HTML QR Code Generator: Create Your Own Landing Page

Update:  August 14, 2023
HTML QR Code Generator: Create Your Own Landing Page

Using an HTML QR code generator, you can create your own landing page or H5 pages in just a few minutes. And no, you don’t need to be a developer or a programmer to do so. 

That said, you don’t need to pay for the expenses that come with acquiring your domain name or hosting service or pay hire a developer for website maintenance.

Even if you are a non-techie person, setting up your own landing page can be made easy using the QR code technology

A customized landing page created using an HTML QR code generator is also accessible using a smartphone device. 

So you don’t need to worry if it is optimized for mobile users because it is already designed for smartphones. 

So, if you are planning to use this type of QR code, read this article to know how. 

What is the H5 page QR code?

Custom landing page

An H5 page QR code or HTML QR code is a dynamic QR code solution that allows you to create your own landing page without buying a domain name or hosting site. 

Through the use of it, you can direct people to automatically open these landing pages by scanning the QR code.

These pages work like a URL or website QR code, but it is personalized and optimized for mobile uses.

You can use these kinds of QR codes in events, promos, and interactive lessons with your students.

In this way, you will increase the interaction rate of your QR code and your target audience.

HTML to QR code converter: How to create an H5 page using an HTML QR code generator?

1. Go to QR TIGER> choose the H5 QR code solution>  and add a title to your landing page

Html QR code generator

Once you have opened the dynamic QR code generator for HTML, a set of fields is given to create a more comprehensive H5 page for your events or promos.

In the first step, there is a box where you are asked to add a title to your page.

By adding it, your target audience will know what is the title of your H5 promotion.

2. Create your H5 pages with web designing elements

Now that you have added your title and title description, you can now proceed with creating your H5 page by using the available web designing elements.

The web designing elements are similar to any blog site’s web designing tools.

You can select your own font, font color, link another URL, and add multimedia files as an image or series of images using the image slider option, video, audio, and other file types.

Custom page QR code

As it has the same web designing elements as any blog site, web designing tools, features such as heading selector, click buttons, and text style library for page title, body, and letter are also present in the HTML QR code generator.

Aside from that, you can create your created H5 page format as your template for your future H5 page campaigns.

In this way, you will not have to make a new one from scratch. 

3. Switch to the code view setting if you are planning to add a mini-program

H5 page program

If you are planning to add a mini-program to your H5 page, switching it to code view is a great way to do so.

With the H5 page’s ability to add mini-programs such as interactive content, companies, and marketers can create an immersive landing page experience for their customers. 

Click back on the code view setting once you’re done. 

4. Generate and customize your H5 page QR code

Once you are done with creating your H5 page content, you can directly generate your QR code.

After the generation works, you can customize your QR code to increase brand awareness.

When customizing your QR code, you can choose a set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors.

Through this, you can have a distinctive QR code from other QR codes with traditional visuals.

Also, you can add your logo and call to action for people to easily recognize your QR code and scan them.

5. Run a test scan

Now that you have created your H5 page, you can go on and run a test on it by generating and scanning it on your smartphone.

5. Download and distribute

Lastly, once you have perfected your H5 page content, you can proceed to download your H5 page QR code and deploy them.

When downloading your QR code, QR code experts recommend users download it in a vector format like SVG to ensure the QR code’s print quality.

In this way, you can print your QR code without compromising its quality.

Uses of HTML QR code generator

H5 pages are one of the most sought-after mobile-optimized landing pages. Because of their usefulness, marketers, and companies can use them in 5 notable ways.


Html QR code uses

Events organizers of today are using digital tools to plan and execute their events and conferences. Because of that, they can organize events ahead of time.

With the use of H5 page QR codes, they can transcribe their invitation digitally and let them interact with it.

In this way, they can let their guest automatically access their invitation by scanning and interacting with them.

Marketing campaigns

H5 page QR codes are a great tool for marketers to create an interactive marketing campaign.

With its ability to automatically let people view their marketing campaigns by scanning the QR code.

In this way, they can conveniently interact with your marketing campaign and try out the product you are advertising virtually.

Real estate virtual tours

Real estate marketing

To create effective real estate virtual tours, realtors are using H5 technology to do it.

With the help of H5 page QR codes, they can easily let their clients have a virtual property tour, interact with each corner of the property, and read its description by clicking a pop-up description box.

Museum tours

Just like realtors use H5 page QR codes to implement a virtual property tour landing page, museums can use these QR codes to run a museum tour.

In this way, they can give people a tour of their museum.

As the pandemic prohibits social gatherings, museums are using these alternatives to continue to provide knowledge about the past.


Education QR code

In the 21st century, the methods of learning are integrating the use of technology.

