5 Best QR Code for Restaurant Menu: Offer Contactless Ordering

Update:  May 29, 2023
5 Best QR Code for Restaurant Menu: Offer Contactless Ordering

One of the technological developments that deliver smooth service to the restaurant business is QR technology.

It enables easy and safer contactless ordering while expediting the ordering process that are both advantageous to the food business industry.

Thus, it is important to know the best QR code digital menu systems to use to get started with modernized restaurant operations.

According to the survey, eight out of ten people have used QR codes to make payments.

As a result, a restaurant must provide cashless payment options to its customers.

The use of QR codes in restaurants is becoming increasingly popular.

Restaurants may use QR technology to operate smooth operations with interactive restaurant menu QR code software that allows them to offer cashless payment transactions, a digital menu that can be scanned with a QR code, and a restaurant website.

What software, on the other hand, can provide these basic necessities for restaurants to conduct their operations?

What is a QR code menu for restaurants? 

A QR code menu for restaurants is a digital menu which entails creating a visually appealing menu that includes photographs and descriptions of the dishes.dimsum on table with a digital qr menu

Consider a café bar where menu QR codes are shown on the tables or table tents.

Once seated, their customers may easily scan the code and place their orders using their smartphones.

The consumer will be taken to the restaurant’s website and digital menu once the code has been scanned.

Customers can also opt to pay through the code with Paypal and Stripe.

The best QR code generator for restaurant

Restaurant QR code generators come in a variety of forms.

Some just provide services that generate the best QR code menu for restaurants, while others provide a broader range of services.

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software is one of the best QR code menu for restaurants that includes all of the integrations needed to run a business.

It not only allows you to create a QR digital menu for your business, but it also has additional features.

For your restaurant, here are some of the finest QR code generators.

MENU TIGER: QR code generator for restaurant

MENU TIGER, a digital menu system, provides an innovative interface that elevates your business operation with a restaurant QR ordering system.

It has easy-to-use solutions for modernized restaurant operations, as well as a scannable contactless menu and online ordering fulfillment system features.

MENU TIGER, as one of the best QR code menus for restaurants, also enhances your restaurant’s branding by allowing you to customize your contactless menu using QR technology.

It allows you to customize your digital menu by using a color scheme, logo, and call-to-action statement that best represents your restaurant’s personality.menu tiger You can construct and customize your website with the MENU TIGER digital menu system.

This tool can help you establish an online presence and brand.

The digital menu system also includes Stripe and PayPal payment connections.

MENU TIGER, the best QR code for a restaurant menu, allows you to quickly integrate your existing POS system, and it also offers Clover POS system integrations.

MENU TIGER is a jack-of-all-trades digital menu system that can handle all of your restaurant and administration demands.


MENU TIGER offers a forever Freemium plan where you can enjoy limited best features of the software. It also has paid subscription plans that range from $38 to $119 and offers premium services to potential clients.

QR code customization, a personalized restaurant website, and the ability to manage several outlets in one account are just a few of the premium options available. It also has a printer integration feature that streamlines the back-of-house operations. 

Visit the page and contact us today to learn more about MENU TIGER’s subscription programs.

Minimal Menu 

Minimal Menu is a digital menu software that allows restaurants to design and alter menus from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

It creates and prints a basic QR code that may be displayed in restaurants and instantly scanned by consumers.

minimal menu

Customers can also scan the created menu QR code with their smartphones to be directed to the Minimal Menu website without having to download any apps.


You can subscribe to Minimal Menu’s plan for only $14.90/month and have access to its limited features.


ScanIt.Menu makes it simple for restaurants to publish their menus online.

It is a simple and quick method for building an online digital menu for a business.

ScanIt menu

Diners can access the restaurant’s digital menu from any web browser using the program.

The guests’ orders, on the other hand, can be received through the software system or through your WhatsApp account.


ScanIt.monthly Menu’s subscription starts at $39.99 and includes premium features such as online ordering and menu creation.


For the restaurant business, Menutech provides an automated menu preparation process.

It allows establishments to produce a menu QR code that allows diners to make a contactless transaction.menutechFurthermore, Menutech provides an order fulfillment system that tracks and monitors diners’ orders as well as settles debts through their system.


Menutech offers an annual subscription package that starts at $54 per month and includes services such as digital menu setup and templates.


uQR.me allows you to develop and choose the best QR solution for your company.

