Blank QR Code: Can You Possibly Make One?

Update:  April 07, 2024
Blank QR Code: Can You Possibly Make One?

Is a blank QR code doable? Can a user generate a QR code containing no data at all? We hate to burst your bubble, but you certainly cannot make your QR code blank.

You have to embed specific digital information within a QR code as you create one using the best QR code generator.

You simply cannot create a QR code to nothing.

Can I create a blank QR code and add a link to it later?

You cannot do this since you won’t be able to generate a blank QR code or a QR code with blank data in the first place. To generate a QR, you must embed a data or information.

But if you’re unsure about the link you’ve placed, you can always change it later with an easy-to-edit dynamic QR code.

Dynamic QR codes are editable, which means you can replace their data without creating another QR code. You can just easily update the one you’ve already posted.

Aside from that, they also come with advanced features that make them more functional and beneficial, especially for digital marketers.

What’s more, dynamic QR codes come with a short URL, which will serve as the basis for their pattern.

This means that your QR code pattern will remain organized regardless of the data’s length.

Why can I not create a blank QR code?

Blank QR code

The number of squares within the pattern depends on the length of the embedded data. For example, if you embed long URLs, it will result in a congested QR code pattern.

It then follows that you cannot create blank codes since its pattern will rely on the information stored within the code.

There will be no pattern if the QR code contains no data. Hence, you cannot make a QR code blank or a QR code with blank information.

Can I create a QR code that looks blank?

Customized QR code

QR codes traditionally have a black pattern set against a white background. The contrast between the two hues helps in improving the code’s readability.

But did you know that you can now customize your QR codes? Customized QR codes are more attractive than regular black and white ones.

When you add your logo and personalize it according to your brand, it will look official and will always get more scans.

Businesses and companies now use customized QR codes for their campaigns and strategies to align the codes with their brand and aesthetic.

Depending on the creator’s preferences, these custom QR codes can come in different colors and creative visual designs.

When using an advanced QR code generator, you can also have the option to add logos, images, and icons to the QR code.

When you customize your QR code, follow the guidelines to avoid going overboard.

How to use a QR code generator

QR TIGER is your best choice when it comes to QR codes.

You can use it to make your QR codes blank, but we highly recommend using visually attractive QR codes to make them more eye-catching.

Here’s a five-step guide to using our best QR code generator with a logo:

1. Select a QR code type from QR TIGER’s list of solutions.

2. Enter the data required to generate the QR code, then click “Generate QR code.”

3. Customize your QR code. You can change its patterns, colors, and eye shapes. You can also add logos and icons.

4. Scan the QR code with your smartphone and see if it works properly.

5. Once it’s working, click “Download.” You can then start using your QR code.

Advantages of using dynamic QR codes

We’ve mentioned earlier the advanced features of our dynamic QR codes. Here’s a brief explanation of each one:

1. Editable content

You can still change a dynamic QR code’s embedded data even though you have already printed and deployed it.

With this feature, you no longer have to create another QR code just to update its content.

2. Trackable

Did you know that you can monitor your dynamic QR code scans? You can track the total number of scans anytime.

This helps you assess the effectiveness of your QR code campaign.

You can also check the location, time, and device used in each scan.

We also have four additional features available for our URL, File, and H5 solutions

1. Scan notifications

Our subscribers can opt to receive scan notifications via email. They can also choose among the following notification frequencies: hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

2. Passwords

This feature lets our subscribers add a password to any of the three dynamic QR code solutions mentioned above.

When a person scans a password-protected QR code, they must enter the correct password first before accessing the code’s embedded data.

3. Expiry

You can set your dynamic QR code to expire at a specified date or after accumulating a particular number of scans. 

You can also choose to have a user scan the code once from a unique IP address. The user must change their IP address to scan the code again. 

4. Retargeting

Our retargeting feature lets you use our dynamic QR codes for ad marketing campaigns. You can add your Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Facebook Pixel ID to your QR codes.

This lets you keep track of scans on Google Analytics and send special ads to scanning users’ Facebook feeds.


Is it possible to create a blank QR code and add a link to it later?

You cannot make a QR code blank because its pattern of squares will rely on the data you embed. Without data, there will be no pattern.

Can I still change a QR code’s destination?

You can, but only if your QR code is dynamic. If it is static, it is permanent, so you’ll need to create another QR code with the new URL or file.

Do QR codes have to be printed in black?

Absolutely not. You can now use different colors for your QR codes to make them appealing and eye-catching.

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