How to generate sales leads using QR codes?

Last updated:   October 18, 2021

Businesses are struggling to think of ways on how to generate more sales lead. With the advent of QR technology, how can they seize such opportunity and utilize the use of a QR code generator?

Business to business (B2B) and business to consumers (B2C) businesses use sales lead as their profit meter. But as the competition between B2B and B2C businesses tightens, thinking of new ways to generate more sales lead is a struggle to handle.  

In 1752, the integration of sales leads started from business to consumer businesses such as insurance companies. 

As time goes by, the implementation of generating sales lead changes. To catch up with the changing business environment, the need for new marketing strategies intensifies.

With the advent of QR technology, here are ways that businesses, large, small, veterans, or startups can use QR codes in generating more sales lead. But before we jump into these ways, let us first learn the basics of sales lead generation.

What is a sales lead?

how to generate sales leads using qr code

A sales lead is a potential consumer of products or services that hold greater opportunities to become a customer.

A business can tell that person as a sales lead when it shows interest in product/service through filling in forms. To sum it up, a sales lead is a business' standard in keeping their business afloat.

For without sales lead, a company will not have prospective clients to continue its business operations.

Business sales experts identify the type of sales lead according to their qualifications. These following types are marketing qualified lead, sales qualified lead, product qualified lead, and service qualified lead.

Types of Sales Lead 

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

how to generate sales leads in MQL

A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is a person that establishes an interest in choosing your product/service through the company recommendations.

MQL's engagement levels are more like suggestions on what to avail of the product/service in the future.

Businesses can gain MQLs through product/service releases and blogs on the company's other offerings. An MQL requires more education on the product/service before buying it.

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

On the other hand, sales qualified lead (SQL) is a person that shows interest in buying a company's product/service by inquiring about its pricing.

This type of lead is more likely to proceed with buying the product.

To give a better picture of how this works, an MQL converts to SQL after thorough demonstrations and lectures from the marketing team.

They are usually handed over by the marketing team to talk about the payment methods, etc.

Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

how to generate sales leads PQL

Then there's the product qualified lead (PQL). A PQL is a person who has used a company's product/service in limited time through free trials.

PQLs are more likely to continue usage on product/service and become a paying customer. As experts say, PQLs is most likely the new MQLs for some of the leads skip the marketing part and proceed in trying the product/service.

Also, PQLs are given enough time to decide if the product/service is worth buying by opting to join a free trial.

Service Qualified Lead (SQL)

Lastly, the service qualified lead. A service qualified lead is a person that has subscribed to a company's product/service and inquires for upgrades.

This kind of lead is most likely to upgrade their current subscription in the future.

Before they continue on upgrading their plans, they inquire about the sales team and ask for the terms and conditions for upgrades.

Usually, companies that offer subscription plans with various bundle offers to hold this kind of leads.

What is a sales lead generation?

how to generate sales leads

A sales lead generation is the process of sourcing sales lead through advertisements, blogs, and other marketing outlets.

For businesses that focus on inbound sales generation, it is the initiation of awareness from a person or company that shows interest in your products/services.

A sales lead generation works when a potential customer inquires about a product/service information and availability.

These inquiries are usually answered through blog posts, videos, social media posts, and customer supports.

Why businesses use lead generation in growing their business?

The competition in the 21st century tightens between B2B and B2C companies. To beat competitors, marketing strategies such as lead generation become their measure of profit.

As some businesses are struggling to survive in the technology-powered era, businesses with good lead generations thrive to reach the top.

Here are five reasons why businesses use lead generations in growing their business.

1. Allow them to select the perfect product to pitch to sales lead

how to get sales leads for free

Marketers struggle to deliver persuasive yet effective pitches on products they offer to MQLs. But as the existence of having multiple options in purchasing a product kills marketers' efforts, penetrating the sales lead jurisdiction becomes difficult.

To decrease this problem, lead generation become one of the marketers' measures of product recommendations. 

With every given survey form for a sales lead to answer, choosing the right product to offer becomes easy.

Because of that, businesses incorporate the use of lead generation to minimize marketers' workload and easily forward MQLs into SQLs.

2. Tailor pricing list for the sales lead

After extensive product enlightenment, MQLs are converted into SQLs. In this stage, recommending the product's pricing list is a major turning point to convert sales lead to paying customers.

Because of that, lead generation assists marketers and businesses in picking the lead's preference price range. In this way, marketers can easily persuade the sales lead by offering the right pricing range for their budget.

3. Focus on location-based marketing

how to generate sales leads

Businesses spend a fortune in finding the best spot for intensive business promotions. Because of that, they are forced to either lay off their employees or file for bankruptcy.

To avoid these to happen, they opted to use lead generation in finding the best area for business promotions. By taking MQLs to answer survey forms from their websites, they can easily compare the number of answers from one location to another. 

In this way, they can have a focused location-based marketing campaign without the need of spending 40% of their revenues for ads.

4. Converts Sales Lead to Paying Customer

Lead generation increases the chance of businesses to find potential paying customers. Because of this, B2B and B2C companies see the potential of lead generations in acquiring more customers and rank in the industry.

5. Technology accelerates customer acquisition

generate sales leads meaning

With technology rapidly advancing over time, lead generation becomes easy, seamless and accessible. Because of this, technology accelerates customer acquisition.

In this way, B2B and B2B companies take lead generation into a whole new level - online. Because of that, marketers can easily select the best sales lead they can get and conveniently convert them to paying customers.

QR code lead generation: How QR codes can help you generate sales lead?

