Create One QR Code for All Social Media Profiles: Here's How

Update:  October 05, 2023
 Create One QR Code for All Social Media Profiles: Here's How

A strong online presence is necessary in today’s fast-paced digital age. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a creative, or someone who just loves connecting on social media, juggling multiple profiles can be a headache.

The Link in Bio QR code is a handy and clever solution that can solve this. This unique innovation allows you to store all your social media links using only one customized QR code.

Imagine having just one QR code. With just one scan, people can access all your social media profiles, saving them the trouble of hunting you down on different platforms.

This blog post will show you the easiest way to create one QR code for all your social media profiles using the best QR code generator online.

Say goodbye to the hassle of sending multiple links and hello to a simpler, more effective way of sharing your online presence. Let’s dive in and discover how to make this digital dream a reality.

How do I link my QR code to social media?

The easiest way to link your QR code to your social media is using the Link in Bio QR code solution—a QR code for social media links.

It’s an advanced technology that converts your social media links to a QR code. And it’s dynamic: You can change or update the stored social media links anytime and track the QR code’s scan analytics.

What is a Link in Bio QR code for social media?

Social media QR code
A Link in Bio or social media QR code is a smart solution that allows businesses and users to house their social media profiles, e-commerce stores, and delivery app links in one QR code.

Simply put, it’s a QR code for all social media and other website links.

It is a supporting tool to boost your online presence, especially if your business has various social media profiles or is active on delivery or e-commerce sites like Etsy.

This advanced solution stores multiple social media links. Once scanned, it leads people to a mobile-optimized landing page that displays clickable buttons for each social media link.

When scanners tap a button, it leads them to the social media platform. They can easily follow or visit your business pages with a simple tap on their smartphones.

You can also add interactive content to your QR code for your Link in Bio page, such as a short video of your business, YouTube videos, meta tags, and even your store hours.

How to create one QR code for all social media profiles using the best QR code generator

Start making your QR code for your social handles by following these steps:

1. Log in to QR TIGER and select Link in Bio solution. No account yet? Sign up for our freemium plan! You’ll only need your email—no credit card required.

2. Select and click on the social media platform you want to add to your QR code.

3. Add the link and a call to action on each social platform.

4. Customize the landing page. You can select a theme and add a widget (video, meta tags, store hours, and more.)

3. Click Generate dynamic QR code.

4. Make your social media QR code unique. Select eyes, patterns, frames, and colors. Add your logo to the QR code, choose a frame, and then add a clear call to action (CTA).

5. Scan the QR code to test it. Select your desired image format (PNG or SVG) and hit Download.

Pro tip: Download your custom QR code in SVG format to resize it with the highest print quality.

6 Unique features of a dynamic QR code for social media

1. It’s editable

A Link in Bio QR code or social media QR code is a dynamic QR solution. This means users can edit the stored content anytime and update all the social media pages hassle-free.

This way, people can easily connect with your new and current social media profiles. This boosts your online presence on various social platforms.

With this solution, you can add and remove your profile links to cater to changing target audience needs. You can also correct errors if you input a wrong URL or social media account.

When you edit a QR code, the changes or updates will automatically reflect in real-time, so you can guarantee your scanners access your latest details.

2. You can track the QR code scans

Dynamic QR codes come with an impressive tracking feature that lets you monitor user engagement and scanner behavior.

With this tracking feature, users can track valuable data such as the overall total and unique number of scans, when and where the QR code gets the most scans, and the device used by the scanners to scan the QR code (Android or iOS).

These metrics can help you gauge the overall performance of your social media QR code. With accurate analytics monitoring, you’ll know if your strategy is effective or not.

Aside from scan tracking, the Link in Bio solution also has a button tracker. This lets you track the number of clicks of each button on your QR code’s landing page—your social media.

With QR code tracking, you’ll know which of your linked social platforms is popular among your target market.

3. Add different social networking sites

QR code for social media
Using the QR TIGER QR Code Generator, you can choose among the 25+ social networking platforms and messaging apps to add to your custom QR code.

This allows you to effectively promote various social media pages using only one solution. With a quick scan, people can connect to your socials. They no longer need to go from one app to another.

4. Add various delivery apps

Restaurant owners can boost their online brand presence by adding their business pages to their QR codes for social media. They can reach more potential customers and increase sales.

They can also link food delivery apps to prompt customers to order meals and drinks online.

5. Add e-commerce sites

Ecommerce QR code
The Link in Bio QR code for social media can also cater to online shop owners on Etsy and Shopify.

They can add their online profiles on Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, and eBay to their social media QR codes to let prospects and customers visit their online stores.

You can also use a social Postmates QR code to leverage online engagement and promote your shop more efficiently.

6. Boost customer reviews with Yelp

95% of customers read online reviews on platforms like Yelp before buying a product, and 58% of these shoppers express their willingness to pay extra for products with favorable reviews.

Take this chance to flaunt your five-star ratings and positive feedback through the dynamic social media QR code. Simply add your Yelp link to the code to allow easy access.