As some institutions are introducing the future of education, the use of H5 technology comes into their teaching proper.

Because of that, some teachers can simplify complex ideas by letting their students virtually experience their lessons.

Thus, replacing the imagery teaching approach with interactive simulations.

And one great way to access these activities with ease is through the use of H5 page QR codes.

By letting them scan these QR codes, teachers can save more space in their activity sheets and automatically guide their students towards a fun and interactive learning experience with them.

Benefits of H5 page QR code

Through revolutionizing technology, people can simplify complex tasks and make productive ones.

Because of that, they can increase their interaction with people.

With the merge of H5 and QR code technology, here are 5 noteworthy benefits that you can get with H5 page QR codes.

Editable in content

One of the features H5 page QR codes have is the ability to be edited and change content.

Through the use of it, marketers and companies can still use their existing QR codes and put out new content or information. 

Thanks to its feature, they can establish their own marketing QR code brand.


One great way to track your H5 page marketing campaign’s effectiveness is through the use of the dynamic QR code’s tracking feature.

By tracking them, you can compare the effectiveness of your marketing campaign techniques.

The data you can track with these QR codes are the number of scans made, the date of the scans made (day, week, month, or year), the device used in scanning ( IOS, Android, or PC), and the location of the scan ( region, country, and city). 

Optimized for mobile users

Since H5 pages are made to optimize people’s mobile experience, the use of H5 page QR codes is great in implementing a digital marketing campaign.

With its scan and view prompt, marketers can easily deliver the product they want their target audience to interact with without the need to type the link in the browser.

Thus making these QR codes optimized for mobile users.

Interactive landing page

The reason why H5 pages are gaining support from marketers, and companies is because of their ability to create interactive landing pages.

In China, these sought-after landing pages have become one of the marketers’ marketing means to promote their products and services.

Because of their interactive features, marketers of today can increase their audience’s virtual product interaction before letting them buy these products.

Cost-efficient and economical to use

QR codes are cost-efficient and easy to make. Because of that, many businesses and marketers can save money for future use.

Through this, they can continue to use these existing QR codes for a long time without the need to create new sets of them.

Tips on how to make the most out of your H5 page QR code

To make the most out of your H5 page QR codes, you must do the following QR code tips.

Here are the 5 QR code experts' recommended QR code tips.

1. Create a visually appealing H5 page QR code

For you to gain more scans, QR code experts recommend marketers create visually appealing QR codes.

To create a visually appealing QR code, customizing it is a great way to achieve it. In customizing, you can select a set of patterns, shapes, and colors.

When choosing the right color contrast for your QR code, the color contrast rule of thumb is needed to apply.

The color contrast rule of thumb states, “The foreground color is always darker than the background color.”

Also, when choosing one, avoid the use of light colors such as yellow and pastel colors to avoid delaying the scan duration of your QR codes.

2. Choose the right size and placement

If you are using the H5 page QR codes in print paper such as flyers, magazines, newspapers, and brochures, QR code experts recommend the right sizing and placement of these QR codes.

The minimum QR code size that QR code experts recommend for you to use is 2 cm x 2 cm (0.8 in x 0.8 in).

But if you are planning to put them in places where the scanning distance is 5 feet or more away, then the recommended QR code sizing formula is recommended.

The scanning formula states the QR code’s distance from the scanner divided by ten.

In this way, people can easily scan the QR code with ease.

When placing your QR code on print paper and billboards, QR code experts recommend you place them at eye level to prompt the QR code scanner to easily scan them easily.

3. Add your logo and call to action (CTA)

To make your QR code look professional, QR code experts recommend you add your logo and call to action.

In this way, people will see your QR code as credible and reliable.

By adding a logo and call to action to it, people will know who is the owner of the QR code and will have a hint of what it contains.

4. Keep a clutter-free QR code

When it comes to maintaining a well-designed QR code, QR code design experts recommend you use a QR code with a minimal number of dots inside the box.

In this way, people will not be distracted by a crowded QR code design.

Thankfully, H5 page QR codes are dynamic QR codes, and these types of QR codes don’t have crowded dots.

5. Print your H5 page QR code in high-print quality

When printing your H5 page QR code, printing them in high quality is the best way to go.

By doing so, you can ensure that your QR code is not blurry and pixelated when printed.

To achieve high QR code print quality, downloading it in vector formats like SVG is highly recommended by QR code design experts.

Create a mobile-optimized landing page with QR TIGER’s H5 QR code generator

Thanks to the development of H5 pages, they can create a mobile-optimized landing page solution.

With the help of an H5 page QR code generator like QR TIGER, people can make their own H5 page QR codes with ease and convenience. 

This way, they can start their journey with QR codes and unlock new ways to use them in the future.

For more information and questions about the H5 QR code, you can contact us today. 

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