Best QR Code Generator for Teachers: Here's How to Use QR TIGER

Update:  May 03, 2024
Best QR Code Generator for Teachers: Here's How to Use QR TIGER

QR codes, for the past many years, have revolutionized in a tremendous manner. 

Starting off to make things easier in the retail sector, they are now used in almost every field of life, including in education.

From retail to the manufacturing industry to education to health to finance, QR codes are everywhere. 

Not long ago, QR codes were replaced by dynamic QR codes with logos.

These QR codes are highly customizable as well as programmable – making them compatible with most industries, let alone the education sector. 

According to research conducted, a whopping 94 percent of students want to use their smartphones in class for academic purposes. 

Therefore, integrating e-learning through QR codes in classrooms can be a great benefit for teachers and students. 

Best QR code generator for teachers

These codes are basically there to share additional information about products, including their prices, ingredients, license, and even recipe.

But what is the best QR code use case for teachers?

Follow this post and learn more about the use of QR codes in the education sector by teachers.  

Generate QR codes with ease with QR code generator for schools

First of all, note that it has never been easier to generate your own QR codes for free.

All you need to do is visit a free QR code generator for teachers as QR TIGER and follow a few basic steps to create a dynamic or static QR code.

Now that you’ve generated a QR code for yourself let’s see how it can be used by you as a teacher.

How to use QR codes for teachers? Here are 15 ways you can benefit from it

1. Attendance

Many schools are already making use of free QR codes for teachers to mark attendance.

It doesn’t only save time but also creates an automated attendance system.

Almost every QR code attendance will let you create a form to tack and mark attendance when students scan a QR code displayed on the classroom screen. Sounds good, right?

You can generate a Google form QR code that will redirect students to a Google form online log-in attendance.

2. Save time in accessing different URLs

URL QR code

The advancement in the IT sector has greatly affected our social as well as professional lives.

Today, many schools have largely embedded technology in the learning process.

As a teacher, if you want your students to visit a certain URL or website, they’re probably going to type the URL from a piece of paper manually.

This is where  URL QR codes come in handy. Pasting a QR code on print media can let students jump on the URL in an instant.

3. Listen to an audio book

Audiobook QR codeQR codes on books that links to an audio adds a digital element that offers the best of both worlds. 

4. Reviews on library books

Another great example of QR codes uses for teachers lies in the library.

After reading a book, students can scan the QR code on the book and leave their personal opinion for future readers.

In this way, future readers can scan the QR code to see if the book is worth reading per their interests or not – saving a lot of time.

You can also use an MP3 QR code for books to convert it into an audiobook. 

5. QR codes are environment-friendly digital tool

Instead of providing your learners with paper hand-outs, use QR codes to provide them direct and easy access to instructional materials, projects, and assignments to online resources.

They can quickly scan a QR code and the information will automatically be displayed on their smartphone screens.

Go green and help the environment by eliminating paper usage using QR code generator free for teachers.

6. Word wall QR codes

Make text QR codes encoded with words or text phrases.

Let your learners scan the code, and whatever word pops up, instruct them to write it down on the word wall.

Practice their reading skills in a fun way using Word wall QR codes. 

Create your text QR codes for free in the best QR code generator now.

7. Promote an interactive classroom calendar

This will keep you from reminding them all the time.

Creating an engaging learning process through games and scavenger hunt will help students understand a lesson better.

For instance, you use a QR code for a contest for reading time.

This way, you can promote reading, and the students will enjoy the rewards after. 

8. Research compilation

Allow your students to create a QR code for their research compilation.

It can be exhibited in your research lab, which will give your students a sense of fulfillment after a laborious research project. 

9. Treasure hunt

Get your students physically active by providing them with activities that will move them around the room!

How to do a treasure hunt activity using QR codes for the classroom?

  • Make a treasure box and put a price/award inside for anyone who can find it!
  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online and make text QR codes (it’s free)
  • Add different clues in the text field provided
  • Print the QR Codes and paste it in the different classroom areas 
  • Make sure that the encoded information in the QR code will lead them to the next QR Code for a clue
  • The last QR Code must lead the student to the treasure box
  • And you’re done

It’s a fun activity for your students that will raise their technology awareness.

Moreover, it will also enhance their reading and motor skills. 

10. QR codes in botanical gardens

Video QR code

When it comes to science-related topics, learning through our eyes is always the best.

You can generate a video QR code that explains the plants. 

11. Check-out educational videos

You can link QR codes directly to informative videos that will provide your students with a better understanding of a subject matter and increases the class participation rate! 

12. Access help for students

You can link the QR code to sources that will assist the students for help.

QR codes for the classroom can serve as a learning aid for your students as well. 

13. Check student's work

Create a QR code answer key for your students to check their own work after when they are done. 

14. Student identification

Eliminate the extra effort of entering students’ details manually by generating a vCard QR code for each one of them, which will encode their personal information.

It saves you time by making advanced student identification cards using QR codes. 

15. Research compilation

Let your students create a QR code linked to articles, videos, or items that they discovered or did during research.

It can be exhibited in your research lab, which will give your students a sense of fulfillment after a laborious project. 

Innovate the education system with QR codes using the best QR code generator for schools now

QR codes have a wide array of uses in the education sector. 

With highly customizable and modern QR code generators with a logo, you can generate different types of QR codes each used for a different purpose in a school. 

QR TIGER could turn out to be the best QR code generator free for teachers thanks to its simplicity and ease of use for education.

Schools can even paste QR codes in the student services department to redirect users to the Query portal for further assistance. 

Also, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many others can be turned into QR codes.

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