Reinvent Customer Experience with a Hotel Room Service Menu

Update:  May 29, 2023
Reinvent Customer Experience with a Hotel Room Service Menu

The hospitality industry uses a QR code hotel room service menu to offer a pleasant in-room ordering experience. Guests can scan the tableside QR code menu to order and pay for their meals using their smartphones.

The convenience of digitalization now has a significant impact on most consumers in the hospitality business.

Thus, whether booking a room or accessing a hotel digital room service menu, it is better for the hospitality business to give an innovative measure in catering to the needs of their clients.

Moreover, the target population for a hotel menu is distinct. According to studies, most hotel guests order room service to enjoy convenience and comfort during their stay.

Most of these customers are business travelers, overseas tourists, disabled travelers, and families with small children who choose to use the in-room dining amenities.

To avoid the drawbacks of providing room service at your hotel, you’ll need a technology-based solution to meet your customers’ expectations.

With a digital menu software hotels and its food and beverage outlets can provide convenient and fast service to consumers seeking comfort within their immediate vicinity.

What is a hotel room service menu, and how does it work?

A hotel digital room service menu allows visitors to order food and beverages directly from their rooms. It enables hotel workers to plan meals and beverages to be delivered to guests’ rooms on a tray or a mobile digital room service table.

Hoteliers can also use QR codes in beach resorts to offer a more relaxing vacation experience. It operates in a very straightforward manner.

Customers order food and beverages from the traditional menu, call the hotel receptionist to place their orders, wait for their orders, and the hotel personnel delivers the food and drinks. This is just the way a menu works.a breakfast plate served inside a hotel roomHowever, you may update your room service menu with today’s technological advancements.  Your hotel can develop a digital menu for your hotel restaurant outlets utilizing a QR-powered menu and digital menu software.

Customers can scan the QR code to access the digital menu, make an order, and pay using the software’s payment connections.

Furthermore, the hotel administration can designate a staff member to fulfill the request after an order is placed. The assigned employees can then track the order via the digital dashboard and satisfy the customer’s request.

Why should you use the best interactive restaurant menu software for your QR code menu for hotels?

The restaurant and hospitality industry benefits from an interactive restaurant menu QR code software that has streamlined processes for an industry’s business progress.guests lounging in the lounge area

It offers an end-to-end service provider solution with seamless operations and the ability to create a personalized digital menu. Thus it can create a unique and customized QR code menu for hotels. Customers can also scan and view the digital menu generated by this program via QR-customized codes.

Here are some other features of a digital menu system for your menu.

Ability to create multiple stores in one account

Running a hotel business is demanding; you must keep an eye on every outlet and restaurant in your establishment. As a solution, you can build several stores under one account using the MENU TIGER digital menu system. This innovation also allows you to track and monitor your hotel and restaurant system.

Furthermore, you can also assign users and admins per store you have created.

Custom-build your online ordering page

A website can help project the branding and personality of your hotel or restaurant. It is critical to personalize it by selecting the appropriate typeface for your business concept.

You may create your website using MENU TIGER, and you can also alter the color palette. The color palette should complement each other to appeal to potential clients’ eyes.

Your hotel and restaurant website will have a professional appearance with branding and personality, befitting a high-end industry.

Localizes your digital menu

The hotel and restaurant industry, without a doubt, caters to many types of travelers. As a result, you can draw and entice your clients with a language appropriate for them to cater to and serve foreign tourists. MENU TIGER supports various languages, allowing you to communicate with people from all over the world.

Customize menu QR code

You may also change the color scheme, insert a logo, and add a call-to-action statement to your menu QR code. When refreshing your menu concept, it’s also crucial to have a changeable menu QR code that can be modified and updated.Thus, it is convenient to use a digital menu system with simple capabilities for creating and updating a menu.

The product in detail: Provide menu description and photos

You may write a detailed menu description and include the best photographs from your menu list with MENU TIGER. Modifiers, add-ons, and ingredient warnings can all be added to your menu QR code.

As a result, you’ll be able to give guests an effective and well-thought-out menu.

Uses an integrated search engine

MENU TIGER lets diners conduct precise searches based on the name of the product or ingredient using the integrated search engine.

Has a self-manageable panel

Hotel and restaurant management admin and users can change the availability of products offered and highlight distinct modifications like price, description, and images of the digital menu.

Has payment integrations

To integrate with your hotel menu, your restaurant can use any means of payment. Giving consumers extra options for paying for items is vital for making an excellent first impression on visitors.

