Create an Editable QR Code in 7 Easy Steps

Update:  April 26, 2024
Create an Editable QR Code in 7 Easy Steps

Can you edit a QR code? An editable QR code only works if your QR code solution is generated in a dynamic QR code form.

QR codes can pave the way to faster information access just by scanning the code using your smartphone device.

In fact, it has become one of the most relevant innovations in the history of technology that has made a massive turnaround for both the corporate and non-corporate worlds.

Dynamic QR code: Editable type of QR code

Dynamic QR code

A dynamic QR code is an editable type of QR code. You can change the URL address of your QR code anytime you want.

Moreover, it enables you to track and analyze the data of the scans.

You can create a customized dynamic QR code using a dynamic QR code generator.

Remember: You’ll need to subscribe and sign up for a subscription plan to do this.

What are the benefits of a dynamic QR code?  

  • Edit QR code information (destination link) anytime
  • Track QR codes based on the total & unique scans, the scan time, the scan location (city/country), and the device type of the scanner (iPhone/Android)
  • Flexible QR code design (edit QR code design)
  • Enable GPS tracking for precise scan location and geofencing
  • Retargeting tool (Google Tag Manager & Facebook Pixel ID)
  • Set a QR code password
  • Activate email scan notification whenever you get scans
  • Enable QR code expiry
  • Replicate existing QR code (Clone QR code feature)
  • Software integration on Zapier, HubSpot, Canva, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, and
  • Saves time and money; no need to re-generate or reprint another set of QR codes.

Steps to make a dynamic QR code using a dynamic QR code generator

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log in to your account.
  2. Choose a QR code solution.
  3. Enter the required details, then click Dynamic QR.
  4. Click Generate dynamic QR code.
  5. Customize your dynamic QR code.
  6. Check if it works by running a scan test.
  7. Click Download to save your custom dynamic QR code.

If you're looking for a free editable QR code generator, you can avail of QR TIGER's freemium plan—totally free & no expiry.

How to edit your dynamic QR code in 3 steps

1. Go to your Dashboard

Once you are done making your dynamic QR code in the QR TIGER, click My Account. On the dropdown menu, you will find your Dashboard and QR code campaign categories.


2. Select a QR code campaign

On your Dashboard, select a QR code category from My QR Codes on the left side. Then, select the dynamic QR code campaign you wish to edit.

My QR codes

3. Edit & save

Click Edit to enter the new data or new destination address on the empty box. Don’t forget to click Save so the system can immediately update your dynamic QR code.

Editable QR code

How to edit QR code design or QR code template

QR TIGER's newest feature let's you edit your QR code's design. Here's how it's done:

  1. Choose the dynamic QR you want to edit on the dashboard.
  2. Click Settings. On the dropdown, click Edit QR design.
  3. Modify your QR code design according to your liking. Once done, click Save.

How to track the data of your dynamic QR code

To track your QR code on your dynamic QR code generator, head on to My Account > Dashboard > Select a dynamic QR code campaign > Stats.

On your dynamic QR code campaign Stats board, you can view comprehensive data of your campaign.

Here, you can see the following data:

  • The total number of scans (with unique scan indicator)
  • The scans over time (which you can filter in different time intervals: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • The scan locations (with top 5 location indicator)
  • GPS map (precise scan location heat map)
  • Map chart (determines the number of scans per region)
  • The scanner’s device type (with top device indicator)

Editable QR code solutions available in QR TIGER QR Code Generator


This solution stores any links or URLs. With a dynamic URL QR code, you can change the link to any other URL and direct your scanners to a different landing page anytime.


Having a QR code on your business card is extremely useful and essential these days, especially if you are a serious marketer promoting your brand.

Add all of your necessary contact information directly to your clients’ smartphones in just a scan. Using a vCard QR code, you can even include your social media accounts.


File QR codes allow users to store files. It supports various file formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG, MP4, Excel, and Word.

When people scan the file QR code, they can download and save the file straight on their device.

This solution can help you elevate your QR code marketing campaign, as it allows you to provide comprehensive details about what you’re promoting.

Link in Bio

If you’re a social media influencer or an aspiring one, a social media QR code solution can definitely help you.

It can house all of your social media channels together in one QR code. Once scanned, it leads scanners to a mobile-optimized landing page where they can like, follow, and subscribe to your social media pages.

Landing page

With a landing page QR code, users can curate a landing page without buying a domain or using a website builder.

App stores

An App Store QR code redirects the scanners instantly to Google Play or App Store.

This way, scanners can directly download and install a mobile application into their device.

Multi URL QR code

This editable QR code solution stores multiple links in one QR code. Multi URL QR codes have 4 features and can redirect users based on their: location, language, number of scans, and scan time.

But, you can only select one (1) feature per multi URL QR code.

MP3 QR code

You can convert your MP3 file to a QR code that will directly play a soundtrack. This also allows the receiver to download the file.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest

To keep up with the social media trends, marketers can make use of QR code technology to elevate their strategies online.

You can also create custom QR codes for your social media profiles. With a swift scan, people can instantly access your social media profile.


Don’t forget to add a frame and a clear call to action in your QR code to get more scans.

Save your money using QR TIGER’s dynamic QR code generator

Like everything else in the Information Technology sector, QR codes have progressively evolved into a more advanced code that not only tracks the results but also allows you to update your QR code without having to reprint or reproduce your codes.

A dynamic QR code generator gives you full control and full customization of your QR code campaign by letting you track QR code scans, make changes in real-time, and retarget your audience.

Frequently asked questions

Can you switch from a static QR code to a dynamic QR code?

No, once you select and make a Static QR code, you cannot change it to a dynamic QR code. Static and dynamic QR codes are different.

What QR code generator should you use to make a dynamic QR code?

There are a lot of QR code generators online where you can create this QR code or what we call the dynamic QR code.

If you are one of the users of dynamic QR code software like QR TIGER, then creating and editing your QR codes comes as easy, fast, and quick as a flash.

Furthermore, it offers high-quality customization for your QR code with so many added features and provides high-grade data tracking.

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