Esports QR Code: Elevating Gaming Competitions

Update:  August 20, 2023
Esports QR Code: Elevating Gaming Competitions

The gaming industry needs to add just one more touch of technology when promoting their tournaments and other events: and that’s by using the versatility of an Esports QR code.

QR codes secure a streamlined overall operation and guarantee successful event promotion.

QR codes are mobile-friendly. So, it’s easier for event guests and target audiences to read the embedded information by scanning the codes with their phones.

Running a QR code-based event marketing allows for a more effortless attraction of potential customers, an increase in revenue, and even positive feedback and testimonials.

Interested in jumping in on the Esports QR code marketing? Read on and find some clever and creative ways to use QR codes in promoting your Esports events.

The best Esports QR code use cases that elevate gaming events

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of Esports QR code solutions you can use for promoting gaming events.

So, here’s a list of clever ways to integrate various QR codes into your Esports activities:

1.     QR code treasure hunt

Esport QR code

QR code treasure hunt digitalizes your treasure-hunting activity, perfectly fitting your gaming events and target audience.

This makes your activity more engaging as it will require interaction with the guests or attendees.

The bulk text QR codes solution is one perfect tool for this. You can easily create QR codes for games and other fun activities during your gaming events.

You can embed various codes related to your Esports or video games that can only be accessible to attendees who have successfully found and scanned the QR code.

Gaming event attendees will then use the codes to gain new skins, characters, maps, and other clues to complete their game.

Aside from outdoor games like treasure hunts, QR codes can also transform traditional games, even classic crossword puzzles.

Game producers can also use anything QR code-related in their game. 

Washington Post even did this by giving crossword puzzle players with the QR code recipients crossword clue. 

2.     Esports QR code for contactless registration

Registration QR code

Your Esports event attendees no longer have to wait in the queue. They’ll be redirected to a digital sign-up form in just one scan.

The Google Form QR code from the best QR code generator is your reliable tool for fast and secure digital event registration.

As event organizers, all you have to do is create and customize a Google Form, copy the link, and paste it on your Google Form QR code generator.

This solution is also best for live sports events to cater to all attendees efficiently.

In fact, QR codes are also built to help event organizers to automate big events, such as sports events.

There are advanced QR code solutions that they can use, like stadium QR codes, that can help facilitate in organizing technology-powered sports events.

3.     In-game QR code to claim prizes

Many video games now integrate QR codes within their games for added entertainment to their players.

In fact, in-game QR codes are prevalent in the Esports community.

Adding QR codes to scan for fun activities, prizes, perks, or promotional materials for your upcoming Esports tournament or events allows you to stand out from the rest.

It could be a more exciting perk like a QR code for hotels event that they can claim in just one scan. 

Not only that, but it’s also one way of providing an extensive connection between your players and the game.

4.     Purchase Esport merchandise

One of Esport’s biggest cash cows comes from selling merchandise.

According to Statista, the industry reached over 67 million US dollars in revenue in 2021, and that’s in Asia alone.

With QR codes, Esport event organizers can get the most out of their business and marketing techniques.

You can incorporate a URL QR code into your Esport merch collection, have them available on mainstream retailers, and get the QR code down to the public.

A URL QR code will allow you to encrypt your website’s URL.

Once scanned by your merch buyers, they are automatically redirected to your website, which may contain details about your gaming event.

Or you can use the Esports QR code for a website to quickly redirect audiences to your online shop where you sell your merchandise or to an online ticket booth where you can sell tickets for your online or offline Esports gathering.

QR codes are versatile players in the sports industry.

Football teams, players, organizations, and sports marketers can use a football QR code to upgrade the overall game experience.

5.     Social media redirection

Social media QR code

From live streaming to selling merchandise, the Esports industry primarily relies on social media marketing. Well, that’s where most of their audiences are.

Players connect, compete, share, and trade on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. 

Furthermore, social media sites are the best place to start your Esports event promotions.

With more than half the world using these platforms—that’s over 4.26 billion—it will be much easier to spread the news about your esports events, upcoming new launches, or tournaments.

You can easily generate a link in the bio QR code for social media to make it more convenient.

This dynamic social media QR code solution enables you to integrate multiple social media handles into a single QR.

Once your target audience scans the code, they are redirected to a landing page bearing links to your social sites, online messaging platforms, and online stores.

This allows you to boost your social media followers and promote your online merch stores in one digital tool.

6.     Gaming tips and tricks from pro gamers

Here’s another way to elevate your event attendees’ experience: share expert tips and tricks to rank up in their games exclusively from a pro.

