How to Create a QR Code for a Digital Menu for Free?

Update:  May 29, 2023
How to Create a QR Code for a Digital Menu for Free?

A QR code menu allows you to eliminate the traditional paperback menus at every table, creating a more convenient customer dining experience. However, you might be asking how to create a QR code for a digital menu for free and what is the significance of digital menus today?

Statistics say that 52% of restaurants in the United States have switched to QR code menus for efficient and streamlined service to customers. 

These QR code menus offer customers a better dining experience because they can easily order and pay from their smartphones by scanning the QR code menu. It allows restaurant owners to amp up their payment transactions, as well. 

McKinsey & Company says that there is a rise in digital payments with a 20% increase in digital user base and an 80% increase during the peak of Covid-19. Further research found that 32% of mobile wallet users have three or more mobile wallets – namely, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, and others. 

These statistics add up to the beneficial factor of QR code menus in restaurants for use for marketing and communicating with their customer base. 

But, before diving into the steps of creating a QR code menu using MENU TIGER, let us first discuss more advantages of a QR code menu in your restaurant operations.

Benefits of a QR code menu in restaurants

Efficient restaurant operations 

MENU TIGER allows you to deliver efficient restaurant operations. It helps your business to streamline services and offer a better dining experience to customers.

waiter serving a customer

MENU TIGER’s interactive menu software aids you in digitizing your menu for a convenient ordering experience. After scanning the QR code menu, customers can peruse your menu, place an order, and pay right away by just using their smartphones.

You can also update your menu at anytime, which is helpful in reducing the chance of mistakes and avoiding negative customer interactions. 

It ensures that no time is lost and correct orders are fired to the kitchen immediately. Customers can simply recline and wait for the server to bring their orders. With this tool, you can keep your restaurant running smoothly.

Improving customer service is another way to boost sales at your restaurant. By integrating contactless payment options into your ordering system, your waitstaff will spend less time running back and forth to swipe cards, etc. 

You can also provide your customers with feedback forms to help you provide better customer service. By getting your customers’ feedback, you can learn more about their preferences and provide them with better customer service. 

Quick table turnover

One of the challenges you face every day is serving more people while providing a pleasant dining experience. The reason behind this is: the faster the table turnover, the bigger the qr code on a tableRestaurant patrons prefer not to waste time placing their orders and waiting for their food. You can therefore efficiently manage your restaurants with digital restaurant menu QR code software.

Customers no longer need to wait in line only to place a food order or to call for a waitstaff to take their order. 

Customers will remember the way you treated them and the level of service you provided, which will help you grow sales for your food truck enterprise.

Comfortable customer experience

QR codes on menus are risk-free, economical, and practical for eateries. You can function efficiently and affordably in the new normative setting.women eating sandwiches Additionally, it promotes contactless interaction between customers and employees. Diners can conveniently place their orders from your restaurant by scanning the interactive QR code menu that is available from a distance.

This will allow you to continue operating your restaurant at its peak while still following the health constraints imposed by health institutions.

Reduce order mistakes

When your customers place orders, the accuracy of the ones you get is increased. Every order is delivered straight from your ordering panel, so nothing is lost on the way to the back of the house.women having breakfastGuests can also provide notes with their meals outlining things like allergies and ingredients they don’t want to consume.

Less food is returned as a result of more precise instructions.

Maximize productivity with less manpower with sustainable efforts

Restaurants can promote sustainable practices in their everyday operations. Digital transactions are a good place to start. Consequently, you can use a QR code menu to list the items that are available at your restaurant.waitstaff cleaning the table An advantage over continuing to use the antiquated book menus is that you can easily update your online menu.

Best practices when creating interactive QR code menu

1. Add detailed menu descriptions

Restaurants can put a greater emphasis on menu elements including variety, description, and design as they affect customer satisfaction. The data also reveals that 45 percent of customers’ purchasing habits for a particular meal are influenced by the menu description.

You can enhance sales by 27% with the help of descriptive menu labels. By doing this, you can change people’s perceptions of food, restaurants, and patronage.

Although it is reassuring to believe that writing a menu description story is simple, there is more to it than that. Keep your menu description simple and engaging; it’s more than just a tale.

Here are some points you need to remember in writing your restaurant’s menu descriptions.

Use sensory adjectives

Use sensory adjectives to describe the appearance, texture, and flavor of your fine dining restaurant food. 

For instance, you may describe a beef tenderloin as being roasted with a hot chili infusion, served medium-rare, and garnished with a chimichurri salsa in the entrée section.

