How to Scan a Menu QR Code on Android and iOS

Update:  May 29, 2023
How to Scan a Menu QR Code on Android and iOS

How to scan a menu QR code? Very easy!

You can scan menu QR codes using your Android and Apple devices.

Unlike barcodes where a barcode scanner is required, you won’t need a separate QR code scanner.

Perhaps you entered a restaurant and asked the server for their menu.

The server then explained that they were using the menu QR code printed on a table tent and placed on top of your table.

After connecting your device to a Wi-Fi network or turning on your cellular data.

Now the question is how to scan a menu code using your Android or Apple device?

How does a menu QR code work?

Food and beverages use a menu QR code or a digital menu is a QR code as a replacement for handheld menus.dessert table tent menu qr code

A menu QR code works by scanning through any device with a QR code scanner, usually an Android smartphone or tablet or an iPhone or iPad.

After recognizing the menu QR code, a redirection link will redirect the customers to the restaurant’s digital menu, where they can choose their orders and pay.

How to scan a menu QR code on iPhone

Before scanning a menu QR code, make sure your iPhone is supported by IOS 11 and above.

Models like iPhone 5s up to the latest iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max use this operating system.

Here are the steps in scanning a menu QR code using an Apple device:

1. Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network or turn on cellular data.

2. Open your iPhone camera.

3. Place your iPhone rearview camera towards the menu QR code.

4. A notification will appear after the scanning is complete, a notification will redirect you to the restaurant’s digital menu.

If you have trouble scanning QR codes, go to the Settings app and enable QR Code scanning.

How to scan a menu on Android

google lens scanning table tent menu qr codeAndroid 8 and higher Android versions can scan menu QR codes using the camera app. There are two ways to scan menu QR codes using an android device.

1. How to scan a menu on Android camera app

Here’s how you can scan a menu QR code through your regular Android camera app.

1.1 Turn on and connect to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

1.2 Open your Android camera app.

1.3 Point your back camera at the menu QR code and position the menu QR code at the center.

1.4 Press the redirection link to the restaurant’s digital menu and start browsing the menu.

2. How to scan a menu on Google Lens

Alternatively, you can use your installed Google Lens to scan a menu QR code. Here is the guide:

2.1 Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. 

2.2 Open Google Lens app.

2.3 Place the menu QR code on the frame of your back camera.

2.4 Press search or touch the redirection link to go to the restaurant’s digital menu.

How to scan a menu using QR code scanner apps

1. QR TIGER QR Code Generator

qrtiger free qr code generatorQR TIGER QR Code Generator is a practical QR code generator app that can scan and easily create ad-free QR codes.

2. Kaspersky QR Code Scanner

kaspersky qr code scannerThe Kaspersky QR Scanner is an application that lets users scan a QR code while also assuring that the URL they’re going to visit will not harm their phone.

3. QR and Barcode Scanner

qr and barcode scannerQR and Barcode Scanner is a free and handy QR code reader for Android devices.

How to scan a menu code and order through MENU TIGER’s interactive menu software

1.  Make sure the device is connected to a data or Wi-Fi connection, then open the camera app

smartphone camera app2.  Position your device camera to your table menu QR code. After a few seconds, your device will redirect to the restaurant ordering page intended for your tablephone scanning table tent menu qr code3.  Browse the menu and choose your ordersmobile phone digital menu

Click your menu item of choice and check out the description and estimated preparation time.

Check out the ingredients list and warnings.

Customize your order by choosing add-ons, extras, sides, or doneness from the modifiers.

Select food item order quantity.

When your order is set, click Add to cart.

4.  Check out orders in the cart and place your order

check out digital menu orders cart5.  Finally, choose your mode of paymentchoose mode of payment
track digital menu order status

How to scan a menu QR code: Common scanning errors  

Scanning a menu QR code using the previously mentioned methods does not always result in successful outcomes. 

Here are some scanning errors that restaurants might be doing wrong and how to fix and avoid them:

Color inversion and low contrast

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software like MENU TIGER allows restaurants to customize their QR code design.

Restaurants can choose different colors aside from the usual black and white.

When designing a menu QR code, it’s a rule of thumb that “the foreground color in a QR code is always darker than the background color.” 

Low contrast QR code might look faded and may not highlight the distinction between the foreground and background.

QR code experts discourage using light colors like yellow, light blue, lime, and pastel hues because they can contribute to QR code scanning delays.

Low resolution

A low-resolution QR code may appear blurred and harder to analyze by the scanning software.

It may be a result of incompatible format resolution.

