Get More Scans: Create a "Scan me" QR Code Frame

Update:  January 21, 2024
Get More Scans: Create a "Scan me" QR Code Frame

Adding a customized QR code “Scan Me” frame entices your target market to point their phones to your codes, consequently generating leads and boosting sales.

The “Scan Me” is an example of a call-to-action (CTA) commonly used by QR code-using marketers to motivate their target market to scan the QR code presented.

To generate a customized and customized “Scan Me” frame, looking for a QR code generator with free customizing tools is the key.

Users can get creative when designing their QR code frame online.

You can choose which patterns, eyes, or colors to use.

You can also add your company’s logo to make it more customized and a CTA frame.

How to create a “Scan Me” QR code frame online with a QR code generator for free

Before customizing your QR code frame, first, you must generate a QR code with professional QR code software on the online market. Here’s how:

1. Visit QR TIGER’s site

Simply launch the best QR code generator online. QR TIGER offers professional solutions and features that are highly functional for any marketing endeavor.

This QR code software also enables you to improve your CRM using the HubSpot QR code integration.

Now, you can easily generate and send QR codes from QR TIGER via HubSpot CRM.

2. Choose a QR code solution

QR TIGER offers a wide variety of QR code solutions. You can read about QR code types to know what solution/s you need.

3. Select Dynamic QR code and generate

Dynamic QR code is a vital tool for a robust marketing strategy. It has advanced features and allows you to track your QR code scans and edit your QR code.

4. Customize your QR code

There are advanced customization tools at QR TIGER that’ll help you generate personalized QR codes.

You can choose the patterns, eyes, and colors and add your company logo and a QR code frame. Using the customization tool, you can customize or select your desired QR code "Scan Me" frame. 

5. Run a test scan

Executing a test scan allows you to check for errors before you deploy them to the public. Hence, allowing you to correct those errors.

6. Download and deploy.

Remember to download your QR code image in high resolution so it can be easily read by the scanners even when resized to various sizes.

Examples of “Scan Me” QR code frames made by QR TIGER

A QR code generator with free customization tools is all that you need to have if you want a personalized QR code CTA. And QR TIGER is the perfect software for that.

Here are a few smart examples from QR TIGER:

On social media QR code

Get more QR code scans
Call out your audience’s attention by strategically putting a “Scan Me” frame on your social media QR codes.

On video URLs

Custom video QR codeWhat better way to boost your views and traffic than to use a QR code scan me CTA on your video QR codes?

It’s a unique and effortless method of shooting up your videos on YouTube and other online sites.

On digital business cards

Digital business card QR code

Want to enrich your network and establish a lasting impression on your clients?

Add a professional CTA on your vCard QR code.

Doing so prevents your QR codes from being overlooked and ending up inside the discomfort of trash bins.

With the stored information on the QRs, your potential connections will surely keep the cards for as long as they can.

With the stored information on the QRs, your potential connections will surely keep the cards for as long as they can.

On WiFi QR codes

Custom wifi QR code

It’s not enough to display your Wi-Fi QR codes for your clients to see if it’s not getting any scans.

Adding a frame informs your guests that you are offering a Wi-Fi service, hence, making them scan the QR code in no time.

On discount spree posters

Discount QR code

So, you launched a discount bonanza and wish to announce it via QR codes. In this sense, you are also granted lead generation possibilities.

Things to remember when creating a “Scan Me” QR code frame

Making a “Scan Me” QR code frame is quite simple. But ensuring that you are truly leveraging from your CTA requires you to remember these few tips:

Use active verbs

Active verbs make your CTA powerful. Let’s take the “Scan Me” QR code frame as an example.

When people read the phrase “Scan Me,” they will automatically feel the urge to scan the QR code presented.

This is because active verbs are potent words that tell what your target audience is supposed to do outright.

Present a sense of urgency

By imposing urgency on your CTAs, chances are your audience will most likely rush into scanning the QR code.

You can show off your brand’s discount spree or limited-time offers.

Deals like these will definitely give your target audience the imposed urgency to buy from you on your e-commerce shops, sign up for newsletters and events via the Google Form QR code, watch tutorial videos, or scan that QR code.

In any case, a sense of urgency will urge the public to do just what your CTA wants them to do.

Keep it short and simple

Call-to-actions are not effective if they are lengthy.

Your target market is potentially busy people who have little time on their hands.

Providing a short and simple CTA will save them time and will also allow them to immediately understand the motive you want to impart.

Hence, if you put a “Scan Me,” “Sign up,” “Watch here,” or the likes, your target audience will understand what you want them to do and will figure out what is stored in the QR code once they scan it.

Advantages of designing a “Scan Me” frame for your QR codes

CTAs can either inform your target audience about what’s stored in the QR code or compel them to do something.

Generate leads

You can easily determine leads for your business by employing a customized frame on your QR code.

By adding a “Scan Me” QR code frame, many people will line up to scan your QR codes.

Thus, allowing you to generate leads for your business.

You can specifically do this if you generate a Dynamic QR code for your digital marketing campaigns.

This type of QR code allows you to edit the data embedded and track the data scans of the code.

Rather than investing in manual labor, online surveys, or any other tedious marketing strategies, the track data from the dynamic QR codes will do the job of generating leads for you.

Boosts site traffic

Lead your audience to your official website or e-commerce site and automatically boost your traffic.

You can embed your URL on the QR code, put an enticing CTA, and expect that people will come rushing to your web pages.

QR codes are optimized for mobile usage, making them accessible to most of the public.

Thus, creating upscaled traffic to your sites.

Increase revenues

QR codes attract customers, make them linger with your brand, and even assure them of a great customer experience.

Everything you need with your digital marketing is readily provided by QR codes.

All of these combined guarantee an increase in sales.

In fact, some world-renowned companies who have switched to QR codes asserted a doubled revenue.

Track data scans

Generating a dynamic QR code for your digital marketing allows you to track the data scans of your QR in real time easily.

This is because this type of QR code is programmed to function and cater to the demands of the business and marketing sector.

It’s truly important to get the analytics of your QR code and see how well your campaign is doing, allowing you to be flexible with your digital campaigns as well.

Enrich social network

Did you know that you can provide your contact information to your clients by just showing them a QR code?

You can generate a social media QR code to increase subscribers or followers on your social media profiles.

Or you can create a vCard QR code and deploy it on your business cards.

When scanned by your clients, they will be redirected to a landing page containing your contact details.

Both QR code solutions are smart and innovative ways to boost your networks and enrich your client relationships.

Improve email list

Adding a CTA to your QR codes that entices your customers to subscribe to your email marketing easily increases your mailing list.

In the long run, this will also boost your market reach as well as your sales.

Generate a QR code with a frame using QR TIGER

With its advanced features, solutions, integrations, and customization tools, QR code technology changed the whole business and marketing world.

By simply adding a “Scan Me” QR code frame, you can enjoy amazing results such as improved sales, an enriched network, and upgraded marketing tactics that’ll surely be a scale higher than competitors.

To know more about QR TIGER’s amazing software, you can start your free trial or sign up for a subscription plan!

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