Menulog QR Code: Increase Online Your Online Orders

Update:  August 16, 2023
Menulog QR Code: Increase Online Your Online Orders

The social Menulog QR code is a powerful QR code solution for restaurants that allows customers to go to the restaurant’s Menulog profile and connect to other social media links in one code.

The demand for food delivery services increased drastically during the pandemic.

Many restaurants in Australia and New Zealand are starting to operate through third-party online delivery platforms such as Menulog.

The e-commerce platform has become essential to the survival of restaurants.

It allows these businesses to offer online food ordering and/or delivery to their repertoires.

But as small restaurant businesses shifted to online food servicing via Menulog, generating leads and driving more orders remain a challenge to many.

We introduce a powerful QR code solution called the social Menulog QR code.

This solution allows restaurant owners on Menulog to increase their brand visibility online and connect to more potential customers.

So how do you use the social Menulog QR code and why do you need to integrate it into your social media marketing campaign?

How do you position yourself to succeed in your QR code marketing campaign using QR code solutions?

Navigating the now: Menulog and local restaurants amid the pandemic

The restaurant industry has seen some notable changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dining rooms are closed to customers.

Takeaway and delivery are the new normal. And the once-bustling restaurants and cafes now sit empty.

But despite the challenging time, online food ordering and delivery platforms such as Menulog kept restaurant businesses –large and small- operating.

Menulog is an Australian and New Zealand e-commerce platform for online food ordering and delivery. It allows customers to order in real time from different restaurants.

Today, the tech giant has over 15,000 restaurant partners in Australia and 500 in New Zealand.

It has helped local restaurants maintain an online ordering presence. It also has more than 2.6 million active customers.

Now that many restaurants are in the online space, competition is high. Getting a brand to stand out is a challenge for the owners and marketers.

Social Menulog QR code

What if I tell you that you can use one QR code only to make customers get connected with you in multiple social media channels as well as in your Menulog account?

This is what we call the social Menulog QR code. This QR code solution integrates well with your social media marketing campaign.

Menulog QR code

Restaurants can get them connected to their online platforms and social media business pages.

When the customers scan the code, it directs them to a landing page that displays all your social media profile links and Menulog profile.

Food ordering becomes easy for your customers as they only have to scan the code. If they’re interested in your restaurant’s updates, they can also follow, like, or subscribe to your social media accounts.

In short, the Social Menulog QR code is a new digital way to be more connected to your customers in a convenient yet tech-savvy way.

Next-level marketing strategy: Connect your Menulog profile with social media platforms in one QR code

No matter how appetizing your food and cuisine are, your efforts go unnoticed if you’re not driving traffic into your restaurant.

That’s why a restaurant must have a social media presence.

Study shows that social network users use social media to research brands, products, or services for a more informed purchasing decision.

As part of your social media marketing strategy, it is best to use digital tools such as QR codes.

Using the Menulog social media QR code, you can connect all your social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, in one code.

With a single tap on their smartphones, your customers can see all the social media channels that they can click to connect with you.

It creates an opportunity for your business not just to drive traffic to your Menulog profile but to create engagement across your active social media business profiles.

Create QR code: How to generate Menulog social media QR code

Copy the URL of your restaurant on Menulog

Go to your Menulog restaurant profile and copy the URL.

Go to QR TIGER’s social media QR code solution

Then proceed to QR TIGER. Go to its link in the bio QR solution, which allows you to house and connect all your social media pages and online resources in one code.

Custom QR code

Click on Menulog and paste your URL

Then click on Menulog and paste your URL. As you add the Menulog icon, the tab is at the bottom of the link. Move the Menulog tab to the top by clicking the up arrow icon on the right side of it. Repeat the process until the tab is at the top of all other succeeding tabs.

Menulog social media QR code

Integrate social media pages and other social media pages/ online resources that you have

To maximize the uses of social media QR code solutions, integrate your social media business pages where you actively promote your restaurant business.

Social media sites

The landing page builder has 4 default social media tabs: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can just directly paste its respective social media links to the field box.

Click on the “generate dynamic QR code” button to start generating your QR

Customize your Menulog social media QR code

To increase brand recognition, customize your Menulog social media QR code. You can select the eyes, pattern shape, and color of your code and add your logo.

Edit QR codeYou can also add a call to action to boost your scan rates. This way, your QR code looks more professional and visually appealing.

Scan test

Test your Shopify QR code first to check if it works and redirects to the correct URL addresses.

Download and deploy your Menulog social media QR code

Finally, download and deploy your Menulog social media QR code to online and offline marketing material to get the most out of your QR code campaign.

How to use the social Menulog QR code

1. Add a digital element to your print materials

Your print materials don’t need to be static and plain-looking. Add your social Menulog QR code to engage your customers and unlock additional content.

You can print the QR code on posters, brochures, magazines, and leaflets to make it more interactive.

You can include it on your product packaging or meal boxes for takeaway and delivery orders.

2. Display the QR code online

QR code is not just limited to print materials. As QR code is flexible, you can display it on web pages, social media profiles, and other online spaces you want to promote your restaurant business.

By displaying your QR code online, you can reach the customers who are active in the online world and increase your customer base.

3. Encourage customers to leave an online review about your restaurant

As best practices by high-performing restaurants, customer feedback plays an important role in a successful business.

To easily encourage your customers to give you feedback in a channel where they’re most comfortable, you can use the social Menulog QR code.

Just simply allow them to connect with you on your business pages and add a call to action to persuade them to leave a review on these channels.
Having these platforms linked to your business via Menulog social media QR code will build up a repertoire of reviews and mentions that anyone can click through to and see what is being said.

4. Tracking your social Menulog QR code success through the QR code analytics dashboard

A social Menulog QR code is created in a dynamic form. It lets you easily track your QR code scans and optimize your campaign.

It tracks the number of scans, the demographics of your scanners, and their location when they scanned the code.

Furthermore, you can edit the content embedded in its code.

If you want to update the content with your Menulog social media QR code, you don’t have to reprint or redeploy it.

It is economical to use as you only need to edit/update the content on the dashboard. No more additional costs.

Menulog social media QR code: Get more orders and connect to your customer base

Your social media marketing efforts are on the next level with the Menulog social media QR code.

It is a game-changing tool for restaurants to continue to drive sales and keep the cash flow coming.

Visit QR TIGER QR code generator today and start growing your online food business on Menulog.

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