It also allows you to download your restaurant’s created QR code menu.uQR.me

It allows your restaurant to design a whole menu that can be accessed with a QR code. You can make it from the ground up with your smartphone.


Subscription rates for uQR.me start at $4.95 per month, payable annually, and include services such as the ability to generate QR code menus for your restaurant.

Benefits of the best QR code generator for restaurants

When it comes to running a restaurant, QR menu software has a lot of advantages.

It supports restaurant operations that are safer, easier, and more cost-effective.

The following are some of the benefits of the best QR code for restaurant menu:

Safer and customer-friendly online menus

It encourages diners to use safer and more customer-friendly online menus.

A frictionless order transaction between clients and restaurant workers is guaranteed with an online menu.lady sipping a smoothie with a QR menu

A contactless online menu is the next great step forward in a restaurant’s digital engagement with customers.

Easy to update and change digital menus

You may update and replace your digital menus at any time with QR menu software. As your business evolves, you’ll be able to update your unique QR menu with new menu concepts.

Efficient ordering process

person placing an order through smartphone with QR menuThe program allows you to run your restaurant operations smoothly and present your potential clients with an effective ordering experience.

The adoption of a QR-powered menu improves your restaurant’s ordering operations.

Data-driven and smart business decisions

You can track the order history and preferences of your customers using a digital menu system.

This will enable your restaurant to make informed business decisions that will help it grow.

As a result, you’ll be able to keep track of your sales and revenue.

Conduct a strategic analysis to boost your company’s growth.

Integrates with existing POS systems

It’s critical to select QR menu software that integrates seamlessly with your existing POS systems.

This will encourage your restaurant to save more time and energy, eliminate order errors, and avoid problems in the ordering process.

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How to create a QR code for menu using MENU TIGER

MENU TIGER makes it simple to create a QR code for a menu; here are the procedures.

1. Open MENU TIGER. Create you restaurant’s account

2. Click the Stores button
3. Customize your QR code and set the number of tables per restaurant branch. Download the QR code to display inside your restaurant
4. Beside the Tables tab in Store Details, click the Users tab to add users and administrators should be added to each of your stores
5. Go to Menu and click the Foods subsection to create your menu categories. Then add the food list per category as well as its food descriptions, prices, ingredient warnings, and food photographs
6. Go to the Modifiers section to list the specific modifier groups to your menu categories or food list. Then go back to Foods section to add the created modifier groups either in the category or to a specific menu item
7. Create a one-of-a-kind website for your restaurant. To appeal to the bulk of your multilingual audience, localize your menu and website
8. Navigate to Add-ons section and set up your payment options
9. Orders can be tracked and monitored in real-time using the program dashboard. Orders from customers should be fulfilled

How to make a customized restaurant menu QR code that reinforces your restaurant branding identity 

A digital menu gives customers a glimpse into the character and personality of your restaurant.

It is the most important marketing tool for a restaurant.

However, when creating a digital menu, it’s tough to avoid making typical mistakes.

Your restaurant’s management may go unnoticed by these blunders.

Here’s a list of tips to avoid common blunders while building a digital menu.

Save your menu QR code with high-resolution image format.

A blurred menu QR code will be difficult to read and scan. Because of this, customers would be unable to access your digital menu.

Customers will also be unable to scan a QR code on a menu and place an order, resulting in a loss of sales and revenue.

Increase the resolution of your menu QR code graphics so that they appear sharp on tabletop tents, curbside standees, and wall prints.

As a result, consumers will be able to quickly scan and read your menu QR code.

Save your menu QR code as a high-resolution image in Jpeg, PNG, or SVG format.

Avoid inverted QR code colors.

Keep in mind that the foreground color of your menu QR code should always be darker than the background color.

This is a key rule to follow when making a menu QR code to avoid scanning issues.

Consider the right size of the menu QR code you will be printing.

The size of the QR code will be determined by where it is placed.

Your advertising environment will influence this.

When showing or printing your QR Code in close proximity, such as on posters, product packaging, magazines, etc., it is recommended that it be at least 2×2 cm in size (0.8×0.8 inch).

However, if you wanted to print them on billboards, say 20 meters (65 feet) away from where a passer-by might scan them, they’d have to be roughly 2 meters (6.5 feet) across.

If you’re unsure about the size of your QR code, print it in a larger size just to be safe, and test it frequently.

Do not over-customize your menu QR code.