To do this, you can integrate a YouTube channel or generate a video into a QR code for quicker redirection.

Esports enthusiasts no longer have to search for your YouTube video or channel manually.

All they need to do is scan the QR code, and they will be led to the virtual content. 

Launch the best QR code generator and create a YouTube QR code to employ this strategy. 

7.    App download

It’s a no-brainer that an Esports company or organization needs to develop and promote their gaming apps. Aside from merchandise, app download is also one way of generating revenue.

Game developers can guarantee an increase in the number of downloads using the App Store QR code

How? It’s simple. The App Store QR code solution is specifically designed to immediately redirect scanners to app downloading platforms like Google Play store and App Store.

So whether the scanners are iOS or Android users, they can still download your gaming app without hassle.

8.   Game Soundtrack

Avid Esports gamers know the impact of playing gaming soundtracks to enhance the experience in the game.

In fact, 34% of Gen Z gamers like to look up the music they hear from a game and stream or buy it.

Others like to add the soundtrack to their playlist and share it with fellow gamers.

So, there’s much music sharing and profit gaining going on with just your game soundtrack.

And to further boost these activities, you can employ an MP3 QR code and conveniently link your soundtrack or music streaming platform URLs.

You can use a URL QR code or a link in the bio QR code for social media to execute this digital promotional campaign effectively. 

Now, you can share your Spotify or Soundcloud links effortlessly. 

9.   Cater to multilingual Esports fanatics

Multilingual QR code

Esports enthusiasts can easily access digital content in their preferred language using a multi-URL QR code language.

This is because a multilingual QR code redirects audiences based on the language synced in their phone settings.

With this, it’s easier to indulge fanatics with news, exclusive content, and other insights straight from your portal.

And the catch? You can cater to gamers from all over the world because it will be available in various languages.

How esports QR code is used in the virtual gaming industry

Here are just a few real-life examples of how famous esports games and companies employed QR codes for their events and launches:

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 QR code

Image source

IO Interactive spiced up Hitman 3 by adding barcodes and QR codes into the game.

Hitman is a stealth game produced as a trilogy. Each release focuses on three different assassins and their assignments from headquarters.

What separates the third hitman, Agent 47,  from the previous two is the barcode tattooed on the back of his head and the upscaled game design, which even integrated seven QR codes.

Scattered all over Hitman 3’s second-to-last mission, the game’s main character has to run about the winery in Mendoza, Argentina, just to find the codes.

One of the 67 challenges a gamer must complete is scanning all seven QR codes before reaching Mastery Level.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood

Dota QR code

Image source

Defense of the Ancient (DOTA) 2 got a Netflix animated series produced based on its storyline. And the promoters cleverly hinted to fans about it with a not-so-secret trailer using a QR code.

Here’s how they did it:

Dota: Dragon’s Blood marketers released four different posters showing four different characters from the game.

To a few, it may look like your typical movie poster.

But to the sharp eyes of the DOTA 2 fans and gamers, the posters show a QR code when accurately pieced together.

After arranging the posters, viewers can scan the QR code, where they’re led to a 15-second trailer on YouTube that teases one major character of the animated series.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Animal crossing QR code

Image source

Animal Crossing: New Horizon is Nintendo’s updated, more elaborate simulation game.

What separates it from the older version is its QR code system. 

With the addition of QR codes, Villagers (the name of the game’s players) can easily customize and design their characters and landscape.

Plus, the QR codes also enable villagers to transfer designs from older Animal Crossing versions to the New Horizon version.

Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One

Cyberpunk QR code

Image source

Cyberpunk 2077 is a role-playing game (RPG) that came with a wireless controller from Xbox.

The video game and the console brand released a mini Easter egg surprise for RPG fanatics in the form of a QR code.

Gamers can find the mini QR code on the back of the Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One controller.

Once scanned using their phones, the QR code redirects to a soundtrack of an upcoming RPG posted on YouTube.

Some Xbox purchasers also claimed that the QR code led them to an online pre-order page of the game.

Generate QR codes for your Esports event with QR TIGER

QR codes offer versatile functionalities when used for promoting events. 

And whether you’re running a merch store or organizing an Esports event, you can seamlessly do your job with ease using this nifty square.

But here’s another trick for successful event handling: choose the best and most advanced QR code generator that is ISO 27001 certified.

At QR TIGER, you can take advantage of premium-level QR code solutions, features, and secured software integrations for a smoother digital marketing campaign.

Promoting your Esports events with QR TIGER guarantees an experience that’s better than the others.

You can sign up for a free trial or immediately get your subscription plan to create your Esports QR code now. 

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