QR Code Expert: Meet the Man Behind the World’s Most Advanced QR Code Generator

Update:  January 16, 2024
QR Code Expert: Meet the Man Behind the World’s Most Advanced QR Code Generator

QR tiger ceo

Benjamin Claeys—founder and CEO of QR TIGER—is an architect by profession and an entrepreneur by heart.

Naturally creative, he loves coming up with ideas and ensuring he sees them through until the very end. This has made him successful in his architectural career and, ultimately, in building QR TIGER.

Claeys said he’s not necessarily a tech guy but “more of a creative person who loves to think with creative projects and see how we can actually execute them and make it into reality.”

His deep passion for technology inspired him to work on his first startup, which eventually tanked.

Armed with the hard lessons he learned from the previous business venture, he went straight back to the drawing board, and it was there that QR TIGER—one of the best QR code generators online was born.

Recognized as the world’s top expert on QR codes, Claeys shares his top-notch insights about QR codes, entrepreneurship, strategies, sales, and marketing on his podcast: Stay QRious.

It’s free and available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Podcasts, and Listennotes.

The most advanced QR code generator online: How it started

Like any other successful entrepreneur, Claeys has had his fair share of failures. But that didn’t stop him from starting another company right after his first startup failed.

“In hindsight, it was totally crazy to go from a failed startup into a new one, with a huge risk of being in even bigger financial trouble. 

But I was crazy enough to do it, and I went into the QR code space.”

During this challenging time, he only had two choices: go back to being an architect, or start something new.

His love for tech and following things through led him to build QR TIGER, one of the leading QR code software in the market today.

But what’s with the name?

The QR master aimed to find a simple yet meaningful brand name with a good recall. After some research, he found that the tiger is the perfect animal to associate with QR codes as they embody the resilient and powerful nature of these versatile squares.

Building QR TIGER

Building QR tiger

QR TIGER’s tenacity has led to its strong presence in the tech space since its launch in 2018.

The company continues to grow and strengthen its brand, with the goal of building an ecosystem of QR code-based products.

Claeys attributes much of their success to timing and a solid business plan. “We didn’t have a working business model with my first startup. That’s why it failed, even if we already had some users there.”

Claeys adds, “We were exactly at the right time when the market really blew up for QR codes—I’d say that’s half of our success.”

“It’s also important to find your market fit early. I’ve learned that to start a business, you shouldn’t just focus on product fit. It’s important that you also find the right channel, market, and model that fits your product.”

“Before QR TIGER, I started my first company, which eventually failed because we only focused on making the product look good. We never thought about how to market the product, nor did we think of the right channels to promote it.”

Claeys firmly holds exceptional principles in leading people and managing his growing company. For one, he always puts customers first.

“I’ve worked as QR TIGER’s customer service lead for the last three years just to ensure that I get a firsthand experience of customer interaction and that we resolve their issues right away.”

“It was important for us to hear their feedback and prioritize developing the features our customers need most.”

“Now, we have a strong customer service team that replies within 30 minutes to an hour for every message.

Claeys focuses on working with his team by being hands-on where needed, from understanding customers’ problems to helping them look for solutions and creating better systems moving forward.

QR TIGER is now one of the world’s most advanced QR code software online.

With their steady growth, Claeys believes that the power and convenience of QR codes are here to stay.

“People have adapted to [QR codes] as they’ve evolved from life-saving tools during the pandemic into this innovative marketing and file-sharing offline-to-online gateway.”

“We even have QR codes on TV commercials now, which greatly helps companies effectively generate leads and sales every time it’s aired.”

The primary goal of QR TIGER is to maintain its spot as the world’s most advanced online QR code maker.

The company offers comprehensive and efficient QR code solutions for different business needs, all at a much lower cost than its competitors.

The recent QR TIGER data shows a 443% increase in QR code usage statistics, and it just keeps growing, with the USA at the lead for QR code searches.

“QR codes give a digital dimension to your products and services as they bring offline engagements into online conversions. Not having a QR code is a big loss of opportunity for innovative marketers.”

Right now, QR TIGER is moving to broaden the spectrum of its solutions. One of their recent product developments is the advanced menu QR code solution for restaurants.

“Businesses now see how important it is to use QR codes’ versatility in their ads and day-to-day operations,” Claeys stated.

“For example, restaurants now use interactive menu QR codes as an alternative to physical menus, marketers use QR codes to lead target markets to online campaigns, and businesses deploy QR codes for payment systems.”

“MENU TIGER is a separate software made for restaurants and the hospitality industry as a whole. It allows businesses to take orders and payments through the software in just one scan.” 

Claeys says that’s just one example of how they continue to follow trends and listen to the needs of their customers.

How QR codes are changing the global marketing landscape

QR code

Claeys sees a bigger future for the uses and innovation of QR codes.  With its advanced technology, QR codes changed the marketing landscape.

