Blending tech and touch with digital menu for restaurants

Update:  May 29, 2023
Blending tech and touch with digital menu for restaurants

Digital menu for restaurants is today’s must-have innovation for restaurateurs.

The digital menu helps restaurants engage to their customers through seamless ordering process. Restaurants can also easily implement cashless and contactless transactions through this QR code-powered digital menu. 

However, what do we need to know about digital menu and who offers the best software for you?

To label a software as the best one among the rest, it should shoulder the needs of its restaurateur users.

Read more to know the benefits offered by the best digital menu for restaurants in digital marketing.

Digital Menu for Restaurants software scale-up business operations

Digital menu is the future of safe, easy, and cost-efficient restaurant operations for restaurateurs.

Foodie enthusiasts will opt for a safer and more customer-centered restaurants. With the best digital menu software for restaurants, MENU TIGER offers these benefits for you to consider.

Fosters contactless transaction

contactless digital menu qr code

With this digital menu integration, restaurateurs can effectively operate while guaranteeing a contactless transaction of orders between the customers and its restaurant staffs.

Digital restaurant table menu is the next step for an engaging customer interaction thru digital platform.

Seamless Restaurant Operations with Digital Menu QR code

customers accessing a digital menu qr codeDigital restaurant table menu ensures smooth restaurant operations. For instance, the use of a unique foodie QR code in every table redirects a customer to a digital menu of the restaurant.

Once the customers placed their orders, it will directly reflect in the order panel the corresponding table number where the food and beverage purchases was being made. Hence, the kitchen operations can easily determine who made the orders.

With this integration, customers no longer need to fall in queue or wait for a staff to order. Customers will only scan the designated QR code on the table using their smartphones to order and pay. 

Fast-tracks order waiting time

Digital restaurant table menu lessens the time you waste in waiting up for the orders. It accelerates the order purchase since you can integrate a digital menu accessible in a website for pick-up orders.

digital menu qr code fast tracks ordering time

Foodie enthusiasts who are busy and always on the go can easily make an order online through a digital menu available, reserve a table, and walk in a restaurant with their orders all ready for serving.

Offers a relaxed restaurateurs-to-food enthusiasts’ relationship

Customers and food enthusiasts look for a comfortable user experience inside restaurants. Hence, the use of digital menu for restaurants provides a hassle-free experience for them.hassle-free customer experience with digital menu qr codeThe use of digital menu with designated QR code per table can create and ensure a cozy and safe customer experience.

Digital menu can create an interactive experience to customers which provides a detailed concept on what are available and added to the offered meals in a restaurant.

Furthermore, customers and food enthusiasts will be able to know the ingredients of the food of their choice and personalize their orders according to their preference before placing their orders.

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How to make a digital menu for your restaurant?

MENU TIGER is a digital menu software that offers you seamless integration of creating a menu accessible through a QR code scan in every table in your restaurant.

Restaurateurs may opt to create a digital menu for their restaurants and increase customer engagements in the offline to online platform.

Here are the steps on how to create an interactive digital menu for your restaurants:

1. Go to MENU TIGER and create an account for your restaurant.

2 . Go to Stores section to create and setup your store.
3. You may also customize the appearance of the menu QR code to reinforce your brand identity.Set the number of tables and proceed to download the QR code designated for each table inside your restaurant.

4. Then add users or admins to each of your store.

5. Setup the digital menu and create your food list with distinct modifiers.

6. Custom-build your restaurant website and keep it on brand. Make use of the promotions section and set the language to cater to your multi-lingual customers.

7.Setup the payment integrations with Stripe, PayPal, and cash.

8. Track orders in the MENU TIGER software dashboard and fulfill your customers' orders.

With these easy steps, restaurateurs can boost their sales and attract more foodie enthusiasts. Add more leverage to your restaurant marketing campaign with MENU TIGER.

Features of the Best Digital Menu for Restaurants

To look for the best digital menu for restaurants, there are certain features a restauranteur needs to consider. Here are some of the aspects you may look upon:

Flexible Digital Menu for Restaurateurs

Digital Menu should be easily editable by restaurant owners and seamlessly integrate the offered meals with certain modifications in each and every order using the digital menu software like MENU food list of a digital menu qr code softwareRestaurants can provide a list of categories and food items with modifiers using the digital menu. In that way, customers can make their personal requests such as their choice of toppings, sauces, and many more through the use of the digital menu software.

Faster ordering process with smooth business operations 

Digital Menu improves restaurant ordering systems by generating designated QR codes every ordering time with digital menu qr codeNo more complicated, longer queue process in ordering a meal in a restaurant. Digital menu provides an easy-to-do ordering method for customers once being seated in the table. Customers can simply scan the provided code on the table and make your order!

By doing so, once the order is being made after scanning the QR code, kitchen operations can see the dashboard of incoming orders in every table.

Fine mode of payment for restaurants

Customers can choose the mode of payment through the digital menu software and provides an easy transaction of orders since these food enthusiasts can opt to pay through cash on hand or through online.payment integrations of a digital menu qr code softwareMoreover, customers need not to wait in line for paying since they can choose the mode of payment they want to do with the digital menu software.

For example, you can set up a Stripe for restaurants payment integration for a faster transaction. 

In this way, restaurateurs and business owners increase the number of customers that a certain establishment can cater and increase more profit for your business.

Customized QR codes with logo

MENU TIGER digital menu software for restaurants offers you to generate designated QR codes every table inside your restaurant. Customize the QR code to have a signature branding for your restaurant.

It is a good marketing strategy to build a well-customized QR code with logo and unique design befitting to your restaurant's branding so your loyal customers can set a standard for the best dining experience.

Today's generation is looking for a restaurant with personality, thus, make your restaurant branding creative and memorable by customizing your menu QR codes.

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Offers Promos for Restaurant Upselling

Restaurateurs can opt to propose better offers for discounts and promos using the MENU TIGER digital and promo upselling with digital menu qr code softwareWith this integration, as a restauranteur, you can implement better sales and marketing technique that attracts more customers to your business.

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Scale up your restaurant operations with the best digital menu for restaurant

The digital menu offered by MENU TIGER keeps the restaurant commerce thriving more by reaching more customers.

It scales up restaurant operations by providing an easy online ordering process. It also fosters contactless and cashless transactions, giving more options to customers on their mode of payment. 

Restaurants can also run promos and make use of the upselling features to grow their sales and revenue. They can run retargeting campaigns and tailored promotions to their customers by using the saved customer details in their dashboard.

Thus, restaurants can deliver better services to their customers through intuitive digital menu software.

Increase your profit. Attract more customers. Be a standard restaurant with a digital menu powered by MENU TIGER.

To know more about MENU TIGER, contact us now.

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