How to Use QR Codes for Petroleum Industry Operations and Marketing

Update:  August 21, 2023
 How to Use QR Codes for Petroleum Industry Operations and Marketing

You can create your QR code for your petroleum company’s efficient operations and marketing efforts using the best QR code generator online.

The pandemic has created a storm for the global oil and gas industry, resulting in oversupply and a dramatic fall in demand.

This happens at a time when this industry is required to join the campaign for decarbonization.

Now that the global market is slowly recovering, the petroleum industry, according to a study by McKinsey & Company, is entering an era of “intense competition, technology-led rapid supply response, flat to declining demand, investor skepticism, and increasing public and government pressure regarding the impact on climate and the environment.”

That being said, QR code technology can become a helpful tool to simplify operations, promote eco-friendly practices, and increase more consumers and investors in your Company.

The impact of Covid-19 on the petroleum industry

The pandemic is, first and foremost, a humanitarian challenge, as well as an unprecedented economic one. The oil market faces a lot of challenges because of this crisis.

Global oil demand was exacerbated by the growing structural oversupply caused by a struggle for market share between Russia and OPEC.

The barrel price went down because of the law of supply and demand.

There was a high demand, yet the supply was scarce due to the decreasing oil-producing activities. 

When the home office is becoming the new trend, fuel consumption increases, thus, increasing the demand.

McKinsey and Company state that many investors question whether today’s oil and gas companies will ever generate acceptable returns. “And their role in the energy transition is also uncertain. Oil and gas companies must prove that they can master this space. Discipline in finance, capital allocation, risk management, and governance will be critical,” the McKinsey report posts.

The industry has responded with a Herculean effort to successfully and safely operate essential assets in this challenging time.

One of the powerful tools oil and gas executives can use is QR codes.

What is a QR code, and how does it work?

QR code

A QR code or a Quick Response code is a two-dimensional barcode that can store ample information such as a URL (website), an image, a video file, audio, or a document.

This technology was invented in Japan more than two decades ago (1994) by Denso Wave, a subsidiary company of Toyota.

Although its first application quickly tracked the car components during manufacturing, QR codes expanded and are now widely used in different industries.

After creating a QR code using the best QR code generator you can find online, you can deploy your QR codes to print materials and on the online space.

For example, if a customer scans your URL QR code using a smartphone, he will be redirected to your company website.

He doesn’t have to manually type your URL address in the search bar.

Because of the ease of use and the ability to connect offline audiences to any information online, QR codes are now being utilized by marketers, restaurants, apparel brands, and many more.

Ways how to create your QR code for petroleum company operations

Leading petroleum companies have taken advantage of technology to redefine their reasons for being and their basis for distinctiveness.

Here are some ways to integrate QR codes into your day-to-day operations.

Share your files using a PDF QR code

Pdf QR code

During meetings with clients or in-house presentations to employees or executives, sharing printed documents or sending them to various recipients is quite a hassle.

With the help of a PDF QR code generator, you can convert any of your documents to a QR code.

When your client or colleague scans the PDF QR code, the PDF document is displayed on their mobile device.

They can download it right away, even during meetings!

If you are sharing confidential files, you can activate the password feature of your PDF QR code to limit the number of people who can access and download the documents.

Ensure cashless transactions with a QR code payment system

With the ongoing pandemic, companies are resorting to contactless payments to ensure the safety of every customer.

QR codes serve as a bridge to connect consumers to payment channels and expedite transactions. It also lessens the risks of getting exposed to people.

Create your own QR code track and trace

After more than a year of work-from-home setup, some companies slowly open their offices to their employees.

However, this doesn’t mean that contact tracing is no longer required. 

You can track and trace people exposed to the virus with QR codes and immediately contain the transmission.

You can create a contact form first via Google Forms or any other survey form creator.

Then copy the URL and convert it into a dynamic QR code. 

Employees will scan the QR code to register when they enter the office premises.

Create your QR code for asset tracking

Asset tracking QR code

Whether upstream or midstream, oil and gas operations are capital-intensive and complex.

It would help if you had total attention to every component, with redundancy and safety built-in to ensure every operation runs smoothly.

This is why operators can use QR codes for asset tracking. 

Integrating QR codes in your asset tracking management system allows you to easily track and control every spare part to keep you drilling, producing, or transporting.

Your employees can easily monitor the location and maintain the condition of every tool, pump, or vehicle. 

This way, you can minimize costly downtime from equipment failure or repairs. 

Ways how to create your QR code in marketing your oil and gas company

All companies want to stand apart from their competition, and the oil and gas industry is no different.

Finding cutting-edge ways to connect with your audience means incorporating QR code solutions into your marketing strategies.

Redirect your customers to your website

You can convert your website into a dynamic URL QR code to reach your offline audience.

They can instantly access your company website when they scan the QR code.

Create your QR code with the logo in your marketing collateral

If you generate any of your chosen QR code solutions in dynamic form, you can always customize your QR codes and add a logo to them.

QR codes usually appear in black and white with no customization, but this is not the case when you create it with the best QR code generator.

The QR codes you can display in your marketing collaterals or even during business showcase events will stand out and get more scans as you add your brand logo.

Create your own QR code business card to increase networking potential

Business card QR code

Traditional business cards allow your clients to copy the contact information to their phones manually. 

Using the vCard or QR code for a business card, clients can scan it to view all the information on their smartphone screen and save it immediately.

Keeping contact information becomes easy and fast.

