing Through QR Codes

QRators (curators) in Action highlights our users who have harnessed the power of QR TIGER to achieve their goals, be it to provide convenience or upscale campaigns.

Meet CityMedic, a distributor of award-winning diagnostic medical devices in Malaysia. For 12 years now, the company has been giving patients and doctors the right tools to manage diabetes.

CityMedic has used a host of technological solutions such as QR codes to understand the market and improve their customers’ experience.

Dynamic QR codes: Helping people, one scan at a time

Citymedic QR code

Image source: The Borneo Post

Amid the panic and distraught caused by COVID-19, CityMedic took to the frontline of its mitigation. The firm successfully created a product that would be extremely useful.

And to educate people on how to use it, they attached QR codes to the packaging. When scanned, it redirected patients to an instructional YouTube video.

Let’s dive into their story and discover how they used the YouTube QR code solution to share vital information.

Can you tell us more about the company?

Our company was set up 12 years ago by a father-and-son duo, Mr. Rigo Ong and Mr. Matthew Ong. Our core business distributes medical devices to pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

We built the company on a foundation that FACTS and INNOVATION must always be the structure of developing our products.

So we spend a lot of time understanding the market needs and improving our customer’s experience with our product.

Why did you start using dynamic QR codes?

Editable healthcare QR code

During the pandemic, our company pioneered the self-testing kit to detect COVID-19. As we were the first to get registered in Malaysia, we know that information for the product may change due to regulations/new findings.

So, if we used a static QR code and printed it on the box of our product, we would have a big issue and delay in the correct information.

QR code enabled us to execute our decisions very quickly.

What made you use QR TIGER’s YouTube QR code solution for your event or campaign?

Video tutorial QR code

YouTube is the most accessible and straightforward solution for our campaign, as we needed to post an instruction video. It is also easy to share as well.

How has QR TIGER helped your company achieve its goals?

QR TIGER enabled our company to respond quickly to ever-changing information and rules set by the authority.

For example, there was a time when a new regulation popped up after two months of product launch where it needed to register people who purchased the product. 

We also needed to indicate the lot number of the product. So, we decided to use the Dynamic QR during our first launch.

What is the most important insight that you’ve learned from the campaign?

We must acknowledge Murphy’s Law: Anything can happen, and be prepared for it.

Would you recommend using QR codes for other businesses?

Yes, most definitely. The pandemic boosted the usage of QR codes, and everyone already knows how to scan a QR code.

QR codes: A vital tool for the medical industry

CityMedic’s partnership with QR TIGER, the most advanced QR code generator with logo, has been instrumental in their ability to adapt swiftly to changing scenarios. 

Dynamic QR codes enabled the company to address unexpected regulatory shifts, such as the sudden requirement to register product purchasers and display lot numbers. 

CityMedic’s story exemplifies the collaboration between innovation, technology, and adaptability, making them a true trailblazer in the Medical Device Distribution arena.

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