“Less is more,” as the axiom goes.

While customization enhances your unique branding, over-customizing makes the QR code unreadable by QR code readers.

Don’t make too many changes to the QR code data pattern. They’ll become unrecognizable because of it.Simple adjustments to your QR code, such as combining the proper colors, adding unique edges, frames, and images, are enough to make them eye-catching without being disorganized and disorganized.

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QR code restaurant menu: Craft an appetizing menu description 

Your restaurant will finally embrace the most recent technological advancements, allowing you to operate seamless business operations with dynamic restaurant menu QR code software.

MENU TIGER also supports establishments in developing a digital menu, leading in a more enjoyable fine dining experience.lady showing smartphone with digital menu

A menu description is more than a list of all the ingredients required to prepare a dish.

There’s a lot more to it than that.

You can develop menu descriptions that persuade customers to taste and experience your culinary flair.

As a result, establishing detailed menu descriptions for your formal dining QR code digital menu is critical.

This gives diners an idea of your restaurant’s culinary prowess.

Tips in writing menu descriptions for your QR code restaurant menu

The narrative for the food on the plate, as well as how the cooking process produces gourmet sensations in diners, is included in the menu description.

It’s reassuring to believe that writing a menu description tale is simple, but it’s not.

It’s more than just a story in which you keep your menu description short and engaging.

Here are some ideas to help you master menu description writing in your restaurant.

Use sensory adjectives to describe your dish.

Sensory descriptors are the greatest way to describe the sight, texture, and flavor of your fine dining restaurant food.

This should ideally communicate a mental image of how the dish looks, feels, and tastes.

For example, you could describe roasted beef tenderloin with a hot chili infusion, served medium rare and topped with a chimichurri salsa as an entrée.

Emphasize your expensive ingredients.

In a fancy restaurant, it’s unavoidable to use expensive and unusual ingredients.

To bring out the greatest tastes in your meal, you’ll want to use whatever you can.

As a result, you may as well detail the high-end ingredients utilized in your restaurant’s dish in order to give it a rich feel while also justifying the high price.

Make descriptions brief and exciting.

An unpleasant menu description is one that is excessively long. Because most people have limited attention spans, it’s best to make everything brief and sweet.

Keep in mind that you should be explicit about what you’re trying to communicate, write persuasively, and keep it as simple as possible while maintaining the effect of your menu description.

Know your target customers.

Knowing your demography, especially in terms of age and gender, might help you better plan how you’ll present it to them.

If you use a digital menu to track their purchasing history, you may be able to view this crucial information.

Knowing the age and gender of your target audience might help you write a more effective menu description.

Elders who are concerned about their nutrition, for example, want to know what they are eating. The word ‘lactose’ should be highlighted in the content.

How to scan a QR code restaurant menu

person scanning a qr menuProviding a QR code digital menu for your restaurant will give customers a convenient experience in dining in your restaurant.

However, not everyone is tech-savvy and are having troubles in accessing your QR code digital menu.

You can post an easy guide on how to scan a restaurant menu inside your establishment. Here is a sample of that.

  1. Let the customers open their smartphone device.
  2. Tap the camera icon on the screen.
  3. Point the rearview camera on the QR code.
  4. Scan the code.
  5. Click the link and open the digital menu.
  6. Proceed to place an order.

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Surge of QR code for restaurant menu: Know the best QR code software and essential tips in writing menu descriptions!

The popularity of QR code for restaurant menu has made a lasting impression on diners who have used them. In a restaurant, it is critical to cater to the tastes of clients.

QR code for restaurant menu can be made using a variety of generators and software as an inventive measure.

However, you don’t want to spend too much money on a digital menu while also developing an online ordering page for your restaurant.

Additionally, mastering the skill of developing an adequate menu description for your restaurant menu can present your potential clientele with the ultimate convenient experience.

A well-thought-out menu can help your diners imagine the perfect experience and desire for your meal.

As a result, even when customers read the menu description, your restaurant can give them a premium feeling.

Thus, MENU TIGER not only provides you with simple methods for creating a QR menu, but it also provides you with an abundance of capabilities for successfully running your business.

MENU TIGER is the ideal QR code software for restaurant menus available today because it combines the best attributes and capabilities for creating an interactive digital menu, website, and seamless restaurant operations.

Showcase your restaurant’s culinary flair with MENU TIGER digital menu system! Contact us today to know more about the software.

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