Connect to your online audience using a link in the bio QR code for social media

Getting your brand seen and heard in some famous social media avenues plays a huge part in your business. 

You can connect to your audience, increase traffic to your website, and promote your product or service.

Promoting your Company on various social media pages lets you easily connect to more audiences and boost your followers using the QR code for social media.

This QR code solution allows you to house all your social media links in one landing page, making it easier for your scanners to view and follow all your social media platforms.

Engage and deliver information to your customers using Video QR codes

Videos allow you to provide information in a short period.

It is also effective in engaging your target audience. It adds flair to your oil and gas marketing as well.

You can also convert the video file into a QR code to increase the number of viewers in your video.

When a person scans it, he can easily view and download your video using a mobile device.

Share infographics using a Jpeg QR code

Infographics easily present complex data such as ratings, regulations, and environmental concerns.

You can make the data more understandable using graphs where customers can easily see trends and patterns.

Once you’ve created your infographics, you can convert them into a Jpeg QR code.

After scanning, it will display the file to the mobile device, which can be downloaded.

Interactive content using the H5 QR code webpage

This is effective if you promote and integrate your services into your mobile marketing campaigns.

Boost your app downloads using the app store QR code

It will redirect users to download your app based on the device they used, whether Android OS or Apple’s iOS.

This solution is designed to be more convenient, easy, and straightforward for users and generate the best QR code online.

How to create your QR code for the petroleum company operations and marketing

  • Visit the QR TIGER QR code generator website
  • Choose the QR code solution that you want to generate for your oil and gas company operations and marketing
  • Fill in the needed information and content for your QR code
  • Always choose a dynamic QR code
  • Generate and customize the QR code
  • Test the QR code scannability
  • Download and display the QR code

Advantages of using dynamic QR code when you create your QR code for petroleum companies

1. Editable

You can edit the QR code content using dynamic QR codes if you incorrectly entered the wrong information.

You can edit or modify the QR code content even after you print and deploy your QR code.

The changes will automatically reflect the original QR codes in real time.

2. Trackable

The QR code tracking feature of dynamic QR codes allows you to collect pertinent data that can play an essential role in growing your business.

You can track data in real time so you can plan your subsequent marketing efforts for rapid business growth.

As tracking is crucial in thinking about new marketing strategies, the following data are gathered to help you grow your business:

Date of the scan – this kind of information is essential to marketers as they can determine when the scans increase and give the marketers a hint on when to change content on the QR code web page.

Location of the Scan – This information helps marketers determine where the scans are made and which area drives the most scans.

They can create content based on the location with most scans through this data.

The device used in scanning – To better understand the customer’s preference in buying, the type of device they use helps the marketers understand more about what content they will use to gain more customers.

3. Cost-efficient

Since you can edit your QR code even after you have printed it on your marketing material, you can save money and resources.

Moreover, it makes it easier for your scanners, customers, or readers to find more about your product information in one scan.

4. Activate email scan notification

Another unique feature of dynamic QR codes (only URL, H5, and File QR codes) is that you can get email updates on your QR code scans. 

It allows you to set the frequency of how often you want to receive the notifications on your registered email address.

This way, you’ll be able to track and measure your QR code campaign.

5. Activate the retargeting tool feature

Next, you can retarget the scanners who have scanned your dynamic URL QR code, H5 QR code webpage, and File QR code.

You’ll be able to get more conversions by displaying targeted ads to the scanners that have taken action in your QR codes.

6. Eco-friendly

With its dynamic feature, you can always repurpose your QR code by creating and embedding new content, having to make a new QR code from it.

You can save more funds and help to save trees by cutting down their paper usage.

Real-life examples of QR codes in petroleum companies

1. ExxonMobil QR code payment method

ExxonMobil offers customers simple, safe, and secure ways to pay the gas in any Exxon and Mobil station in the US.

Users can scan the QR code displayed in the gas stations or pumps using their smartphones to activate the transaction.

2. Ukrnafta introduces QR code payment at gas stations

Ukrnafta, the largest oil company in Ukraine, introduces its contactless payment system via QR code during the pandemic.

When a customer scans the QR code placed in the column of the petrol station, he will pass a short registration and proceed to pay for the car refueling in a couple of minutes.

Customers won’t have to install additional applications as the payment is via Viber or Telegram.

The main advantage of the service is that the customer does not need to install additional applications. Instead, the payment is made via Viber or Telegram.

It is enough to scan a QR code at the petrol station column, pass a short registration, and pay for the car refueling in a couple of minutes.

3.TotalOil promotes its mobile app using the app store QR code

TotalOil effectively uses the app store QR code and displays it on its website to increase the TOTAL app downloads.

Anyone who scans the QR code will be redirected to the Google Play or iTunes app store.

The redirection will depend on their mobile device’s operating system in downloading the app.

4. Rock Oil launches new label designs with branded QR codes.

Rock Oil, a British manufacturer of high-quality lubricants and fuels, incorporates QR codes in its new label designs.

Scanning dynamic branded QR codes will redirect customers to direct web links that house helpful information on individual products while promoting the Rock Oil branding within the packaging.

Create a QR code for the petroleum industry using a QR code generator 

QR code is a game-changing tech tool that helps many industries recover from the pandemic’s impact.

With its ease of use, convenience, and ability to connect offline audiences to online content, QR code technology is a must-have in your company’s operations and marketing.

Contact us today to learn more about QR code solutions and the wide variety of features you can use, and we will be happy to assist you. 

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