Rakuten QR Code: Boost Your Orders in the Food App

Update:  August 16, 2023
 Rakuten QR Code: Boost Your Orders in the Food App

A social Rakuten QR code houses all the social media pages and online resources along with the Rakuten delivery link.

This QR code solution allows Rakuten food delivery and restaurant owners to expand its market reach and connect to more customers by enhancing its online visibility.

Global e-commerce continues to flourish as consumers around the world are always connected with the internet.

Online delivery platforms like Rakuten help these virtual restaurants deliver mouthwatering dishes to customers.

But restaurants still confront challenges in tapping more markets.

The marketing team has to come up with strategies to further reach and engage with potential customers.

One of the key solutions to grow the customer base and eventually increase sales in your restaurants on Rakuten is social media.

The online presence of brands in various social media channels allows them to connect to customers and establish brand identity.

It offers valuable data on consumer behavior and their needs that are vital for market growth decisions.

For small and large restaurant businesses on Rakuten, it aims to grow their business and become more profitable.

Thus, a digital strategy integrating QR codes is not just a ‘nice-to-have’, but the blueprint for continued success.

What is Rakuten Delivery?

Rakuten Delivery is a Japanese online delivery platform that serves as a marketplace for different restaurants.

Launched in 2002, the platform has grown into a service that allows customers to order from a wide range of menus from more than 12,000 stores nationwide.

The demand for online food delivery surges as most people are now working from home and some are not yet allowed to go out.

As online food delivery becomes a trend now, Rakuten Delivery is one of the service providers customers can tap to order their favorite treats and have them delivered to their doorsteps.

Social Rakuten QR code

People around the world nowadays are now aware of QR codes due to their increased usage during the pandemic.

They are now familiar with its function and are massively used by different companies to promote their services and products.

Being in an online delivery platform as a restaurant owner, it requires a lot of tough work in connecting to potential customers across different market segments.

That is why an effective social media marketing strategy is important.

So, how can you harness that for your own marketing for your restaurant business page on Rakuten using QR code?

Rakuten social media QR code

The Social Rakuten QR code is a game-changing QR code solution that allows you to integrate all your social media and your store on Rakuten in one QR code using QR TIGER.

When scanned, it will display your Rakuten store profile and the social media channels you’re using to promote your products.

The social Rakuten code allows you to connect to your customers in a new digital way.

This way, you’ll be able to grow your customer base and generate more leads.

Connect all your social media channels along with your Rakuten food delivery URL in one code

The online delivery service industry in Japan is characterized by the presence of several restaurants and is a fiercely competitive place. And customers have high expectations of food delivery services.

Aside from that, consumers are more active on the internet and become more discerning in availing of services. Study shows that an average user spends 28% of their Internet time on social media.

That means that platforms like Facebook and Instagram are vital platforms for reaching a fresh audience and good avenues for conversions.

With the current market landscape, improving your social media marketing becomes imperative.

The social Rakuten QR code simplifies your strategy for reaching more customers, as customers will just have to scan the code to go directly to your restaurant profile on Rakuten to order food.

It serves the purpose of drawing users to your site and converting them into customers.

Furthermore, they can scan the code to get updates from your social media channels.

Customers can also connect with you by liking, following, or subscribing to your social media accounts.

Through a combination of social media and QR codes, this solution has the potential to meet your business goals.

How to generate your social Rakuten QR code?

Custom QR code

Go to the Rakuten Delivery website and copy the URL of your restaurant profile

To start, go to the Rakuten website and copy the URL of your restaurant profile store on Rakuten Delivery.

Open a QR code generator online

QR TIGER is a trusted and reliable QR code generator you can use to create Rakuten social media QR codes with no hassle.

It is a user-friendly QR code generator that lets individuals and brands simplify their way of creating and customizing their branded QR codes in a fast and convenient way.

Choose the link in the bio QR code category

In the menu dashboard, you can see various QR code solutions. Select the link in the bio icon to proceed with creating the QR code for Rakuten.

Create your Rakuten delivery Social Profile by clicking the Rakuten delivery icon

Once you have opened the social media icon, a landing page builder is displayed for you to customize in the later part of the steps.

Create your Rakuten delivery Profile by selecting the Rakuten icon at the bottom of your landing page editing side.

Place the Rakuten delivery tab on the top

As you add the Rakuten delivery icon, you will notice that the tab is currently placed at the bottom of the link tabs.

Move the Rakuten delivery tab to the top by simply clicking the up arrow icon on the right side of it.

Once the tab is moved one step above its predecessor tab, repeat the process until the tab is at the top of all other social media tabs.

