How to Use QR Codes for Business Consultants

Update:  August 17, 2023
How to Use QR Codes for Business Consultants

QR codes for business consultants are advanced QR code solutions consultancy firms can use to reach more prospects, promote their business, and convert leads to paying customers.

Many businesses use QR code technology because of its powerful solutions that simplify information sharing and make marketing tactics more tech-savvy. 

As the competitive market landscape of consulting businesses becomes a challenge to budding business consultants, it is imperative to use technology like QR codes to connect to the online audience and those in the offline world. 

The competitive market in the consulting industry

More people are now getting into the consulting industry because technology has made it easier to do so. 

In the field of management consulting alone, its market is expected to grow from $819.79 billion in 2020 to $895.46 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.2%.

 “The growth is mainly due to the companies rearranging their operations and recovering from the COVID-19 impact, which had earlier led to restrictive containment measures involving social distancing, remote working, and the closure of commercial activities that resulted in operational challenges,” according to

On a global scale, more than 700,000 consulting firms provide a range of services, including general consulting and those focusing on niche topics such as finance, information technology (IT), human resources (HR), operations, strategy, and taxation.

So if you’re new in this industry or are trying new strategies to promote your business, your brand has to stand out.

Why do you need QR codes for consultancies?

QR code technology has helped many businesses –from restaurants, retail stores, and e-commerce, hotels, and resorts – transition into more tech-powered brands. 

This two-dimensional barcode allows brands and companies to store information such as a URL address, PDF document, contact details, and files such as audio, images, and videos.

This technology provides consumers with valuable information and engages with them without implementing expensive marketing strategies. 

Although it was invented in 1994, this technology recently became the spotlight because of the pandemic.

Being a relatively new tech tool, this is a favorable time to use QR codes for business consultants in your consulting firm.

Ways to incorporate QR codes for business consultants into your marketing strategy

1. Share your expertise using video QR codes

Video marketing is becoming popular nowadays as people crave more catchy content. Using videos, you can share your expertise and engage your clients better.

Business consultant QR codeBut it’s not enough to share your videos on social media or online channels to reach more audience

A video QR code will allow you to share your videos, even in print.

The video QR code will convert your video file into a QR code you can print on your marketing materials. 

Once the QR code is scanned, it will display the video file on the user’s mobile screen. Your customers need not type the video’s name or link just to watch it.

2. Make connections using social media QR codes for business consultants

Social media is proven to produce big results for consultancy businesses.

From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn, you can promote your services to a wider audience. It does not require a large marketing budget unless you run ads on social media.

You can use a link in the bio QR code to promote your social media profiles and maximize your online presence.

This solution houses all your social media profiles and business website into one QR code. 

When scanned, it will display all your social media links on a mobile-optimized page.

To grow your network beyond business hours, you can print your social media QR code on your brochure, banners, or other print collateral.

3. Encourage clients to download your app using the App Store QR code

If your consultancy business has an app, promoting it to your customers can guarantee more conversions. One of the best ways to promote your app is to use an app store QR code.

App store QR code will redirect users to different URLs according to the device used to install an up (it can be Android OS or Apple’s IOS).

You don’t have to worry about marketing two different links for two different operating systems.

When a user scans the code, the app store QR code will detect what operating system the user uses to scan the code.

After that, it will redirect the scanner to a URL based on the device’s operating system.

Thus, these powerful solutions are effective in your marketing efforts to promote your app.

4. Boost your website traffic using a Dynamic URL QR code for business consultants

Having a website is vital to your consultancy business.

Every prospective client will look at your website; that is why you must build a strong online presence.

Your website will exhibit your unique strengths, establish your authority status, and persuade clients to work with you.

To encourage more prospects to visit your website and get to know more about your business, you can use a dynamic URL QR code.

This will convert your website URL into a QR code which you can print along with your print collaterals. It is easy to scan the code than typing manually the URL address.