For a menu QR code intended for the printed medium such as table tents, download the menu QR code in a Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG) format.

Additionally, download the generated menu QR code in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format for menu QR codes to be used in digital form.

Make sure that the menu QR code is in the proper format to achieve the right quality for the menu QR code.

Dense QR code data

Adding extensive information, especially in a static format, can result in a crowded QR code pattern.

Using a dynamic format instead of a static one to store restaurant menu data will keep the QR code pattern well-spaced and clean.

Size is too small

Another cause of scanning error is a menu QR code that is not big enough.

The recommended size for a printed QR code menu is a minimum size of 3 cm by 3 cm (1.18 in x 1.18 in), commonly used for short-distance scanning.

Device is not QR code-ready

Finally, to avoid error, make sure that the Android or Apple device scanning a menu QR code has a QR code-ready operating software version.

For Android devices, Android 8 and up to the latest version can scan a QR code.

On the other hand, Apple devices from IOS 11 up to the current version can scan a QR code.

Devices without QR code scanning features can download third-party apps that will work as a QR code scanner.

It can scan not only scan a menu QR code but also other QR code-powered transactions.

Read more: QR code scanning problems and how to fix it

How to create a menu QR code with MENU TIGER: An interactive restaurant menu QR code software

1. Create an account with MENU TIGER 

Fill in the required information on the sign-up page, such as the restaurant’s name, first and last names, email address, and phone number. To confirm your password, fill it in again.

sign up menu tiger account

2. Go to Stores and create a name for your store

To create a new store, click New and provide the name, address, and phone number.

digital menu store name menu tiger

3. Customize the look of your menu QR code according to your brand

Change the QR code pattern, colors,  QR code eye pattern, and eye color. Set the frame design, color, and call-to-action text by clicking Customize QR.

menu tiger qr code customization

4. Indicate the number of tables

digital menu table qr code menu tigerEnter the number of tables in your store that requires a QR code for the menu.

5. Determine the number of store users and administrators

Then, under Users, select Add. Enter the first and last names of any extra users or administrators. Select the appropriate degree of tiger digital menu user adminUser can only track orders, whereas an Admin has access to all the software’s functions except the Website section and the Add-ons section.

Enter your email address, password, and password confirmation. 

The software will send a verification email after.

6. Add the menu categories and food items

menu tiger menu categories food itemsStill on the Menu panel, click Foods, then Categories, then New to create new categories such as salad, main dish, dessert, drinks, and so on.

7. Create modifiers

menu tiger modifier group

Go back to your menu categories and choose the items you need to add the modifiers.

8. Customize the website for your restaurant

Go to the Website section. Next, proceed to General settings and add a cover image and the restaurant’s name, address, email address, and phone number. Choose your restaurant’s localized languages and recognized tiger website customization

After that, enable the Hero Section and provide your website’s name and description. You can localize in a variety of languages according to your choice.

Enable the About section and add an image. Then add your restaurant’s backstory, which you may subsequently customize in multiple languages if you want to.

For different promotional campaigns your restaurant has been conducting, click and enable the Promotions section. 

Enable Most Popular Foods to see best-sellers, signature dishes, and special items. Once the Most Popular Foods section is enabled, select an item and click “Featured” to make it the homepage’s featured item.

Allow Why Choose Us to be enabled and inform your clients about the advantages of dining at your restaurant.

In the Fonts and Colors section, change the fonts and colors of your website.

9. Add payment options

On the software, panel click Add-ons then choose Payments. Enable online payments and/or cash payments.

menu tiger payment integration

For online payment, enable chargers and payouts, and input Stripe and/or PayPal accounts.

10. View the website and digital menu

website and digital menu view icon

11Return to the Store section  to download and place your QR code in each table

menu tiger generate table qr codeAdd your restaurant’s logo or any image to the menu QR code.

Then change the QR code pattern and colors, the QR code eye pattern and color, and set the frame design, color, and call-to-action text.

12. Finally, order tracking and fulfillment

menu tiger order tracking fulfillmentYou have everything you need. Now you’re ready to go with your interactive dine-in menu.

Scannable restaurant menu QR code with MENU TIGER

QR codes can now be found everywhere, from health and security procedures to your favorite local restaurant’s menu.

You take out your Android or Apple devices and scan the QR code with your camera, and instantly you can view the menu and instantly place your orders.

With MENU TIGER, you can create an easily scannable menu QR code for your restaurant.

You can subscribe to MENU TIGER's Freemium plan to enjoy the limited best features of the software. You can also avail to the software's paid subscription plans that range from $38 to $119. 

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