Multi URL QR Code: Embed Multiple Links in One QR Code

Update:  May 29, 2024
Multi URL QR Code: Embed Multiple Links in One QR Code

A Multi URL QR code or a QR code for multiple redirections is a powerful solution that can embed multiple links in one QR code and redirect scanners to a specific landing page based on location, number of scans, time, language, and geofencing.

With this solution, you can create one QR code for multiple links. Here's what makes it even better: you can redirect your scanners to different landing pages, too.

This allows you to give better results to your target audience, conduct A/B testing, and do localization of your web pages. 

Depending on which of the five Multi URL QR code solutions you choose to generate, you have full control over where to redirect your target audience. 

Not familiar with this type of QR code solution yet? Keep reading to discover what it is a Multi URL QR code and a Multi QR code generator are all about, and how you can use them to benefit your business and marketing!

What is a Multi URL QR code?

A Multi QR code generator lets you create one QR code for multiple links. It's a dynamic QR code solution that can embed different links or URLs in one QR code. 

You can use this to guide and redirect users based on certain conditions. This includes time, location, number of scanslanguage, and geofencing.

Remember, there should only be one QR code per Multi URL QR code feature. 

For example, if you make a QR code with a multiple language feature, you can redirect scanners to a specific landing page based on their device language.

Multi URL QR code

If a person scans in China, he will be redirected to a Chinese webpage, or if the user scans in Brazil, he will land on a Brazilian website.  

This type of QR code is made particularly for businesses that want to run campaigns on a worldwide scale and market multiple products, goods, services, and websites to different types of audiences around the globe.

A QR code software with a logo can provide you with a dynamic solution, allowing you to create one QR code for multiple links. These codes are designed as per your choice and desire.

You can add, edit, or remove URLs in your QR code with multiple links anytime you want. Moreover, the URLs that you can add are not limited to websites or landing pages only. Using it as a video QR code is highly possible for your campaign. 

Tracking your QR code scans also unlocks the demographics of your QR code scanners. This allows you to understand your target audience for robust marketing.

This video below explains in-depth details about multi URL QR codes

Multi URL QR code as a dynamic  QR code

QR codes have two types: Static and dynamic

As we’ve discussed, a multi URL QR code is dynamic in nature, which redirects the scanner in an intended direction.

You can create dynamic QR code free of charge to explore the following advantages it offers: 


You can edit the landing page/s of your multi URL QR code to another landing page/s anytime you want, even in real time.

This also means that you can add and remove URLs.

Edit multi URL QR code


You can track the demographics of your scanners, such as the time when they scanned the QR code, where you get the most scans, and what type of devices are used for scanning.

These statistics make them useful in business and marketing.

If you are not tracking your data results, why are you even using QR codes? You’re only wasting your time and money if you are not keeping them on track.

QR code tracking is important as it lets you analyze and gauge your QR code marketing success and the return on your investment (ROI).

Note: A static QR code only leads you to a permanent URL, and it is not editable or trackable.

What are the main features of a Multi URL QR code?

Multi-URL QR codes have greater functionality and the possibilities to benefit from them are unlimited. You can target your audience based on what you think will work.

Also, you don’t need multiple QR codes for different reasons; one is enough to do everything with a QR code generator for multiple links or files available online.

Let’s take a deeper look at the possibilities of using these smart QR codes!

Multi URL QR code for location redirection

Multi URL QR code location feature

Multi URL QR code location redirection feature can redirect scanners to a certain landing page based on their location and geographical position (e.g., country, province, or city). 

This is best for products that need to be marketed in different parts of the world.

Not only is this cost-effective as you don’t need to solve the language issue of different regions, but it is also a quick way to international marketing.

That said, you need to embed multiple URLs in your QR code for the location redirection feature.

Multi URL QR code time redirection

Multi URL QR code time feature

Just like the location-based URL QR codes, you can also redirect users to different apps, websites, and other portals depending upon the time when the QR code is scanned. 

The URLs change with time. And of course, it will be your choice, and you will be the one to set up the time when you need to redirect them. 

It is best for any sort of competition that a company initiates. Imagine how cool the idea is when one code reveals different stuff depending on the time they scan it.

This feature is also ideal for doing a restaurant campaign, such as offering different meals, free vouchers, and discounts for diners based on the time of the day. 

For the Multi URL QR code time redirection feature, you need to embed multiple URLs. You also have to specify the start and end time of each redirection URL in a 24-hour format. 

Multi URL QR code for language redirection

Multi URL QR code language feature

If you run a business online or an international agency, then you are probably dealing with customers who speak different languages coming from different cultures.

You wouldn’t want to redirect your Japanese customers on a landing page made for American people, right? 

This is now where Multi URL QR codes come in handy. 

You can create various and separate landing pages for multiple types of audiences and market your products, goods, or anything you have to offer using a single QR code. 

There is no communication barrier using a QR code for multiple links.

Multi URL QR code number of scans redirection

Multi URL QR code scan feature

Now, this is something amazing. Over time, the QR code changes its URL direction after a certain number of scans. Of course, depending on what you set.