As technological innovations rapidly change over time, catching up with these changes can bring harm to businesses.

To outwit these changes, technology tools such as QR codes are can be your helpful tool in generating a sales lead. QR code solutions can hold significant changes to B2B and B2C businesses.

To further maximize the type of QR codes businesses should use, marketers, suggest the use of dynamic QR codes. 

To get a glimpse of how QR codes can help businesses in generating more sales, here are the following 5 QR code ways. 

1. Optimizes Mobile marketing

generating sales leads ideas

According to Statista's telecommunication report, there will be 3.5 billion mobile users worldwide in 2020. Because of these, B2B and B2C businesses' competition tightens.

As QR codes are optimized for mobile usage, mobile marketing can become easy and accessible.

With the use of dynamic QR codes, you can place these QR codes in your products/services without the need of generating a new set of QR codes.

2. Direct leads to social media for testimonial reference.

sales lead generation techniques

Sales lead need proof of usage from other customers. However, taking them towards your business social media handles can be a struggle to do. 

As social media platforms allow duplicate account names, finding a genuine account user can be difficult to manage. 

But with the use of QR codes, you can directly direct your leads to your social media handles without the need of typing your usernames.

In this way, your sales leads will have easy access to customer's testimonies on social media. And, increase the chance of turning your sales leads into paying customers.

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3. Load sites with secure site labels, HTTPS

As QR code encryption requires secure URL sites, the problem in directing leads to broken links minimizes. Because of that, businesses that offer online surveys and polls using their websites will not have to worry about their link being broken.

QR codes have the ability to load pages instantly. In this way, sales lead will not have to manually enter the survey website link and thus proceed in answering polls and survey forms.

Thus, increasing the number of conversion of sales leads to paying customers.

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4. Offers informative content portal for videos, PDFs, and images 

how to generate sales leads file

MQLs require extensive product enlightenment from a business's marketing team. Because of this, marketers carefully create their product pitches to customers.

To make their pitch a success, a series of product presentations are considered and given pertinence. To deliver these product pitches, a mode of data retrieving is needed.

Because of that, the use of QR codes become a marketers effective tool in transforming MQLs to SQLs.

In this way, their MQLs won't have a hard time downloading the recommended materials for the product enlightenment.

The type of QR code solution marketers use in giving extensive product enlightenments to MQLs are File QR codes. File QR codes are dynamic QR codes that store files such as PDFs, images, and videos.

5. Supports multi-URL directories for location support

how to generate sales leads using a multi URL qr code

One of the QR code solutions QR technology offers is Multi-URL QR codes. Through the use of Multi-URL QR codes, businesses can generate more sales lead from different locations without a hassle.

In this way, marketers can channel their product enlightenment in different languages through identifying the sales lead location.

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Steps on how to generate sales lead using QR codes

1. Choose your lead generation sources

When it comes to generating sales lead, thinking of appropriate lead generation sources is crucial in finding potential paying customers.

There are different lead generation sources that B2B and B2C companies can use with their corresponding QR code solutions.

Contenthow to generate b2b sales

49% of users search for new items on Google. Because of that, marketers see the potential of increasing sales lead generation through content.

Content can be in the form of an infographic, video, and PDF. In this way, you can immerse your sales lead in knowing more about your product/service.

The kind of QR code solutions that marketers can apply in the content lead generation are video QR codesAudio QR codesPDF QR codes, and Image QR codes.


In 2023, there will be 4.3 billion forecasted email users. Because of that, marketers foresee the use of emails in increasing lead generation from its recipients.

By injecting a professional-looking email QR code in your promotional emails on your products and services, you can employ the sense of exclusivity to a sales lead.


how to generate hotel sales lead

B2B and B2C companies spending funds for advertisements to gain the attention of people.

By injecting dynamic QR codes for advertising and media campaigns, marketers can gain people's attention and immerse them into an interactive way of product inquiring.


Blogs are a great source of product inquiry and information. Because of this, sales leads are able to get the needed information without the need of contacting the company's marketing team.

One of the reasons behind the emergence of blogs is the fear of sales leads to committing mistakes while having an engaging conversation with them.

For businessmen and marketers, a great QR code solution that they can use in referring their sales lead to your blogs is URL QR codes.

Social Media

how to get sales lead online

With the rise of social media at the beginning of the 21st century, sales lead experts to see these as an opportunity to generate sales lead from social media users.

Because of that, marketers are bringing their business engagement to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The best QR code solution that marketers use is social media QR codes.

2. Create a compelling Call to Action (CTA) to your lead generation source

how to generate sales leads

The logic behind the success of established B2B and B2C businesses is their catchy and compelling call to actions (CTAs). This step is crucial and requires extensive brainstorming between marketers and advertisers.

As QR codes are a great visual CTA to sales lead adding compelling worded CTAs increases the chance in converting sales leads to paying customers.

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3. Optimize your landing page

QR codes are designed for landing page optimization. To generate more sales leads, having an optimized landing page for your surveys is a must.

In this way, your sales lead won't bounce back to the search engine homepage. Your landing page may contain content such as blogs, advertisements, and social media posts etc.

QR Codes - supplying the future of sales lead generation

As businesses are enlightened to generate sales lead as a means of maximizing the number of paying customers, QR codes can become the future of sales lead generation. 

Because of that, businesses can grow their companies without the need of wasting the efforts of the marketing and sales team. 

To get started on your journey with QR codes, you can explore limitless possibilities using a professional and reliable QR code generator available online such as QRTiger QR code generator and unlock new horizons. 

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