As a result, offering another payment option like e-banking through PayPal and Stripe is efficient and straightforward for you and your potential guests as a hotelier.

Integrates to POS systems

The POS systems ensure that your hotel and restaurant’s turnover increases. It reduces visitor wait times while allowing your hotel to manage orders more efficiently by using an online ordering page or taking the payment instantly with a hand-carry POS by staff.

Clover and Revel’s POS interfaces are the most reliable POS systems used with your restaurant software.

Customer profiling by tracking their order history, preferences, and others

Consider using a QR menu maker with customer profiling tools to give your restaurant an edge in providing more personalized service. This tool allows you to save customer information, including email addresses, phone numbers, order history, and preferences.

This will allow your restaurant to run retargeting ads, create loyalty programs, and provide new and returning customers more personalized service.

The function of a hotel room service menu

A room service menu serves various purposes in the hospitality sector. These capabilities are necessary for a menu to thrive and earn more money than the previous sales analytics of your company.

A hotel menu has more features than one might assume.

The hotel room service menu boosts operational efficiencies.

Restaurants and hotels embracing digital menus made the ordering process fast and easy, resulting in a better customer experience.

You do not have to rely on staff members to get the orders as customers will only scan the menu QR code, order, and pay using their smartphones.

a plate of burger on the table with a digital menu

What’s more, hotels can track the ordering behaviors into their guest profiles to improve their services.

Using digital menu software, they can also integrate it with their existing POS systems for centralized sales transactions and reporting.

Over time, hotels and restaurants can build their own data sets to keep track of their inventories sales and personalize their services to their guests.

It is a hotel-to-customer communication tool. 

A hotel room menu will communicate with your hotel’s guests, allowing you to cater the most outstanding experience possible for them through their palates. The meals available in your hotel restaurant, as well as bits and menu descriptions for each item, can be presented first.

hotel guests lounging in their hotel room with a menu QR code

This will also notify your hotel guests what your hotel restaurant has to offer, such as vegan-friendly, calorie deficit-friendly, lactose-free, and other options. You can also include the price of your menu items and additional information on your digital menu.

Furthermore, a digital menu will serve as the most effective communication tool for your hotel’s customers. You may show your hotel guests more than just a menu; you can also show them your recommended dishes or most popular food items, and even the greatest photographs of your menu so they can see what you have to offer.

A hotel menu is, in essence, your best communication tool for increasing earnings and increasing sales revenue.

It will be an effective sales medium for your hotel restaurant.

A hotel room menu is essentially a sales tool for your establishment. You can give an interesting menu to your hotel guests on a casual basis and allow them to be inspired by what you have to offer.guest having a cup of coffee inside the hotel roomEssentially, your digital menu will serve as a platform for you to describe and exhibit your hotel’s food in a visually appealing manner. With thorough menu descriptions and food photographs, your clients will be able to select things to order quickly.

Furthermore, you can upsell and showcase your chef’s favorite dishes for your hotel guests.

With a hotel room menu, you may provide a variety of services to your hotel guests.

Amplifies your hotel and restaurant branding. 

Using the MENU TIGER digital menu system to build a brand design will allow you to produce a hotel room menu consistent with your hotel and restaurant branding. As a result, adding a brand, modifying the patterns and eyes, and customizing the color palette should align with the hotel and restaurant menu concept.hotel room with a menu QR code on the tableThis will assist your hotel in providing superior communication and strategy in engaging potential customers through consistent branding throughout the hotel and restaurant interiors and the digital menu.

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Other hotel outlets which can use hotel menu QR codes from the best interactive restaurant menu software?

Hotels are more than just rooms with basic amenities for guests. It also contains various stalls or hotel outlets that hotel guests will find convenient.

Some hospitality businesses have added stalls such as a hotel bar, specialty restaurants in resorts, a coffee shop, a pool snack bar, or even a rotisserie shack. These are commonly found at hotels, resorts, and other hospitality-related businesses.

So, how can these other hotel outlets make use of the best interactive restaurant menu software’s hotel menu QR code?


Hotels and other hospitality establishments regularly have bars. It comprises of a beer pub, wine cellars, and a cocktail bar, as well as a combination of all of these. In general, bars in hotels serve alcoholic beverages to guests of legal drinking countertop with a glass of drink and menu QR codeHotel bars will be able to offer and sell all types of alcoholic beverages to consumers using a digital menu QR code using interactive restaurant menu QR code software like MENU TIGER. Through your digital menu, your hotel can upsell and cross-sell these things.