Once customers have bought your products and services or visited your establishment, they can quickly leave their reviews on your Yelp page.

Benefits of using a QR code generator to create a custom QR code for all social media profiles

1. Mobile-optimized landing page

Mobile optimization of a page is a crucial thing to consider when running a QR code campaign. This element is important not to skip.

Like any campaign, businesses have to use a mobile-optimized landing page to enable a potential user to navigate and see all the social media profiles easily on their mobile phones.

With a social media QR code, the scanners will see a simple yet intuitive landing page. They can like, follow, subscribe, and connect to all your socials in just a few taps.

2. Easy to customize

A QR code for social media is extremely easy to customize. You can make them unique or align your QR code with your brand identity.

You can switch its colors, set the eyes and patterns, and add a logo for a more appealing and professional-looking QR code.

Unlike a traditional black-and-white QR code, a customized QR code also gets more scans. Customizing your QR code makes it more credible, making people more likely to scan.

3. Cost-efficient

Since this QR code is editable, you can save from reprinting and redistribution costs. You won’t have to create and mass-print a new QR code whenever you update your links.

How different industries can use QR codes for social media

A dynamic QR code for social media can help individuals and companies in various industries boost their online presence and increase their reach exponentially. Find out how:

Influencers and social content creators

Influencers and social content creators use multiple social media platforms to connect to engage their target audience. This is where a social media QR code comes in handy.

Influencers can create a QR code Link in Bio for their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and use it as a marketing tool to encourage new audiences to follow or connect with them online and on other social platforms.

FMCG companies

FMCG or fast-moving consumer goods companies can increase their market visibility online by integrating social media QR codes on their product packaging, website, and print marketing materials.

They can also run a campaign that rewards new subscribers or followers with a coupon.

The social media QR code will redirect the audience to their business pages or online profiles, where they can easily follow, like, or subscribe to the company page.

Small businesses and merchants

Connecting to the right audience is one step to improving brand recall and recognition.

Small businesses and enterprises can use social media QR codes to raise brand awareness online, increase website traffic, or boost their sales.

They can use different techniques to maximize their QR code’s efficiency, such as printing the QR to their store windows, adding it to their packaging, or email campaigns.

Events companies

Event coordinators can use a QR code for social media links to promote their business and services effectively. Through the QR code, they can easily boost their social media presence.

Take wedding organizers, for instance. They can use the QR code as a portal to their social pages where potential clients can find services, rates, deals, and more.

They can create a Link in Bio for their Instagram or Facebook to show photos of their previous gigs. They can also promote their YouTube videos or TikTok clips showing their event management.

They can also add a QR code wedding invitation so guests can view the intimate shots and snaps or connect with their social pages.

Online stores

If you’re new in the e-commerce industry and want to add something interactive to your marketing strategy, you must integrate new tech-savvy tools.

By promoting your Etsy, Amazon, or Shopify stores via the social media QR code, you can get more traffic to your online stores and potentially make sales out of them.

It is also a great strategy to build and raise consciousness about your product offerings and brand.

You can add a QR code on product packaging, posters, flyers, and online channels.


Social media profile QR code
Whether big or small, restaurants must connect and engage with audiences on social media since it’s popular among many users today. 

With social media QR codes, they can boost their social media followings and get more orders from online food ordering apps like Grubhub, Zomato, FoodPanda, Uber Eats, and DoorDash.

Not only that, it will redirect customers to the online delivery apps to proceed to order their favorite dishes.

Now, that’s a great way to get more sales while getting more online brand visibility.

Supercharge your social media strategy with QR TIGER now

The Link in Bio QR code is now a powerful marketing tool to raise brand awareness, build your online community, and get more sales.

With this unique and powerful solution, you can create one QR code for all your business pages and profiles where your prospects and customers can easily follow or connect with you.

Social media has become more competitive, bringing new challenges. That’s why investing in smart tools like QR codes is crucial to help you achieve a future-ready strategy.

Build your online brand presence with QR TIGER QR Code Generator. Create your social media QR code today and promote all your profiles and pages on one platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to put your social media in a QR code?

You must use a QR code software, such as QR TIGER. Click the Link in Bio icon and choose among the social networking sites you want to embed.

Copy the respective social media URLs and paste them onto the section. Generate your QR code, then customize it. Test your QR code before printing or deploying it.

How do I get my QR code link?

You can use a free QR code software like QR TIGER to get a QR code for any link. Go to QR TIGER and select the URL QR code solution, enter the link you want to share, and generate the QR code link.

How to convert a link to a QR code?

It’s easy to convert links to a scannable QR code using the URL QR code solution. Go to QR TIGER and select the URL solution. Add the link you want to convert and simply generate.

What is a QR code for Link in Bio page?

A Link in Bio page is a solution that allows users to display all their social media links in one mobile-optimized landing page using only one QR code. Scanners can instantly like, follow, subscribe, or connect to your socials.

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