Korean Emart Uses 3D QR Codes for the 'Sunny Sale' Campaign

Update:  August 17, 2023
Korean Emart Uses 3D QR Codes for the 'Sunny Sale' Campaign

The leading retailer in Korea – Emart, excellently succeeded in improving its sales figure to a 25 percent increase with the help of a 3D QR Code.

Emart is Korea’s number one shopping center, with several chain shops everywhere; nevertheless, the business has a weakness.

They noticed that their sales dramatically dropped every day at lunchtime.

To regain and generate more sales, they placed 3D QR Code sculptures everywhere in Seoul that could only be scanned between noon to 1 pm every day due to the Sunlight casting a shadow to create the QR code.

Customers were given discounts at the store during those quiet shopping hours.

Popularly known as “Sunny Sale,” Emart’s effort included arranging a series of what it calls “Shadow” QR code that depends on the peak sunlight for proper viewing and is scannable only between 12 and 1 pm every day since the pattern of the shadows changes after that time.

Emart showed the world its innovative courage with its campaign, which gave people a different shopping experience.

What’s with Emart QR code? Get to know the 3D QR Code and the Sunny Sale Campaign

Sunny sale QR code campaign

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There were more than 12,000 coupons issued throughout the campaign, and the new Emart online membership expanded.

Furthermore, their sales increased by 25% during lunchtimes throughout the promotion period.

The Shadow Sunny Sale Campaign QR Code advertisement also gained significant media coverage over numerous periods.

Successfully scanning the QR code took customers to a home page with special offers, including a coupon worth USD 12. Customers could then make purchases through a smartphone device for delivery direct to their door.

3D QR Codes in Marketing

In the society of marketing, QR codes generated from a QR code generator have become a helpful tool.

Many advertisers have started to utilize QR codes to reach out to mobile customers.

These endeavors have been somewhat victorious, though consumers have shown only light excitement in scanning QR codes.

Despite the evident attention amongst many purchasers, some retailers believe people could use the codes to make sales. In South Korea, this concept seems to be correct.

Business examples that utilize QR codes to promote their brands:

L’Oréal Paris

Loreal paris QR code

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L’Oreal Paris has a celestial advertisement with their Virtual Try-On campaign that allows buyers to scan a QR code and look for the shade of their choice.

The Virtual Try-On tool includes both makeup and even hair color.

Upon scanning the QR code, it directs the customers immediately to the right tool where they can test various lipstick shades and other beauty products.

CyGames and Bilibili

Drone QR code

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A video game developer Cygames and a video-streaming company Bilibili launched a light show to commemorate a milestone by flying 1,500 drones that created a giant QR code over the sky of Shanghai.

When they scan the QR code, a website will display it automatically, allowing users to download the game easily.

The event is the centenary of China’s release of the Japanese role-playing game Princess Connect.

Gabriela Hearst

Gabriela hearst QR code

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Gabriela Hearst, a brand known for luxury men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories collection, develops its clothing transparency using QR codes.

Their Summer/Spring collection, entitled “The Garment Journey,” showcased a digital personality that saves information about each garment for shoppers.

The product label of each garment has a QR code that embeds a piece of information about the garment.

Shoppers will identify information like the materials used, country of origin, and production process.

Moreover, they will see the carbon footprint of each garment and the narrative behind the design.

Klarna’s Fashion Show

Klarna fashion show

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Klarna sent models down a runway in nothing but a robe and a QR code.

When the people scan the QR code, it will reveal the model’s outfit.

The future of marketing using 3D QR Codes or the Sunlight QR code

As marketing lies within the inventive imaginations of free-thinking individuals, Seoul Korea’s 3D QR code displays a unique and innovative marketing goal in advertising its product to the public.

With the 3D QR code and Sunny Sale’s founding unique marketing and advertising strategy, you should not miss out on the chances the QR code technology can valuably contribute to you.

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