How to Create a Free QR Code in 5 Easy Steps

Update:  December 31, 2023
How to Create a Free QR Code in 5 Easy Steps

It's super easy to create a free QR code. With QR TIGER, you can fully customize your free QR code too.

With a free QR code, you can easily connect with your audience and seamlessly bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds.

The ability of QR codes to provide quick data access makes them highly useful in today’s fast-paced, digital world. They’re also versatile; people can use them across various industries, serving different purposes.

This advanced technology comes at a price, but many QR code platforms offer free versions, and though these are limited, they’re still handy for many users.

Read the article below to learn how to access this free feature and more. 

How to make a QR code for free with QR TIGER

QR code generatorQR TIGER is an advanced QR code generator that can give you an experience of its premium features without spending a dime.

You can create high-quality static QR codes and customize their appearance for free; you can change the colors, add your logo, and use a frame with a clear call to action.

The best part of using a free software for QR codes is that you won’t need to sign up for an account or subscribe to any plans to do this.

Here’s how to create a free QR code:

  1. Go to QR TIGER online.
  2. Choose from the static QR code solutions and enter the necessary data
  3. Select Static QR and click Generate QR code
  4. Customize your static QR code. You can play with the different design options, add a logo, and a frame with CTA.
  5. Run a test scan, then click Download to save your free QR

Clicking the Download button will redirect you to the pricing page.

Scroll down to find the box below the Freemium plan, then enter your email address and click Submit to receive the QR code you just made.

QR code basics: Static vs. Dynamic

Static and dynamic QR codeQR codes come in two types: static and dynamic. While both types can store data, there are quite a few differences in their nature and how they work. Read below to learn these:

Static QR code 

When you create a free QR code, the data stored in fixed. Free QR or Static QR codes contain fixed information directly into their pattern.

With static QR codes, editing is not an option. After generating and printing them, the information behind the code becomes permanent, preventing any modifications.

You must create, print, and distribute a fresh batch of QR codes to change or update the embedded data. But on the flip side, a static QR code works forever.

These codes are suitable for simple purposes like storing websites, embedding short text, or displaying product information such as serial numbers.

But you must remember to keep your data size minimal. Bigger data leads to more congested patterns, which may take time to scan.

Dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR codes are more advanced than their static counterparts. This type of QR code comes with short URLs that store the actual data.

The QR code software stores the information you’ve embedded on a server, allowing you to update and change the existing information anytime—even after you’ve created your QR code.

You can seamlessly update your information, adapt to changes, and stay ahead of the curve; no more wasting time and resources on reprints.

And here’s more: Dynamic QR codes come with real-time QR code tracking. You can monitor the total number of scans, the time and location of the scan, and the scanner’s device. 

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Bonus advanced features for QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes

Editing and tracking are two capabilities that distinguish dynamic QR codes from static ones. But with QR TIGER, you can get more than these.

This advanced QR code generator offers more features for its dynamic URL, File, Landing page QR code (H5 editor), and Google Form solutions. And these are:

  • Retarget. You can integrate your Facebook Pixel ID or Google Tag Manager into your dynamic QR codes.

When users scan them, their browser receives a cookie, which identifies this user’s keen interest in specific content on your brand’s website.

  • Set expiration. This feature allows you to limit the accessibility of your QR codes, ensuring that only current information is accessed and preventing outdated content from being viewed.

It’s best for short time marketing promotions like an upcoming event or a sale. You can reactivate your expired QR code too.

  • Set email scan notification. Stay informed about your QR code scans by receiving real-time email notifications.

Get instant updates whenever someone sans your QR code, allowing you to track engagement anytime.

  • Add a password. Secure your QR codes by adding a password requirement. This feature ensures that only authorized individuals can access the content behind the QR code. 
  • Set GPS tracking. Gain valuable insights into the geographical distribution of your QR code scans by tracking the location of each scan and the areas with the most scans.

With this information, you can fine-tune your marketing efforts, understand what works, and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.

QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes go beyond just being a static link between the physical and digital worlds.