Prepare a bar menu full of local specialties and special selections to take your room service amenity to the next level. Some hotels are turning up the heat on room service by enlisting the help of professional chefs and sommeliers to make the best mixed drinks or cocktails.

Bars, wine cellars, and pubs at resorts and luxury hotels may be transformed into a happy hour event where the hired sommeliers will be able to showcase their bartending prowess. These opulent enhancements assist hotels in gaining social media awareness and a higher sales profit returns.

Specialty restaurants

Most hotels and resorts include specialty restaurants that appeal to clients who have reserved a room for the weekend or for a vacation. Some of your hotel’s guests may be foreigners with unique tastes, or even locals who want to sample some of their homeland’s comfort food.

lady having a meal buffet on a specialty restaurant menu qr code

Most specialty restaurants cater to the specific palates of your hotel’s dining clients, such as Asian cuisine restaurants, pizza huts, Japanese sushi bars, and others. You may use the MENU TIGER’s digital menu system to modernize your hotel restaurant and provide the best dining experience for these travelers.

A digital menu system, for example, can help you service your restaurant’s growing client base more efficiently. MENU TIGER allows you to serve several customers at the same time. Customers will have a shorter wait time for their orders because they can promptly place an order through the QR menu while comfortably seated at their dining tables.

MENU TIGER allows specialty restaurants to develop a scannable digital menu that has all of the benefits of a digital menu system.

Coffee shop

Most hotel coffee shops cater to busy workers with a lot of tasks on their laptop screens, families catching up with a breakfast coffee, or even pals having a relaxed afternoon with a cup of tea. You may serve a variety of customers, so it’s a good idea to use a digital menu system like MENU TIGER on your coffee having a coffee inside a coffee shop with menu QR codeThe MENU TIGER digital menu system allows you to cater and serve your customers without having to engage with them physically. Your consumers or clients will have access to your digital menu and will be able to see the various types of coffee or tea you offer.

Because international tourists and visitors with disabilities are among the most regular room service consumers, digital ordering minimizes uncertainty caused by language hurdles and/or hearing impairments. Digital ordering avoids the awkwardness and wait times associated with phone orders across demographics.

Pool snack bar

Whether it’s summer or just a nice afternoon, you’ll find the majority of your hotel’s guests relaxing by the pool or splashing about to unwind. For much of the hospitality business, a poolside snack bar is a profitable hotel outlet.a lady having a snack buffet by the poolside menu qr code

It is indisputable that some foreign tourists, as well as locals, enjoy a relaxing day spent near or by the pool. As a result, you can build a digital menu QR code for your consumers to amp up and modernize your poolside snack bar.

Avoid having your traditional menu drenched by water by switching to a digital menu. With a digital menu, you can accommodate an inflow of clients while also improving your offerings to increase revenue.

You can also suggest some of the best combo meals or menu items to upsell your hotel’s menu add-ons. For example, suggest a supper consisting of lemon garlic shrimp kebabs and minty apply iced tea, as well as additional side dishes such as a fresh Caesar’s salad.

Because you also provide a varied variety of menu items at the poolside, your customers can enjoy a full meal without leaving the pool area and getting dressed for the buffet banquet.

Grill room or rotisserie

You might want to tempt your clientele’s taste with your hotel’s restaurant culinary flair with a well-detailed menu of your rotisserie restaurant.

Moreover, you may create a well-detailed menu description that uses sensory adjectives to describe the sight, texture, and flavor of your rotisserie’s food. This should ideally communicate a mental image of how the dish looks, feels, and tastes.

chef cutting a steak inside the grill room

For example, you could describe roasted beef tenderloin with a hot chili infusion, served medium rare and topped with a chimichurri salsa as an entrée.

Furthermore, there is no better method to entice consumers to place additional orders than to show them delectable photos of the food. It will undoubtedly attract their attention, resulting in an increase in the quantity of their order and additional revenue.

If you want to grow your sales and profits, don’t let your clients down by failing to satisfy their expectations.

How to create a hotel service menu using the best interactive menu QR code software?

1. Sign up and create an account with MENU TIGER

Fill in the required information on the Sign up page, such as the restaurant’s name, owner details, email address, and phone number. Password must be typed twice to be confirmed.

To create a new store, click New and provide the name, address, and phone number.

