5 Ways to Detect a Real and Fake Gucci Bag

Update:  May 13, 2024
5 Ways to Detect a Real and Fake Gucci Bag

To combat the alarming surge of fake luxury items in the luxury industry, Gucci, one of the most iconic, well-known brands, quickly adapted QR codes as one of the authenticity tools to fight the existing problem of pirated designer bags. 

With their timeless styles and design cues, it’s no surprise that Gucci sits at the top of the luxury brand industry alongside Prada, Dior, and Hermes and is likely targeted by the black market for cloning their items. 

According to the Global Brand Counterfeiting Report, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Gucci, and Dior are the most counterfeited luxury brands worldwide. 

Due to the increase of fake items in the black market that has been rampant globally, these counterfeit items destroy the reputation and the name of the luxury brand, leading to revenue losses for the original manufacturer.

Statista reported that the annual sales losses from counterfeiting in the clothing sector amounted to 26.3 billion euros worldwide.

How to detect if your Gucci bag is fake or not? 

There are many ways the Gucci brand has implemented authenticity factors to their designer bags to help buyers to detect if your Gucci bag is fake or not; you can:

1. Use the overall look method, where you analyze the Gucci bag model and dig into the whole detail of the bag.

Gucci bag

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2. Authenticate it with real experts

3. Look into the lettering on the Gucci word on the bag (the authenticated one has an engraved effect while the fake model looks bare. To make this efficient, staff can verify each item using a Gucci code checker online for free.

Authenticity check

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4. Look at the style numbers. The style number is a code unique to a group of products that shares the same characteristics. 

 “The font used on Gucci’s “style number” and “supplier number” has serifs similar to the Times New Roman font. Many fakes get this wrong, using a wide, blunt font similar to Helvetica or Arial.”

Product authentication

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5. Modern Gucci bags have Gucci QR codes to authenticate the designer bags. To verify the luxury items, staff can use a Gucci QR code scanner online for free.

However, the Gucci QR codes are in a closed system, so scanners won’t be able to scan them.

To detect the fake Gucci bag from the real ones with QR codes, the products like a luggage QR code are visible and provide authenticity of the brand, whereas it is partly hidden in the fake ones. 

Gucci QR code

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Fashion Brands Diesel Jeans and Ralph Lauren use QR codes to fight counterfeit items

Diesel Jeans, a denim company that manufactures denim jeans exclusively from Italy, uses QR codes to authenticate its product. The QR code is printed on the waistband, where scanners can scan them to verify if the jeans are fake or not.

One of the most well-known fashion industries, Ralph Lauren, has launched QR code-based digital IDs for polo clothing.

The digital tags on the brand’s clothing help buyers authenticate if the product is original when they scan the QR code.

The solution: QR code for product authentication and how it works for luxury brands

In QR TIGER QR code generator, one tech company that provides QR code services has served many businesses and brands worldwide. 

With QR TIGER, you can create QR codes for product authentication and combat trademark infringement to protect your brand from the bad spotlight. 

You can create a URL with the number and login authentication QR codes in Bulk for a large volume of products. 

The Bulk URL QR code generates thousands of unique QR codes for luxury and fashion brands’ products, containing an authentication login and token (in this case, the token is the unique number per QR code generated).

Once the unique QR code is scanned, this redirects to the website URL of the brand containing an authentication login and token seen on the URL of the website.

These codes are entered into the electronic database or an in-house system before distribution. Thus, the luxury or fashion business needs to have a website where the databases of products are found.

This is how it looks like: https://yourdomain.com/login/authenticate=serial/9861

You can also download the template for the Bulk QR code with login and authentication serial number.

When done, save it in a CSV file and upload it to the Bulk QR solution.

Moreover, the database system does not allow two identical serial numbers, so the product cannot have a duplicate.

The buyers can then verify the product details in the system. 


To help tackle trademark infringement in the luxury and fashion industry, QR codes as an authenticity tool have helped brands protect their integrity and maintain their trust and loyalty among their consumers. 

In a new consumer landscape driven by an appreciation for high quality, integrating QR codes into your product labels is one of the market tools that will help your buyers identify the original items from the fake ones. 

Protect your brand’s identity and reputation using QR codes on your brand labels and generate them in the QR TIGER QR code generator. 

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