8 Ways to Use QR Codes on Food Packaging

Last updated:   March 24, 2023

Due to the increasing number of smartphone users globally, QR codes on food packaging have been commonly used by marketers and businessmen when it comes to marketing to reach their target audience, especially that smartphones have free built-in scanning apps use to scan a QR code.

QR code once scanned, will redirect a scanner to various forms of entertainment or information.

In short, QR codes offer multi-media content. 

This makes it immensely incorporated into the various business sectors, be it in the small, medium, or large enterprises as this advanced technology helps marketers build more connections among their clients and, at the same time, increasing their revenue. 

But how can you use QR code for delivery on your product packaging, to upgrade your services? Quite interesting, huh? 

Well, it is time for your bakery, café shops, restaurants, burger, and pizza huts business to boost your door-to-door delivery order! Keep on reading to know-how. 

8 ways to use QR codes on Food Packaging for Home Delivery Orders

1. Use QR codes to encourage your clients to call you again

You can print your QR codes on your food packaging to show them your hotline number and dial you up in the future when they scan your QR code.

You can use a vCard QR code for this. 

Better yet, have these QR codes redirect them to a landing page where they could leave their email address.

You can also update or alert your customers when you have new items on the menu or discounts, deals, or promos that are exclusively available for them! 

2.Print your QR codes to give your customers update about your product

Not only is it difficult and a lot of hassle to change your food packaging, but it can also be costly.

Instead of spending money for modifications, why not imprint a QR code on your packaging and inform your customers everything that is a new brand new about your restaurant or pizza delivery service.

Using a Dynamic QR code, you can make changes and update your information anytime. It is cost-effective, easy to implement and manage.

Transform your simple FMCG or goods packaging into an extraordinary one. 

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3.Showcase how you process your clients' food orders

Would it be a lovely idea to give your customers additional entertainment by showcasing how you prepare or process their favorite go-to food snacks?

Capture and entice your clients even more by showing them a video about your products' special ingredients, steps you do when you bake your cookies, how you prepare your burger for clients, or how you create your pizza with super mouth-watering crusts on top. 

If you allow your customers to be involved in your business and maintain your transparency to them, you will surely establish stable and loyal clients that will keep on coming back to you and even attract new ones. 

4.QR codes for your website

You can have your products along with flyers printed with a QR code that will redirect your customers to your landing page when they scanned the code.

Design your website as attractive as possible.

With QR codes, you can advertise via print material or even online! A QR code for your website is an excellent way to drive and increase traffic to your business online.

One excellent example of this is the use of BlackPink Oreo QR code on the packaging which redirects customers to an interactive website. 

5. App QR Code to boost app downloads 

Basically, an app QR code for your website will re-route your scanners to the Apple App Store, Android Play Store, or Amazon App Store depending on the user’s smartphone device to install your app when scanned directly.

Instead of looking for the app name, your website visitors or customers can download the app directly. 

6.QR code for delivery are cost-effective 

Increasing your sales while integrating a cost-effective marketing tool for your business has never been this advantageous. 

Using a Dynamic QR code that you can create using a QR code generator online, you can change the information behind your QR code whenever it is needed. 

You don’t need to spend a dollar on reprinting your codes.

This saves you a lot of money in your pocket.  Don’t miss this kind of intelligent marketing campaign tactic. 

You can also avail for the free trial version of the dynamic QR code and see how it works! You can try it here. 

7.QR codes to lead your customers to your product survey form

Even if you’re just straight delivering your products directly to customers' homes, you can still get their feedbacks and rate your service using QR codes. 

Participate and involved them in what they have to say about your products.

This way you will know in what area of your service you should improve even more. 

QR code for delivery services: A new way to reintroduce product packaging 

The potential to make use of QR Codes on food product packaging is immense, and also a lot continues to be untapped.

With a little creative thinking, these codes can help brand names stand apart and also can be utilized with nearly any kind of type of food or beverage.

QR codes might be a typical sight we see on product packaging, but this smart label has played a vital role in increasing product sales and even more so in your delivery orders. 

Also, it gives your customers a better, more unique experience as a whole while improving your marketing level.

Important Tip:

Don’t forget to add a customizable frame and call for action like “Scan to see food menu!” or “Scan for more product details!” as this will get 30 percent more scanning results. 

You need to make sure your QR code is strategically positioned in the right way and is directly communicating with your customers.

You need them to see and scan it. 

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