Emphasize expensive ingredients

In upscale restaurants, using expensive and unusual ingredients is inevitable. To bring out the greatest flavors in your meal, you should do everything in your power to enhance them. 

As a result, to give the dish at your restaurant a rich feel and to support the high price, you might as well mention the high-end ingredients used in it.

Make descriptions short and catchy

An excessively long menu description is visually unpleasant. Because most people have limited attention spans, it is preferable to keep sentences brief and to the point.

Keep in mind that in order to preserve the effect of your menu description, you should be explicit about what you’re trying to express, write it persuasively, and keep it as straightforward as you can.

Identify your target customer base

Knowing your demographic, especially in terms of their age and gender, will help you better plan how you will present it to them.

By tracking their past purchases using a digital menu, you might be able to discover this crucial information. You can more successfully construct your menu description if you are aware of the gender and age of your audience.

Elders, for instance, who are concerned about their diet, want to know what their meals are. The word “Lactose” can be highlighted in the text.

2. Use quality food photos

Deliver the best interactive digital menu for free to your customers by using aesthetically pleasing photos of your menu list. It is not simple to add food photos to a digital menu; you must think about how to present these delicacies in an appealing way by utilizing the digital menu food images.

Save image in JPEG, SVG, and PNG

This is the element that several beginners overlook. On your computer, you might have created an attractive image, but when you save or download it, it loses its clarity or quality.

To accurately understand the breadth of your effort, save your food photographs in JPEG, SVG, or PNG formats. There will be a high-resolution image of your work preserved. It will therefore look great and enticing on your digital menu.

Use vibrant and vivid colors

Your food photography results may also be impacted by colors. Keep in mind the background color you choose for your photographs. Realistic food photography is essential. So, if the color contrast in your photos seems off, you can alter them.

If the platter appears too light, adjust the food photos. The white balance controls on your camera can be used to edit your photos and adjust the contrast.

When the colors are vibrant and pleasing to the eye, the food photograph is deemed to be great.

Use proper lighting

When taking food pictures, the appropriate lighting is crucial. Be mindful of the light’s intensity and how it impacts the way your meal looks when taking food photos. Learn how to adjust your camera’s lighting as well.

Additionally, overhead lights or reflectors can be used as a natural light substitute if you don’t have access to natural light.

You may now take pictures of your food from different angles for your digital menu as long as the right light catches it significantly. You can take a good picture of your food that will whet your diners’ appetites in this way.

Aesthetic placement of food/beverage

The creativity of photographers and yours as a restaurant owner is frequently impeded by clutter. Take pictures of your meals in a spotless, clutter-free environment. While taking food photos for your digital menu, you don’t want to be distracted by unrelated events at work.

Your work attitude is impacted by the mess in your environment. You are unable to function rationally as a result, making it difficult for you to position your food appropriately or compose attractive photos for the restaurant’s digital menu for free.

3. Generate the QR code

You can customize the look of your menu QR codes when creating them for your business. Consequently, the following advice will help you create and design the ideal menu QR code for your company.

This will support the profitable operation of your restaurant.

Proper color scheme of QR code

QR codes that have only one color are already out of date. But using a QR code menu software, you can design a branded  QR code for your menu.

Adding colors and being creative are positive ways to make your QR code attractive and engaging. Making your visual QR code appealing to your clients will encourage them to scan it. This requires customizing and experimenting with your brand theme.

In light of this, it is a rule of thumb to design a menu QR code using a darker color scheme for the pattern and a lighter variation of the same color for the frame for better scanning result. 

The right CTA phrase

Use a compelling call to action to get consumers to your restaurant.

A call to action ensures that 80% more people will scan your QR code. Never forget to include a suitable CTA on your personalized QR code to encourage customers to scan it.

Choose the eyes and patterns

The eyes, frame, and pattern of your menu QR code can be customized. This will stand in for the brand and reputation of your company.

Step-by-step guide to creating a QR code menu for free

1. Sign in to your MENU TIGER account

menu tiger sign in

If you already have an account on MENU TIGER, you can easily sign in to proceed with creating menu QR codes. However, if you are new here, you can sign up and supply the necessary information asked in the sign up form.

2. Organize your stores

set up storesGo to Stores and then select New on the admin dashboard. Add your store’s name, address, and phone number after that.

3. Customize the QR code menu and include tables.

customize menu qr codeThe number of tables or eating areas in your restaurant that require a QR menu should still be included in the Store Details box.add tables To increase or decrease the number of tables, click the plus (+) or negative (-) sign.

