How to Generate a Pinterest QR Code

Update:  January 14, 2024
How to Generate a Pinterest QR Code

A QR code Pinterest embeds the links of your Pinterest board. By scanning this QR code using smartphones, customers will be instantly directed to your Pinterest board.

Thus, saving them from the hassle of typing and searching for it on the internet.

With 478 million users, Pinterest is one of the most used social media platforms in the US. Thus, making it a great marketing platform.

Boost your Pinterest platform by generating a Pinterest QR code.

Pinterest is a platform that works with various businesses, from retailers to content creators.

With its new Business feature, this platform has become a marketer-friendly tool that can certainly help you increase sales.

According to the data, Pinterest drives more sales than other social media platforms.

It also shows that 85% of the people who use Pinterest decide to purchase, while 72% of users discover new products and brands through Pinterest.

Therefore, making it a great platform, especially for start-up businesses.

Boost your Pinterest platform and increase your sales by using QR codes.

Link in Bio QR code for Pinterest vs. Pinterest QR code 

Pinterest QR code

A Pinterest QR code only directs to your Pinterest URL, but the link in the Bio QR code for Pinterest connects and displays your Pinterest profile and other social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.

A social media QR code generator offers various social media platforms you can add to your QR code.

With this all-in-one QR code, you can boost your Pinterest account and your other social media platforms.

Using the QR code for social media, you can also track who followed/subscribed/liked social media channels. 

You can also edit the links of your social media using this solution.

Other than that, you can also use a QR code board for your Pinterest. This way, you can lead scanners directly to your Pinterest board.

Benefits of a Pinterest QR code

Allow people to browse your Pinterest profile easily

People are getting busier nowadays. They often think that typing in a social media profile and searching for it on the internet wastes time.

With a Pinterest QR code, people can conveniently see and access your Pinterest boards by scanning the codes using their smartphones.

Therefore, displaying a QR code board of your Pinterest would be more efficient than displaying your social media username or URL.

Connect your Pinterest platform to your offline campaigns

One of the great features of a QR code is that it can be displayed in both digital and printed marketing campaigns.

People who know your physical store will be connected to your Pinterest profile by displaying a Pinterest QR code on your printed marketing materials.

And by scanning the QR code, the customers will be instantly directed to your Pinterest account.

Increase your followers on Pinterest

As mentioned, QR codes can be placed on print and digital platforms. It can be placed on your promotional posters or your websites. Hence, it widens your audience.

QR codes are also convenient and can quickly direct you to the QR code content.

With this tool, people can easily connect to your social media profile. Thus, making it a great tool to increase your social media followers.

Increase engagement and customer retention

New customers may not be so familiar with your brand. They might have a hard time looking for you online.

Use a Pinterest QR code to allow these customers to easily find your store and products when they are ready to buy.

Generate a Pinterest QR code that embeds your Pinterest board and print the QR code on your product or your product packaging.

With this QR code, people can easily find your products and connect with you when it’s time to buy.

How to create a Pinterest QR code?

Use a QR code generator software

To create a Pinterest QR code, you must first choose an efficient and the best QR code generator.

QR TIGER QR code generator is a user-friendly and efficient software that enables you to generate various QR code solutions.

Paste the Pinterest link  in the Pinterest icon or in the link in the bio QR code if you need a QR code solution that will connect all your social media platforms in one landing page

After clicking the Pinterest icon, paste your copied Pinterest QR code solution or on the link in the bio QR code icon. 

Generate and customize your QR code

Generate and customize your QR code. You can choose the QR code color and pattern that matches your brand. You can also add your brand logo and a call to action tag.

Test your QR code

Before downloading the QR code, make sure to check the readability and scannability of your QR code. Test your QR code readability by scanning it with your smartphone.

Download and display

Once you check your QR code’s readability, you can now download and display your QR code.

How to use the Pinterest QR code

Share it on your marketing collateral

Make people follow your Pinterest profile by printing your Pinterest QR code along with your brochure, flyers, posters, or any print collaterals.

Post it on your other social media pages

Your online audience can easily see and connect with you on Pinterest by sharing your QR code.

How to scan a QR code on Pinterest

There are three ways you can scan a QR code on Pinterest. Just simply follow these steps.

Using the Pinterest App

1. Open the Pinterest app on your smartphone device

2.    Tap in the search bar and enter the name of what you are looking for. In the search bar, you will also see a camera icon. Click on this. 

3.    Your smartphone’s camera will get launched. Now hold it in front of the Pincode you want to scan. 

Smartphone devices through the camera app

1. Open your camera device (Make sure you have enabled your phone settings to detect the QR code

2. Point your camera towards the QR code and wait for 2-3 seconds for the camera to detect the QR

QR TIGER QR Code Generator app

You can also download a QR code scanner app like QR TIGER to scan your Pinterest QR codes.

1.    Download the QR TIGER on an Android or iPhone device

2.    Open the app and point it toward the QR code to access the content.

 With the QR TIGER app, you can generate different QR codes.

Generate your Pinterest QR code using the best QR code generator now

QR TIGER QR code generator is online software that allows you to make a variety of QR code solutions.

This efficient and user-friendly software allows you to make and customize your QR code in a few minutes.

It also provides various features that allow you to track your QR code campaign. To learn more about QR codes, just visit the QR TIGER website today.

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