They can be your data-driven companion, revealing statistics and empowering you to make informed decisions.

How to create a dynamic free QR code with QR TIGER

QR TIGER offers a freemium plan that grants you three dynamic QR code solutions with a 500-scan limit each.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to dive into the world of QR code marketing. And the best part? You won’t need your credit card to grab this offer.

To sign up for the freemium plan, simply go to QR TIGER and click Register.

You only need to enter your name, email, country, and desired password. Or simply sign up with your Google account.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your free dynamic QR code with QR TIGER:

  1. Log in to your account in QR TIGER.
  2. Select a QR code solution and enter or upload the data you embed.
  3. Click Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code
  4. Personalize your QR code using the software's customization tool.
  5. Run a test scan, then Download your QR code once it’s working

What types of QR codes can you create in QR TIGER for free?

QR TIGER’s free static QR code generator offers free solutions to revolutionize your digital engagement, helping you reach more audiences. Check them out here:

1. URL QR code 

Seamlessly connect your audience to your online content with a simple scan. Drive traffic and engagement by providing instant access to your website.

2. Google Form QR code

With QR TIGER, you can easily create a QR code that redirects to your customized Google Form.

You can conduct customer feedback surveys, event registration, or employee feedback surveys with one scan. 

3. Wi-Fi QR code

Wifi QR code

The WiFi QR code is a unique solution that allows anyone to connect to a Wi-Fi network in just one quick scan—no need to ask for the passwords and enter them manually.

This is highly suitable for establishments offering Wi-Fi to customers and clients, such as hotels, cafes, or restaurants.

4. QR codes for popular social media platforms

Empower your social media presence and expand your online community using a QR code generator for free. 

Make individual profile QR codes for popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

Instantly introduce yourself to new followers, giving them a glimpse into your digital persona. It’s an invitation to join your online journey and participate in something extraordinary.

5. Email QR code

Email QR code

Simplify communication and encourage direct interaction. Generate a static email QR code that links straight to your email address. 

Allow users to reach out to you effortlessly by scanning the code. Seamlessly bridge the gap between digital and personal communication.

6. Text QR code

Make a lasting impression with a touch of personalization. You can craft a text QR code to deliver short messages to selected users.

Whether it’s a warm greeting, a catchy slogan, or an inspiring quote, captivate your audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression.

7. SMS QR code

Create an SMS QR code that instantly directs users to send a text to a specific phone number. It’s a convenient solution providing a direct communication line in one scan.

No more memorizing or typing in phone numbers. Just scan and send!

Embed it in your advertisements, display it on signage, or include it in your promotional materials to spark instant engagement.

8. Event QR code

Take your events to new heights with the latest QR TIGER free QR code solution–Event QR code.

With QR TIGER, you can effortlessly create an Event QR code that revolutionizes how attendees access information, schedule, and interact with your event. 

Users can scan the QR code and have the option to instantly add it to their calendars and streamline their event schedules accordingly.

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9. Location QR code

With QR TIGER, creating a Location QR code is a breeze.

Input the latitude and longitude coordinates or drag the location pin, and voila!

You have a free QR code that leads users directly to a specific location with a simple scan.

Whether you’re hosting an event, running a business, or want to make it easy for customers to find your location, the Location QR code has got you covered. 

Place it on flyers, signage, or your website, and watch as users effortlessly navigate to your desired destination.

Create a QR code with QR TIGER QR code generator today

Many platforms claim to provide free QR code solutions, but most of the time, these are only clickbait since users would either need to create an account first or pay to continue.

But with QR TIGER, you can create innovative and fully-customizable static QR codes without signing up and paying a single dime—it’s 100% free.

This reliable QR code generator also offers a freemium plan where you can enjoy dynamic QR code features like editing and tracking. And you can upgrade your plan anytime, too.

QR TIGER empowers you to stay ahead of the marketing game, delivering insightful statistics and analytics to enhance your campaigns and drive exceptional results.

Go to QR TIGER and generate your customized QR codes now. 

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