4. Assign administrators and users

In the Users section of the Store Details, assign users and admins.assign admins and usersAn Admin has access to all aspects of the admin dashboard, with the exception of the Add-ons and Website section. A User can only view and handle orders in the dashboard.

Users and administrators can view your MENU TIGER dashboard and online menu from any device, including a tablet, iPad, smartphone, or PC. They can also fulfill orders and customize them.

5. Make categories for food and modifiers.

make food categoriesProceed to the Menu and select Modifiers to add modifier groups and their corresponding items

Add your options and add-ons to your modifier group before saving. The price per gram, ounce, milliliter, or liter is added when you click Add and enter the name of the modifier group it belongs to.

Go to Menu and select Foods to create a new food category. Click New next to Categories, choose the store where the food category will be shown, give your food category a name, and add a modifier group. Click Add when you’re finished.

6. Incorporate food items

Go back to the Menu’s Foods section and choose the category of foods you want to add items to. Then, to add the food item’s details, click New.

Include the name of the restaurant, its address, and its description. After that, enter the price, serving size, and unit. Include ingredient warnings for customers with allergies, particular dietary needs, or food restrictions.add food itemsSelect a modifier group that contains extras and options related to your food item as well as the amount of time it takes to cook the dish. Check the Featured, Availability, or Mark as Sold Out boxes, as appropriate, for the food item.

To draw your customers’ attention, choose and include labels like “New” and “Bestseller” on your food items, if applicable.

The last option is to include high-quality JPG and PNG photos. Select “Recommend” after selecting a group of relevant food items from your food list.

Complete your settings, then click “Save.”

7. Create your own custom-built restaurant website

Select General under the Websites section in the admin panel.custom-built restaurant websiteEnter the name, address, and contact information for your restaurant in the General Website Settings section, including email and phone. To localize your website and digital menu, you may also add more languages and modify the currencies on your menu. Finally, select Save.

To complete the setup, provide the additional information requested in the Website section.

8. Integrate payments if possible

add payment options

To enable cash, Stripe, and PayPal payment connections, go to add-ons, choose Payments, and then slide the enable button. Click Setup to access your mobile wallet account.

9. Verify your website

verify websiteComplete your interactive menu, QR code menu, and restaurant website. By selecting the view button in the upper right corner of your customer app, you can examine your website and menu.

How to display your free QR code menu

With the help of appealing menu pictures, your restaurant may engage with consumers via a QR menu. Here are some formats or locations where you can print and show your QR menu:

Display it throughout your restaurant on the walls

A contactless menu can be printed or shown on the walls of your restaurant. Customers often survey your establishment before arriving. Therefore, it would be a wise move to post a QR code on your menu near the walls so that customers can easily see and scan it.

You can use the template provided by the software to customize your QR code design. You can play around with different colors to represent your store. You can pick from a variety of patterns and, if you like, add a frame to your QR code. You can also include the logo for your business to help customers remember who you are.

You are free to print QR code stickers or posters to put up on the wall or in windows for passersby to view. 

Publish a QR menu standee and place it on the sidewalk

Putting up a QR menu outside your restaurant will encourage people to stop in and eat there. To view the special meals for the day, they can swiftly scan the code near your doorway or the panels next to your windows.

The interactive QR code menu software’s upselling feature is a great tool to use, especially if your store is new. When you run specials at your pubs or restaurants, lots of people will know about them, bringing a surge of customers to your business. Now all you have to do is make sure they receive first-rate food and service.

Create a tabletop tent to print a QR menu

When your customers arrive at your restaurant, they can sit comfortably and scan the QR code menu on the table tent or table inserts to order. They don’t have to call your staff to take their orders or to process the payment.

Ordering is simple using software or a generator that enables your restaurant to keep track of and monitor consumer established orders. Additionally, visitors within your restaurant may simply scan the QR menu on the supplied table tents or table inserts.

Inspire the confidence to eat out with your free QR code menu 

A menu QR code is an efficient and cost-effective contactless technology  for your restaurant as you don’t have to print out multiple menu cards. 

With an online menu that is easy to use and visually appealing, your customers can easily find what they are looking for and make orders at anytime without calling for a waitstaff.

You can save time and money as you don’t have to implement manual order taking for all customers. Using a free menu QR code generator, you can now run your business operations smoothly and cater to more customers. To find out more about free menu QR codes and MENU TIGER, contact us today.

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