Change the QR code pattern, colors, eye pattern and color, frame design, color, and call-to-action text by clicking Customize QR. You can also include your restaurant’s logo to help with brand recognition.

4. Set the number of tables

Enter the number of tables in your store that require a QR code for the menu.

5. Add additional users and admin of your store

Under the Users icon, click Add. Fill in the first and last names of any extra users or administrators. Select a level of access. A User can simply track orders, whereas an Admin can use all of the software’s functions.

Then enter your email address, password, and confirm your password. After that, a verification email will be issued to you.

6. Setup your menu categories and food list

On the Menu panel, select Foods, then Categories, then New to create new categories such as salad, main dish, dessert, drinks, and so on.After you’ve added the categories, go to the specific category and select New to create the menu list. You can include descriptions, prices, ingredient warnings, and other information in each food list.

7. Add modifiers

Toggle to Modifiers in the Menu panel, then click Add. Create modifier groups for salad dressings, drinks add-ons, steak doneness, cheese, sides, and other menu item customizations, such as salad dressings, drinks add-ons, steak doneness, cheese, sides, and so on.

8. Personalize your restaurant website

Navigate to the Website panel. Then go to General settings and add a cover image, as well as the restaurant’s name, address, email, and phone number. Select the language(s) and currency(s) that the restaurant accepts.

After enabling the Hero Section, enter your website’s title and slogan. Localize in the languages of your choice.

Enable the About section, add an image, and then add your restaurant’s tale, which you may subsequently localize in multiple languages if you choose.

For different campaigns and promotions your restaurant is now conducting, click and enable the Promotions area.

Go to Most Popular Foods and enable to see best-sellers, signature dishes, and unique things. Once the Most Popular Foods section is enabled, select an item, then click “Featured” and “Save” to make the item the homepage’s featured item.

Why Choose Us is a feature that allows you to teach your customers about the advantages of dining at your restaurant.

Change the fonts and colors on your website to match your brand in the Fonts and Colors area.

9. Download each QR code you have generated for each table.

Go back to the Store section and download and deploy your QR code in each respective table.

10. Track and fulfill orders

You can keep track of your orders in the Orders panel.

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Tips on how to customize your room service menu QR code

Customers can get a sense of the personality and character of your menu by looking at a digital menu. It is the restaurant and hospitality industry’s most significant marketing tool.

However, it’s difficult to avoid making common mistakes while building a digital menu. These missteps may go overlooked by your management.

Here are some pointers for avoiding common blunders while creating a digital menu:

  1. Save the high-resolution picture format of your menu QR code.
  2. Inverted QR code colors should be avoided.
  3. Take into account the size of the menu QR code you’ll be producing.
  4. Don’t over-customize your QR code for the menu.

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How do I scan the room service menu?

Most guests of a hotel carry out a smartphone with them. Thus, it would be easier for these guests to have access of your room service menu through QR technology.

Easy steps in scanning a room service menu with an android phone

  1. Let the customers open their smartphone devices.
  2. Tap the camera icon on their screen.
  3. Point the rearview camera on the QR code.
  4. Scan the code.
  5. Click the link and open the digital menu.
  6. Proceed to place an order.

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Steps in scanning a hotel room service menu with an iPhone

  1. Place the rearview camera towards the QR code on the iOS camera app.
  2. A notification will appear after the scanning is complete. This will usually take you to the online ordering page of your hotel.
  3. If you are having trouble scanning QR codes, go to the Settings app and enable QR Code scanning.

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Scan a hotel room service menu with Google Lens

  1. Open the Google Lens app.
  2. Place the rearview camera over the QR code.
  3. Wait for it to scan and access the link embedded in the code.
  4. Place an order through the digital menu link.
  5. Wait for the staff to fulfill customers’ orders.

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Upgrade your hotel and restaurant services with MENU TIGER!

Hoteliers will make the most out of their room service profits if they switch their traditional room service approach to a digital menu.

You can upgrade your hotel and restaurant management with MENU TIGER to increase your profitability and have access with your customer and data sales analytics. In this way, you can explore the modernized options of MENU TIGER for your hotel business.

To know more about MENU TIGER and its benefits for the hospitality industry, contact us now!


What are the most delivered food items to hotel rooms?

The most delivered food items to hotel rooms are burgers, sandwiches, pasta, salads, and chips.

What are the most beverages delivered to hotel rooms?

The most delivered food items to hotel rooms are orange juice, coffee, cola, water, and alcoholic beverages.

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