Big brands have used them as a marketing tool to capture the audience and achieve their goals.

They are seen in various campaigns primarily to bridge the gap between the two marketing streams: offline and online. It also provides digital doors to different online channels.

Famous brands like Pepsi, Coinbase, Pringles, Cheetos, and more have shown off their iconic QR code marketing campaigns during the Super Bowl.

QR codes act as bridges to the offline and online worlds. It allows brands to take their target market from one channel to another.

The best thing about QR codes is that they’re versatile and easy to use. For Claeys, “It was the pandemic that made the market ready for QR codes.”

“It was then that almost everyone in the world learned how to scan using their smartphones and get important information from it. That’s the success that came out of the last few years. People now know what a QR code is and what to do with it.”

This is why most people welcome QR codes nowadays, as they are easy to understand and use. People have seen the benefits of using QR codes and realized they are practical for many reasons.

Types of QR codes

Quick Response or QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes with a greater storage capacity than regular barcodes. 

The code is a complex pattern of black-and-white squares. Each square contains alphanumeric data that requires one to scan the code with a smartphone to translate it.

There are two types of QR codes, and these are static and dynamic QR codes.

A static QR code binds data directly onto the pattern; once you’ve created it, you cannot change it anymore. The greater the data size, the more congested the pattern, resulting in slower scans.

Static QR codes are great for one-time promotions and marketing campaigns that do not require frequent changes.

In contrast, dynamic QR codes are a more advanced type of QR code. It comes with a short URL and stores it in the pattern instead of the actual data.

With this, your data size won’t affect the number of squares on your QR code.

It also allows these codes to hold more data and accept various media formats, such as images, videos, audio files, and documents.

Also, you can edit the data in real-time without creating or deploying a new set of QR codes.

Advanced QR code solutions only available on QR TIGER

QR TIGER is constantly expanding its QR code-powered ecosystem to give businesses of any size across different industries a digital dimension to every product and service.

Today, QR TIGER offers 17 advanced QR code solutions to fit every business need.

It also has an impressive customization tool that allows you to generate attractive and on-brand QR codes.

And to prove its superiority in the QR generator market, QR TIGER developed powerful and unique solutions.

Social Media QR code 

The social media QR code is a dynamic QR solution that can store multiple social media links. You can also add links to your instant messaging apps, websites, and online marketplaces.

The QR code leads to a landing page where users can find buttons for each linked social platform. Tapping the button redirects them to the corresponding social media.

With this innovative solution, marketers can boost their reach, engagement, and following on various social media platforms.

Multi URL QR code

QR TIGER is the first advanced QR code software to offer a seamless and functioning multi URL QR code solution. As its name suggests, it can store multiple links in one QR code.

This dynamic QR code can redirect users to different landing pages depending on the following:

  • The scanner’s location
  • The time they scanned the code
  • The language detected on their device
  • Their device’s operating system

Multinational brands can use this dynamic QR code solution as a marketing tool.

No matter where scanners are from, these codes lead them to the appropriate landing page for them.

Customized QR code landing page

QR TIGER also offers the landing page QR code or custom page editor. This dynamic QR code solution allows users to create a customizable, mobile-optimized landing page without buying a hosting service or building a website from scratch.

The dynamic QR code’s short URL serves as the landing page link.

How to make QR codes

Creating a QR code using QR TIGER is easy. It only takes a few simple steps. Here’s how:

  1. Go to QR TIGER’s homepage and log into your account.

Note: You can still create a QR code without an account. To do that, you only have to provide your email after the last step.

  1. Choose your desired QR code, then provide its required data.
  2. Select between Static QR or Dynamic QR.
  3. Click the Generate QR code button.
  4. Customize your generated QR code.
  5. Run a test scan to see if your QR code is working.
  6. Click Download to save your QR code image, then print and deploy.

Now that you know how to make QR codes, it’s also important to understand how to use them. 

One only needs a device with a camera—like smartphones and tablets— to see how QR codes work. Highly developed smartphones have a built-in QR code reader in the camera app.

You can download a QR code scanner mobile app for free on Google Play Store or App Store for devices with no built-in QR code reader.

QR TIGER QR Code Generator: QR codes for a better world 

QR code expert Benjamin Claeys built QR TIGER with a single goal: to be the most advanced and cost-effective QR code generator for people and businesses of all kinds.

He envisioned software that offers advanced solutions, has complete features, and is versatile yet user-friendly.

Since its inception, QR TIGER is now ISO 27001 certified and has helped thousands of businesses, brands, and individuals worldwide launch successful QR code marketing campaigns, events, and more. 

Now, users worldwide generate at least eight QR codes on their websites every minute.

It’s time to create yours, too. Be one of the users today by signing up to QR TIGER now.

For media inquiries and interview requests, email [email protected]

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