How to Create a Facebook QR Code in 7 Steps

By:  Vall
Update:  September 21, 2023
How to Create a Facebook QR Code in 7 Steps

A Facebook QR code is an advanced QR code solution that automatically opens the Facebook app once scanned using a smartphone.

This will direct your scanners to your Facebook page online automatically without having to search for it manually on the app. 

For every business to grow and flourish, one should be tech-savvy when it comes to marketing on social media, especially on Facebook.

If not, you are already missing out on an affordable, easy hack to grow your sales in the Facebook world.

That being said, even half of the customers today are actively engaging on Facebook.

With a whopping 4.5 billion people that are using the internet and 79 percent of Americans that are active on social media, any campaigns run online can reach a broader audience. And one way to achieve this is by using a QR code for your social media account like Facebook.

Interested in how to get a Facebook QR code for your social media marketing? Just keep reading to know more about this smart tool!

Facebook QR code: Grow your Facebook likes, followers, and shares online 

Facebook QR code

Make a QR code for your page and automatically boost your Facebook presence and easily connect with your audience!

Using this QR code solution will redirect your target audience directly to your Facebook business page once they scan your QR code, making it one of the most useful tools to leverage Facebook’s marketing and advertising tactics, especially if you want to grow your Facebook business page.

On the other hand, if you want to integrate all your social media profiles, including Facebook, into one QR code, a social media QR code is the solution for you.

Recent Facebook Statistics

With all the social media apps invented daily by innovators and developers, did you know that Facebook is still the number one most popular channel used worldwide?

Statista reports show that Facebook remains the most used social media network ranked by the number of monthly active users and currently sits at almost 2.5 billion users every month.

That is why it’s no longer surprising that every business, whether a small, medium, or large enterprise, is trying hard to have active customer engagement on its page.

That said, a tech tool using a QR code generator for Facebook is now a way to achieve this!

How to create a QR code for a Facebook page in 7 steps? 

Connecting your target audience on social media, especially on Facebook, is now easier with QR codes. 

Use a Facebook QR code generator and follow these easy steps:

  1. Open QR code generator with logo online
  2. Click Facebook QR code solution and enter the link or information.
  3. Choose Static QR or Dynamic QR.
  4. Click Generate QR code.
  5. Customize your Facebook QR code and add a logo. You can change the colors, frames, eyes, and patterns, too.
  6. Test your custom Facebook QR code by scanning it. Once done, click Download. You can now share or deploy it on your marketing campaign!

Two types of QR codes for your Facebook: Static and dynamic

Facebook QR code types

There are two types of QR codes that you can create for your Facebook pages, account, or groups. You can generate your Facebook QR code in static or dynamic.

But how is a static QR code different from a dynamic QR code?

A static QR code is free to create using a free QR code generator online, but you cannot change the URL behind your QR code, and you cannot track the scan of your QR code.

It also opens to the browser instead of the Facebook app. 

But if you are a marketer, dynamic QR codes are better to choose as you can maximize your Facebook QR code campaign, redirect the stored URL to a different URL and track your QR scans, which QR TIGER can provide.

Here are the features of static and dynamic QR codes:

Static QR code

  • free to create as many as you want
  • no need for subscriptions
  • have unlimited scans of the QR code
  • free to customize 
  • and will never expire!
  • not trackable and editable
  • it doesn’t open the app; instead opens the browser 

If you generate your QR code in a static, you cannot edit the data of your QR code, and you cannot track the scans of your Facebook QR code.

This means that if you want to replace the URL of the Facebook address you want to drive traffic to, there’s simply no option for this.

Also, it doesn’t open and recognizes the Facebook app. Instead, it opens to the browser. 

However, if you’re a serious marketer, you need to track the improvement of your QR code scans. Tracking is for every business owner and marketer, allowing you to analyze your target market and get valuable insights!

If you want to track your Facebook QR code scans data, use a Facebook QR code generator to create a more advanced type of QR code, which is dynamic. 

Dynamic QR code

  • Needs an active subscription
  • ability to track the data of your QR code scans 
  • You can edit your Facebook URL to any other URL 
  • saves you money from regenerating and reprinting a QR code
  • Opens the Facebook app if installed on your mobile

Why Facebook page QR code in Dynamic form is better? 

An FB QR code in dynamic allows you to track your QR code scans, such as the number of scans, the location of your scanners, when you get the most scans, and the device used by your audience. 

Tracking is vital as it gives you valuable insight into your audience’s profile and helps you better understand where you currently stand in your marketing campaign. 

  • Are you getting enough traction in your QR code marketing campaign? 
  • What improvement should you do more? 
  • Are you getting enough sales and growth?
Editable facebook QR code

A dynamic QR code will require your paid subscription as it is an advanced type of QR code, allowing you to uncover these important statistics.

If you run a business FB page, generating a dynamic QR code is one way to increase your Facebook likes in no time. 

Moreover, by using a dynamic QR code for an FB page, you can save money in the long run because you don’t need to re-print your QR code if you change its URL. 

Just head over to the QR code generator dashboard and update your URL! You can even do this in real-time.

5 ways to use a QR code for Facebook today and grow your brand recognition

1. An FB QR code that directs to the ‘like’ button of your Facebook business page

While there may be an option to invite your friends to hit the “like” button of your business page, there is no way you can do this offline. Now, this is where the QR code comes into the picture of taking your adverts offline to online!