Fill up your Rakuten URL

Once the Rakuten tab is settled at the top, you can now fill up and paste your Rakuten restaurant URL in the URL field.

Integrate your other social media profiles

You can also add your other social media profile links that you’re currently using to promote your products or service to the landing page.

As the landing page builder has 4 default social media tabs, namely: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can just directly paste its dedicated social media links to the tabs.

Customize your social Rakuten QR code design

Once you are done adding your Rakuten delivery link and other social media links, you can now personalize your code.

You can add your brand logo to make the QR code look more professional.

Furthermore, set the eyes, patterns, and shapes, plus add a call to action to give your customers a preview of the content.

Do a scan test

Before downloading your QR code, run a scan test first to ensure that your QR code is scannable.

This is also to make sure that the code accurately displays the information when scanned.

Download and deploy your QR code

The final step after a successful scan test is to proceed with downloading your QR code. Then display it on your offline and online materials.

In deploying your QR codes offline, you can place them in your delivery boxes, receipts, brochures, or any other brand collaterals you’re using.

Advantages of using social Rakuten QR code

Drives traffic to your online store

More web traffic means more opportunities for sales and conversions.

With the Rakuten social media QR code, customers will be able to visit your website and avail of your best-selling dishes and treats with a simple tap on their smartphones.

You are saving them from the hassle of manually typing your URL address which is prone to type errors.

Expands your customer base

Since this code brings convenience to your customers in availing of the delivery service and, at the same time ordering on your Rakuten restaurant page, then it helps you grow the number of your customers.

As the code can be printed on various print materials, it allows you to reach more customers, even abroad.

Increases your online food delivery sales

Online visibility of your brand translates to increased sales as more people become familiar and engaged with your services and products.

If people can easily follow you on social media or visit your website by scanning a code, then they can ascertain how your services matter to them.

They will be able to get updates from you by being connected to your social media profiles.

Flexible uses in print and online

Marketing your food offers and even promotions requires thorough planning for material placement.

But you don’t have to worry about QR codes as they can be printed offline and displayed online.

You can make use of every available channel in advertising your cuisine to different target audiences.

Boosts your social media engagements

Social media is an important channel as part of a cohesive marketing and PR plan of a carrier company.

With QR codes, you can reach more people, improve visibility, and increase your audience online.

This way, you can boost your social media engagement to a larger audience and use social media platforms to build your brand reputation.

With social media and QR codes, you can invite stakeholders as proactive co-producers of content about your brand, values, and services.

How to maximize the uses of social Rakuten QR code

Social Rakuten QR codes offer prime opportunities to promote your brand to more audiences. Here are some of the ways you can use it to maximize its uses:

Partner merchants and online stores can promote your platform

Partner merchants can also share your QR code with their customers so they can avail of your food offers. They can display it on their websites and on their collaterals to reach more potential customers.

Display QR code on offline/print materials

Add a digital element to your static print collaterals by printing QR codes to them.

It allows your customers to take additional action not only by reading what’s written in the print material but to scan the code and accessing digital content.

Depending on the purpose of each print material, you can make use of a QR code to engage them.

This way, it will help you generate leads, promote new products and campaigns, and re-engage existing customers.

Online Marketing

You can integrate QR codes in your online marketing efforts to further entice new customers and make your restaurant more publicly known.

You can display it on your brand partner’s website, on social media, and even in your partner’s online shops.

Tracking your social Rakuten QR code campaign success through QR analytics

Marketers have a consensus that data-driven marketing is critical to the success of any marketing campaign, particularly a QR code campaign.

Since the social Rakuten QR code is a dynamic type of QR code, it allows you to track the QR code scans.

You can obtain more real-time data based on the customer’s interaction with the QR code.

You can also get valuable data using QR code analytics, such as the demographics of your scanners and their location when they scanned the code.

With this QR code data, you can strategize your way forward and refine your campaign.

Another important feature of a dynamic type of QR code is that you can edit the content embedded in your Rakuten QR code.

To illustrate, if you have already printed your QR code or deployed it online and you want to update the content/URL or add a digital resource, you can still do the editing anytime.

This way, it is economical to use as you don’t have to reprint the code in case you want to add or modify content.

Promote your restaurant on Rakuten to a wider audience and grow your customer base with a social Rakuten QR code

Opportunities abound in social media for virtual restaurants and delivery platforms.

The industry as a whole is starting to embrace the idea of sharing online content.

This means that there is a lot of room to dominate in the social media space.

Coupled with QR codes, you can further reach new audiences and convert them into customers.

Jumpstart your social media marketing efforts now with the social Rakuten QR code.

Visit the QR TIGER QR code generator today to know more about social media QR codes and other QR code solutions for your business and marketing.

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