How to Generate a QR Code for URL for Free

Update:  September 05, 2023
How to Generate a QR Code for URL for Free

A URL QR code is an innovative, convenient, and stylish way of sharing links.

When you convert a URL to QR code, you are saving your target audience from the hassle of typing lengthy links on their smartphone browser.

They will only have to scan the QR code with their smartphones to access the link within the code in a matter of seconds.

With the best QR code generator online today, anyone can easily create URL to QR code. Read on to learn more about this great tech tool.

Why does a QR code for URLs matter?

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As of April 2022, there are over five billion unique smartphone users around the world.

This number makes QR codes a suitable digital tool since smartphones now have built-in QR code scanners.

This technology is also a total upgrade from the old habit of copying and sending links or having users paste or type them on their browsers.

It also provides a faster, safer, and more organized form of link management and sharing.

How to generate a URL QR code for free

Looking for a website link to a QR code converter you can use for free? Try using QR TIGER, the most advanced free QR code generator online.

What’s great about our generator is that you don’t have to create an account to generate free static QR codes. Our static QR codes have no scan limits and are fully customizable.

We offer a complete set of QR code solutions for you to use. We also have an ISO 27001 accreditation so that you can guarantee your data’s safety.

Here’s how you can convert a URL to QR code:

1. Go to a free QR code generator online and select the URL QR code solution.

2. Enter the URL you want to embed.

3. Click Generate QR code will then appear shortly.

4. Modify your QR code’s appearance. You can change the pattern, eye shape, and colors. You can also add a logo and a frame.

5. Scan the QR code with your smartphone to check if it’s working.

6. Once it works, you can click Download to save your QR code on your device.

Sign up for a free trial

Although they’re free, static QR codes come with limited features, which can affect their functionality.

Meanwhile, dynamic QR codes are better than static ones, but you need an active subscription to use them.

Our subscription plans come at reasonable prices. You can avail of one to start using our dynamic QR codes.

We also provide a free trial with three dynamic QR codes, each having a 100-scan limit.

With an account, you can create a QR code for the URL and use this to streamline conversion.

Why should you use a Dynamic QR code for URLs?

Wondering why dynamic QR codes are better for URLs than static ones? Here are six advantages:

1. Editable

You can edit the embedded data within a dynamic QR code even though you have printed and deployed them.

This feature lets you update the link in your QR code or put a different URL in it.

2. Tracking

Dynamic QR codes are trackable. You can monitor them on the dashboard, where you can see the total number of scans.

You can also view the location and date of each scan and the devices used in scanning.

With this feature, you can track your QR codes so you can determine whether your campaign is doing well or if it needs improvement.

3. Retargeting

The retargeting tool lets you add your Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Facebook Pixel ID to your QR codes.

The GTM transfers all scanning data to Google Analytics, where you can monitor your QR code more accurately.

On the other hand, users who scan your dynamic QR code with the Facebook Pixel ID will start seeing your retargeted ads online on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Password

You can protect your dynamic URL code with a password-protected feature.

Users who scan the code will then have to enter a password first before landing on the page.

5. Scan notifications by email

Our dynamic QR codes for URLs come with an email notification feature with which you can receive emails on your dynamic QR code’s total number of scans.

You can also select the notification frequency — hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

6. Expiry

You can let your dynamic QR code expire after reaching a set number of scans or at a specified date. You can also reactivate the code anytime.

This feature helps businesses run promos and offers for a limited time.

Innovative use cases for URL QRs

Here are eleven ways you can use a QR code for URLs:

1. Food/product packaging

URL QR code

It can also provide consumers with freebies, such as special recipes or discount codes they can use on their next purchase.

2. Customer feedback

You can convert a URL to QR code to redirect users to a customer feedback form they can fill out on their smartphones.

You only have to create a Google Form, copy its link, and embed it within the QR code.

3. Print media

Magazine QR code

Other companies now also create QR codes for URLs and add them on their billboards, flyers, and even print ads on moving vehicles.

4. Commercials

QR code for reservation

These QR-powered commercials often bring scanning users to a brand’s official website, where they can redeem special prizes.

Earlier this year, the 56th NFL Super Bowl became a trend as the commercials featured during the event’s live telecast came with QR codes.

One example is the 60-second commercial from Coinbase. The ad showed a QR code floating around a black screen that changes colors after hitting the screen’s edges.

5. Events and invitations

Did you know that a QR code can now help event organizers?

They only have to embed the links to their online promotional materials within the code.

It could range from posts and tweets on social media to content found on their official websites.

They can then print the QR code on the invitations they hand out to guests.

6. Donations

When you create a QR code for a URL, you actually help in raising funds for charitable purposes. You can set up a GoFundMe page and then embed its link to the QR code.

This makes it easier for you to run your donation drive since people can scan your QR code, making it contactless.

7. Payment

PayPal, one of the leading online payment solutions today, now lets users create their own PayPal.Me link where people can pay them using their digital wallets.

If you have one, you can embed it using QR code for URLs. It would be more convenient to show your QR code instead of sending your link.

8. Social media

Social media QR code

When people scan the QR code, they will instantly find your profile displayed on their devices, and they can follow you immediately.

You can also check out our all-in-one social media QR code, a dynamic solution that can store multiple social media links and display them on one landing page.

9. App downloads

If you are an app developer aiming to promote your app so more people will download it, you can also use a QR code for the URL.

To do this, copy the link to your app’s page on the official website of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

We also have an app store QR code solution that you can try out.

10. Music and video sharing

You can now use a QR code to share your favorite YouTube videos quickly and liked songs and podcast episodes on Spotify.

All you need to do is find and copy the link and embed it in the QR code. You can then let your friends scan it to access the content.

11. Product authentication

QR codes can help companies protect their products from scammers who attempt to make counterfeits.

They can create a QR code for URL and place it on each product. When scanned, it will redirect to the company’s official website as proof of its authenticity.

Other related features

Check out these other exclusive offers:

1. Bulk QR code generator

With our bulk QR code generator, you can create multiple unique URL QRs in one go. This saves you from generating one QR code at a time.

This feature is available in our Advanced, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

2. Multi-URL QR codes

We are the first QR code generator software to offer multi-URL codes on the market. This solution enables you to store multiple URLs in one QR code.

It will then redirect scanning users to different landing pages depending on the following parameters:

  • The user’s location
  • The number of scans accumulated
  • The time when the user scanned the code
  • The language detected on the user’s device

This is exclusive to our Premium and Enterprise subscribers.

QR TIGER: Your trusted partner for QR code solutions

In the digital world, the URL QR code is a powerful and versatile tool that converts any URL to QR code, but its quality and usefulness still depend a lot on the generator software that was used to make it.

QR TIGER is your best choice when it comes to creating high-quality customized QR codes.

We also have other QR code solutions you can use, and our QR codes are fully customizable.

Start your QR code journey today by signing up for our free trial today.

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