QR code on a Bracelet: Wearable Information Sharing

Update:  January 15, 2024
QR code on a Bracelet: Wearable Information Sharing

Adding a QR code on a bracelet is a tech-savvy way to promote your business, gifts, party favors, fashion statement, and digital sharing of information.

Once scanned using smartphones, end-users can easily access any information or links embedded in your QR code.

You can create this using the most advanced QR code generator online. Imprint, emboss, or engrave them on wristbands to produce a smart bracelet QR code.

A QR code’s advanced features and benefits are made readily available right in your hands — literally.

Interested in creating a custom QR code bracelet? We created this guide to help you learn how to make one.

But first, this: What is a QR code bracelet?

A QR code bracelet is an accessory mainly used for music festivals as an all-access pass, or as a hospital accessory.

Bracelet QR code

In one scan, this accessory easily leads offline users to access online information using the various QR code solutions offered. It can contain a PDF file, a URL, or even an audio file.

You see, it is more than just design and aesthetics. QR code-bearing bracelets allow people to be human portals toward URLs and other important data.

How can you put a QR code on a bracelet?

To start putting a QR code on a bracelet, you’ll first need to generate one. Look for the best QR code generator online with an extensive set of features that will surely benefit your QR code bracelet campaign.

Take QR TIGER as an example. We will provide you with a wide array of customizable QR code solutions to make it more appealing.

Here’s how you can generate a customizable QR code for your bracelet with QR TIGER:

1.     Select the QR code solution apt for your digital campaign.

At QR TIGER, we offer over 15 QR code solutions that can cater to URL redirection, social media handles integration, file conversion, and more.

2.     Supply the information required.

The data you need to input varies depending on your type of QR code solution.

For instance, a URL QR code requires you to paste a URL address, and this will direct you to an online link when you scan the URL QR code. 

A social media QR code will ask you to put your social media profile IDs, links, or username, and this will show your social media pages when you scan it as well.

A file QR code asks you to upload files, including documents, spreadsheet files, presentations, images, videos, and the like.

3.     Click the “Generate QR code” button.

4.     Customize your generated QR code with customization tools.

You can change the QR code pattern, eyes, and size and add your brand colors and logo.

Creating a visual QR code adds more impact and appeal to your codes, making it more enticing for your target audience.

5.     Run a test scan to check for any errors.

6.     Download the QR code and stick them on your bracelets.

Since you have successfully generated a QR code solution for your bracelet, you can now engrave, print, or stamp them on your wristbands.

Innovative QR code bracelet ideas you can use

Still wondering how you can make the most of your QR code-designed bracelet? Here’s a list of innovative ideas you can get inspiration from:

Vaccination status verification

A few states in the USA are now using QR code bracelets to foster safe day-to-day transactions.

For example, a restaurant in Philadelphia uses ImmunaBand, a wearable vaccine identification band, to guarantee that their employees are vaccinated.

QR code for bracelet

Image Source

The band has a QR code that, when scanned, will reveal an employee’s proof of vaccination.

Taking the current situation, we’re all in, this QR code use case is innovative and efficient. You might want to generate a vaccine QR code with the coordinating files for this one. 

Contact details

Contact details bracelet QR code

Image Source

Rather than giving out physical business cards when applying for a job or meeting with a client, displaying your bracelet QR code will make a lasting impression.

You can generate a vCard QR code solution and place it on your bracelet.

Once scanned, end-users will access your contact information, such as email, address, website, and even social media handles.

Similarly, an Australian QR code-plated wristband stint called Safe Bandz used this technology to promote children’s safety.

These safety bands, worn by kids, contain a QR code embedding their parents’ contact details and the children’s medical needs.

Celebratory greetings

Give your special someone or party guest a bracelet. You can easily customize it according to your preferred theme.

You can also convert video, audio, and text messages into a QR code to make the message or gift more intimate.

In line with this, Tala PH launched its first QR code bracelet product with an added sentimental aspect personalized for its clients.

Add a little spice to your mediocre bracelet presents by engraving a personalized QR code in it.

You can make use of these excellent QR code solutions for a more personal QR code bracelet presents:

Event entry pass

Switch from paper tickets to a QR code wristband for event entry passes or tickets. 

This is how event organizers successfully and seamlessly manage an event. QR codes foster an automated and centralized entry system, especially if they are dynamic QR codes solution.

You can keep a tab on the scanning data and edit the embedded content even when the QR codes are already in use.

Furthermore, a QR code speeds up registration procedures, authenticates event tickets, streamlines events from beginning to end, and allows attendees to enjoy a safe experience.

Why should you generate a QR code for bracelets?

Whether you’re a jeweler aiming to establish an edge against other jewelry brands, a company focused on manufacturing medical kits and tools, or a gift shop business mass-producing unique party favors and souvenirs, a wristband with a QR code is going to be an effective addition to your product list.

Here’s why:

Creative and effective

Introducing an exciting product feature is key to a successful marketing campaign. QR codes can bring you that interactive engagement with your audience.

Create QR code for bracelets

Placing a QR code on a bracelet guarantees a creative strategy that is actually useful for both marketers and customers.

According to Maryann Moschides, CMO and General Manager at Scanbuy, who works with QR code-based marketing, businesses should offer something interesting and valuable to their consumers to inspire them to purchase their products.

“Offering a QR code to promote your business generates a strong response from customers,” Moschides said.

Convenient and accessible

QR codes are scannable using a smartphone device. And with the current number of smartphone users, information sharing has become more seamless.

The QR code-bearing bracelet makes websites, social media handles, files, contact details, important information, and even special messages readily available to the scanner in just one scan.


You might think that investing in a QR code generator will cost you a hefty amount. That is common speculation, but the truth is far from that.

QR codes maximize your marketing and information-sharing needs at a minimal cost.

In fact, you can create QR codes for free using QR TIGER’s free trial offer while still getting the results you need: increased sales, faster lead generation, and active QR code engagement.

QR code bracelet: Style and efficiency reinvented

Whether you’re running a jewelry or accessory business, working in the medical industry, or simply an individual looking for ways to spice up your presents, it’s undeniable that a QR code bracelet is a cool new idea.

This is fashion reimagined and efficiency reinvented.

Since QR codes can be used in many different ways, you might want to make your own and see where it takes you.

Interested in teaming up with QR TIGER for your tech-savvy aesthetic campaign? Contact us today and know more about our special features.

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