7 Strategies to Maximize QR Codes for Social Games Marketing

Update:  February 21, 2024
7 Strategies to Maximize QR Codes for Social Games Marketing

Virtual game marketing couldn’t be easier than when integrated with a QR code for social game promotional campaigns.

QR codes are a versatile tool that lets game developers run multi-platform digital marketing strategies.

In fact, the eSports community has gained popularity when they’ve wowed their gamers with in-game QR codes, event and tournament QR codes, and merch QR codes.

This clearly shows that QR codes can effectively streamline your gaming business advertisement efforts.

You can also kick-start your own QR code campaign by simply choosing the best QR code generator as your ally in this industry.

Find out how to make the most of your QR code campaigns here.

How social games can benefit from QR code generator technology

Gaming QR code

According to Forbes, adding QR codes to your campaigns help in gathering data for business growth and convenience to customers and clients.

When used as a reinforcement to your social games marketing, QR codes can do more than just data gathering.

Using a QR code generator with a logo online, you can implement QR codes with other digital marketing strategies such as social media, online stores, websites, and app stores.

You can easily run a multi-platform marketing strategy to promote your game’s updates, character skins, avatars, and in-game inventory.

Even better, QR codes are optimized for multi-channel marketing.

This makes it easier for social game marketers to promote on social media, advertise their events and tournaments, and boost their revenue through merch selling and live streams.

Game developers such as Nintendo, CD Projekt, and IO Interactive recently launched their QR codes for video games campaign, which created a buzz in the gaming community.

This shows that you can effectively run your social games marketing campaign that highly generates and converts leads with the QR code technology.

Use cases of QR codes for social games marketing

Here are 7 innovative ways to use QR codes in your social games marketing campaigns:

1.    Boost business website traffic

You can use the URL QR code solution to increase traffic and engagement on your website.

Once scanned, this QR code will immediately lead your audience to the embedded link.

With this, it’s much easier to disseminate information about your company, some exclusive content, and other gaming updates.

Aside from digital games, QR code technology can also transform traditional games like scavenger hunts and crossword puzzles by using advanced QR code solutions or using QR code-related terms for games.

One example demonstrated by the Washington Post is using the QR code recipients crossword clue.

2.    Improve social media marketing

Social media QR code

Video gaming is closely linked to social media.

Gamers use social media channels like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook to stream their games live.

They also monetize their social media platforms by selling their merch.

Using the link in bio QR code solution, you can link all your social media profiles and redirect your target audience to your online shops, such as eBay, Shopify, Amazon, or Etsy.

You can add this QR code solution within the game, let your players scan them, and allow them to get updates on social media and buy your official trades.

3.    Direct to a custom promo page

The gaming industry is also social, as it constantly announces new events, tournaments, and awards ceremonies.

While you can use social media to spread the news effectively, using a custom page encrypted in a QR code is also smart.

You can easily create a custom homepage with links using QR codes using the landing page QR code to promote your social game. 

You don’t need to learn about coding and programming.

With this offer from a QR code generator with a logo, you can seamlessly add images, texts, videos, links, and other elements to your custom webpage page. 

4.    Provide an online event registration platform

QR code for registration

Boost your gaming events by increasing the number of attendees. Use QR codes to tease and convince people to come.

QR codes easily engage people, and more importantly, they can facilitate a convenient digital registration system.

The Google Form QR code lets you embed your Google Form-based signup platforms for gaming events.

This is also a lot safer and quicker to deploy. You’ll also be able to reach a wider audience because you can easily dispense them on various media, be it print or digital.

5.    Lead to translated online content

multi URL QR code for games is an advanced technology that lets you embed multiple links.

Your target audience can be redirected to different landing pages depending on the following:

  • time and location of scanning
  • the language synced in the device used for scanning
  • the total number of scans accumulated.

You can specifically leverage the language-based multi-URL QR code.

With this dynamic QR code, you can lead scanners to content translated into the language on the device used to scan the QR code.

This allows for localized and more internationally recognized gaming events

6.    Increase app installs

As game developers, you aim to escalate the number of downloads you’re getting from your apps.

And you can easily do this with QR codes. How? The app stores a QR code solution.

As the name implies, this dynamic QR code redirects scanners to their device’s supported app marketplace—Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.

It’s convenient since it cuts the hassle of manually searching for your games. It also guarantees that people find your official app.

7.    Double email lists

You can add your QR code campaign to your marketing materials with an engaging Signup call-to-action.

Once scanned, your target audience will be routed to your newsletter signup page in less than a second.

This is an easier and more convenient addition to your email marketing strategy.

How to create a game QR code with the best QR code generator

Here’s how you can generate one using QR TIGER QR Code Generator 

  1. Choose the QR code solution you want to generate.
  2. Enter the required information.
  3. Generate dynamic QR code.
  4. Customize the QR code to align it with your social game’s branding.
  5. Run a test scan
  6. Download and deploy.

Before creating a QR code, it’s important to note the differences between a Static and Dynamic QR code—the two main types of QR codes.

Static QR codes allow you to enjoy a non-expiry campaign with unlimited scans. You can even generate them for free at QR TIGER. No sign-up is required.

However, they are more suitable for personal and single-time-use campaigns.

On the contrary, dynamic QR codes work best for business-related functions.

These let you track your QR code marketing campaigns, edit the contents and landing pages, run retargeting ads, and more.

Your best bet for your social games marketing would be dynamic QR codes.

But you'll need to purchase a subscription plan from our software...but they're worth the price.

Dynamic QR codes from QR TIGER come with multiple QR code features, brand and software integration, and easy interface navigation so you can easily manage and monitor all of your campaigns.

So, QR TIGER lets you create QR codes and manage them in a single software.

Real-life usage of a QR code for games

Here are some social games with integrated QR codes:

Animal Crossing

The newest version of Nintendo’s ‘Animal Crossing’ uses QR codes for better simulation gaming.

Users can scan QR codes in the game to dress their avatars, decorate their houses, and improve their island’s landscape.

And it has become even more social since the new dresses and designs are created and shared by other ‘villagers’ (a name used to call the other players).

Pokemon Go friends codes

‘Pokemon Go’ players can easily socialize with other trainers using Friends Codes.

These codes are unique numeric characters that also come with a QR code. This allows every ‘Pokemon Go’ trainer to have their own established unique identities.

The codes also allow them to quickly connect with other players despite their distance.

Among Us QR code boarding pass

The multiplayer social game ‘Among Us’ is filled with tasks requiring witty brains and teamwork.

Players or crewmates are given maps, each bearing different missions.

While some missions are a bit easier than the rest, the cunning impostor among the crew will make it harder and trickier.

One of their missions includes a QR code boarding pass.

Each crew member must be able to scan the QR code pass to complete the task without getting caught and killed by the impostor.

Roblox QR code

Roblox QR code

Virtual gaming platform ‘Roblox’ uses QR codes to gift their players with a VIP layered block T-shirt.

It’s an exclusive accessory for your characters offered for free.

All you have to do is scan the QR code to add the VIP designs to your inventory.

Use the best QR code generator for your social games QR code campaign

The social games industry has continued to grow since the early 2010s due to digitalization, such as social media. 

With QR codes, you can easily ride on this growing industry since it’s a digital tool compatible with any digital marketing campaign, including social media marketing and e-commerce.

A QR code provides an easy yet efficient way to promote your grames.

You can even streamline all of your operations with it.

For an engaging QR code campaign that offers multiple advantages for you, use QR TIGER and enjoy a wide range of benefits that will boost your business.

Go to the best QR code generator with logo and sign up for a free trial now.

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