You can print out QR codes on leaflets, magazines, brochures, or along with your product tags that will invite your users to click the “like” button on your page after they scan the QR code. 

Moreover, you can also make a bulk QR code for your Facebook URLs.

2. Create a QR code for the Facebook page to promote events easily

Facebook event QR code

Social media is one of the methods people use to promote their events, and Facebook is one of their leading outlets.

Any successful event campaign on Facebook has a common denominator: a Facebook event page. 

Sparking the interest of your audience online is influential in making your event successful. 

You can generate your QR code for Facebook page and use it for your offline and online event campaigns where they can indicate their interest in partaking in the event or not.

3. Enhance social media presence using a social media QR code for Facebook

Unlike a Facebook QR code that only shows a Facebook link when you scan, a social media QR code connects all your social media pages in one scan.

For most small, medium, and large enterprises, having a huge number of followers on social media means spending less on advertising.

When users engage with your posts on social media, particularly on Facebook, their circle of friends and families on FB will get notified as well!

This creates a domino effect that can grow your website’s traffic. 

4. Use a Facebook QR code to link to your Facebook business review page

According to Bright Local, a whopping 97% of customers read online reviews before purchasing an item or trying out business services. 

Moreover, 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 86% of customers read reviews for local businesses. 

Use your QR code for Facebook page to drive your audience to your Facebook review page; you can also invite them to hit the “like” button, and they can also check out your Facebook company profile! 

5. Promote your restaurants, bars, and other business establishments

Restaurant facebook QR code

Along with the product service you offer, you can print your QR code in your bars or restaurants’ table tents, receipts, and flyers that instantly redirect your target audience to your Facebook page. 

You can even do it with any of your business establishments. 

You can also use interactive restaurant menu QR code software for your restaurant to create an online presence for the restaurant through a custom-built website. 

For increased consumer involvement, the restaurant website can be linked to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

6. A QR code for the Facebook group and Facebook account 

Not only can you direct a Facebook QR code to your account, but you can also instantly share your Facebook group with other users using a Facebook QR code.

How to create a QR code for a Facebook page? A step-by-step guide

Step 1. Open QR TIGER QR code generator online

QR TIGER, a Facebook QR code generator, is a reliable and trusted QR code software in the online marketplace.
You can choose to generate your QR code in a static mode or a dynamic QR code. 
Facebook QR code solution

Click Facebook from the category and enter the URL of your Facebook page, personal, or event link in the Facebook you want to redirect your scanner. 

You can also use the social media QR code solution that will display all your social media handles in one optimized landing page when scanned. 

Step 2. Choose whether “static” or “dynamic”

Static QR code is only suitable for a one-time campaign, but if you need your QR code for the long-term better to use a Dynamic QR code as you can also track the number of scans of your Facebook QR code and update it to another URL. 

Step 3. Click “Generate QR code”

Simply click on the generated QR code button to generate your QR code. 

Step 4. Customize your QR code

A black-and-white QR code is much less interesting than one that is made just for you.

The first impression matters, and it will pull your customers’ attention. 

Step 5. Always test your QR code before printing or distributing it

Before deploying your Facebook QR code to your marketing material, always ensure that you entered the correct Facebook link. How to access Facebook QR code data? Simply scan the code using your smartphone camera or third-party scanner.

Nevertheless, if you have already printed your QR code, you don’t need to worry if you’ve typed the wrong URL because you can edit it using a Dynamic QR code. 

Step 7. Download your Facebook QR code and deploy it on your marketing campaign

You can download your Facebook QR code in PNG or SVG format! Both are great to use in print or online advertisements, but if you plan to scale your QR code to any size without affecting the quality, use the SVG format. 

Facebook QR code encourages people to follow you right away

Use QR Codes for free or in advance to promote your Facebook profile or business page, maximize your social engagement, and drive users straight to your inbox. 

Moreover, the QR code is convenient as it can be quickly scanned using smartphone devices.

In just one scan, they’ll instantly land on your page without needing to go to your homepage and type your business profile.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Facebook check-in QR code?

A Facebook check-in QR code lets you check in on Facebook instantly by scanning the QR code instead of taking some time to open up Facebook, find the location, and check in.  

Businesses can use a Facebook check-in QR code to make it simple for their target audience to check in on their Facebook page.

This drives more traffic to their page and increases visibility.

How to create a Facebook group QR code?

To create a Facebook group QR code, follow these simple steps:

  • Copy the URL of your Facebook group
  • Choose Facebook from the category and paste the URL in the box provided
  • Choose between Static or Dynamic
  • Click Generate 
  • Personalize your QR code and deploy it on your marketing materials

You can use a Facebook group QR code to grow your Facebook group.

How to create a Facebook event QR code? 

To create a Facebook event QR code, simple go to QR TIGER online. Select the Facebook QR code solution and simply add the Facebook event link. Simply click generate QR code, customize, and download.

Why is my Facebook QR code not working?

There are several possible reasons why your QR code fails to work or fails to scan. Here are the 10 possible reasons:  

  • The foreground color should be darker than the background (Do not make an inverted QR code color)
  • Not having enough contrast in the QR code’s color
  • The QR code is blurry
  • The QR code is pixelated
  • The sizing is not right 
  • The placement is not correct
  • The URL is wrong 
  • The QR code is expired 
  • The QR code is over-customized 
  • Broken link

Brands using QR codes

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