Now the number of scans can also be decided when you customize it; after all, it is called a dynamic QR code.

All you need to do is embed separate URLs in the QR code that will redirect scanners to a certain landing page based on the number of scans.

For instance, you can direct a user to another landing page after three scans and then redirect him to another one after five scans, and so on.

A multi URL QR code that redirects to different apps based on iOS or Android

One of the biggest conflicts was whether to design QR codes for Android or iOS. Although this has yet to be realized using this QR solution, an App Stores QR code works almost similarly.

This solution lets you store a mobile app's URL from Google Play, App Store, and AppGallery, redirecting users to its download page based on the devices' operating systems.

You can also track the data of this QR code, as this type of code is dynamic.

How to make a Multi URL QR code? 

  • Go to the best QR code generator online.
  • Click on the Multi URL QR code solution.
  • Select the type of redirection you need (location, amount of scans, time, or language).
  • Click Generate QR code.
  • Customize the QR code for branding. 
  • Do a scan test with your Multi URL QR code.
  • Download and deploy your code!

Best practices when making your Multi URL QR code to get the most out of it

Customize your QR code

Custom multi URL QR code

Custom-designed Multi URL QR codes pique your target audience’s curiosity.

We are visual beings, and we usually make a second turn to something that stimulates those senses. 

Make a visual QR code using a multi QR code generator, and make sure it leaves a lasting impact on your potential scanners once they see it.

Steer away from black-and-white QR code as it does not get the many results you desire. 

Customize your QR code and add colors, set unique edges, and choose the patterns and your preferred layout to make it more appealing. 

Note: Make your QR code stand out as possible but do not compromise the scan-ability of your QR code. Moreover, do away from inverting your QR code colors. 

One rule of thumb is to make the foreground color darker than the background color of your QR code. Avoid light colors such as yellow and pastel colors, as it is not ideal for scanning.

Darker colors and a white background are an ideal color combination.

Add a logo, image, or icon

Make your QR code a part of your overall marketing or branding.  

A QR code with a logo, image, or icon looks more legitimate and inviting to your scanners!  

Moreover, it gives your scanners confidence and a sense of security when they scan your Multi URL QR code. It garners a higher conversion rate and a lasting impression, as your scanners are likely to remember it. 

Put a frame and call to action in your QR code

Adding an appropriate call to action in your QR code lets scanners know what your QR code is all about.

Moreover, frames come with various and customizable calls to action. 

It encourages scanning activity among your target audience as well-designed frames pique their curiosity. 

NoteOnly implement the action that you are promoting in the Multi URL QR code and avoid unnecessary extras that might mislead your scanners.

Make a unique QR code for every media you are advertising. 

If your QR code contains video information, put a call-to-action that says “Scan to watch a video” and nothing else.

Make the user experience brief and concise, and most importantly, don’t waste their time! 

Consider the right size

A QR code will vary in size depending on the material, such as product packaging, a digital menu, magazines, billboards, business cards, etc.

The further you place your QR code, the bigger the size should be.  

When scanned from a closer range,  the QR code is at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension to make it scan-able. 

NoteIf you want to make the size of your QR code bigger without affecting its quality, download your QR code in the SVG file. 

Maintain a clutter-free QR code

QR codes have two types: Static QR and Dynamic QR codes. 

The data embedded in a static QR code is stored in the code’s graphics and can only be limited. That’s why it gets pixelated the more information you encode in it. When this happens, your QR code becomes difficult to scan.

However, a Multi URL QR code is dynamic in nature. Dynamic QR codes like Multi URL do not directly store the data in the graphics. It contains a short URL that redirects users to online information.

The QR code data is stored in the QR code generator software, where users can also change the information of the code and track data activity.  

Create your Multi URL QR code for multiple actions with QR TIGER 

These are some of the good things about using dynamic QR codes! Aren’t they wonderful?

Use the QR TIGER QR code generator to make your own Smart QR code or Multi URL QR code.

If you want, you can also generate a multi QR code for free by availing of the trial version and seeing for yourself how it works. 

If you have more questions or are in need of assistance, just contact us today. 

Frequently asked question

Can I make multiple QR codes on one page?

Yes, you can definitely make multiple QR codes for a page. You can use the same landing page or one webpage and store it on different QR codes.

Related Terms 

All in one QR code 

All-in-one QR code refers to adding multiple links using one QR code.

This type of solution is called the Multi URL QR code.

Multi URL QR has four types of features such as Multi URL QR code for location, time redirection, amount of scans, and language redirection.

You need to generate one QR code for each feature of your preference and add many URLs where you want to redirect your scanners. (based on the type of feature you use). 

Multi URL QR code generator or Multiple link QR code generator

Multi URL QR code generator or a Multiple link QR code generator allows you to generate and embed multiple URLs within one QR code.

Using this, you can redirect your scanners to many landing pages using the same QR. 

Moreover, by setting your Multi QR code solution to “amount of scans on loop,” your QR code scans on loop, and it never ends.

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