We recommend generating it in dynamic form so you can edit and track your QR code anytime.

5. Share project portfolio and informative content in PDF QR Code

Business consultants prepare a lot of documents to share with their clients.

A PDF QR code is the right solution to make information sharing convenient and handy.

You can convert the list of your completed projects, company presentation, or even a tailor-made plan for your customer into a PDF QR code.

If you also want to share informative content, such as tailored tips and solutions, with your prospects, you can also convert it into a PDF QR code.

Consultancy business marketing

A PDF QR code that falls under the file QR code solution allows the user to see and download the PDF document immediately upon scanning the code using a smartphone device.

Aside from being convenient, PDF QR code is flexible to use.

You can change the data behind your PDF QR code and redirect it to another PDF file anytime you want, as it is a Dynamic QR code, which allows you to edit the data and track the scans of your QR code. 

Furthermore, if you want to edit your PDF QR code and replace it with another PDF file, you can do it anytime at your convenience. 

Or, if you want to change/update it in MP3, PNG, or Jpeg form, you can replace the data of your QR code with these types of solutions without regenerating another QR code even after printing. 

6. Grow your networks using vCard

Your network will be your biggest asset if you’re an independent consultant.

Most seasoned consultants would agree that the potential impact on your business is directly proportionate to the number of professional network contacts you have.

Consulting agent business card

You’ll probably bring your traditional printed business cards as you visit business events.

But what if we tell you that you can also have an electronic version of your business card?

Yes, you heard it right. vCard QR code is used by many business people as it is versatile to use.

By printing it with your physical business card or to your print collaterals, a scanner will immediately view and save your contact details to his smartphone in less than a minute.

You can also convert your Calendly link into a Calendly QR code using the vCard QR code solution to let your potential clients access your booking platform through your business card.

7. Launch an email newsletter and add QR codes

Email marketing is an important part of your digital marketing strategies. It nurtures your existing clients and entices new leads to your business.

To make your newsletters more personalized, you can add a discount QR code or coupon QR code that your loyal customers can redeem. You may offer a discount on additional services after a client signs up for a first project.

 You can also offer package projects and additional consulting days for follow-up at no additional cost.

These strategies will ensure that you can have repeat customers in your business.

8. Let your clients know your business location using QR Code Google Map

Having your business company listed on Google Maps is important. It helps prospects find your office location by referring to the map.

This is especially important since 30% of all mobile searches are location-based, meaning Google Maps is a critical driver of mobile traffic.

However, you can also convert your Google Map business location into a QR code and print it along with your print collaterals or in a street sign within your locality.

Google Maps QR code is a solution that embeds Google Maps data into a QR code.

This QR code solution can be used to locate your business location and can be scanned or accessed using smartphone devices in photo mode or QR code reader applications.

This saves your customers from wasting time asking for directions or referring to a physical map just to visit your office.

How to make QR codes for business consultants

  • Go to QR TIGER and log in to your account
  • Select the type of QR code you need to promote your consultancy company
  • Enter the corresponding details
  • Switch from static to dynamic QR code to edit and track your QR code
  • Customize your QR code
  • Scan test and check for errors 
  • Download the QR code and deploy it

Why should you use dynamic QR codes for business consultants to promote your consultancy company?

There are two types of QR codes you can create from the best QR code generator: static and dynamic QR codes. A static QR code cannot be edited once generated and will not allow you to track the scans.

However, Dynamic QR codes allow you to edit your content even after printing or deploying the original QR code.

You can also measure the success of your QR code campaign since dynamic QR codes track the number of scans, the location of scanners, and the device used.

Dynamic QR code is flexible to use, and you can save a lot of resources (especially time).

You don’t have to waste resources due to reprinting or redistributing your QR code when you edit the content. 

Editing your QR codes in the best QR code generator software

To edit your QR code, click on the QR code tracking data. Then go to your campaign, and click on the ‘edit data’ button for you to add another URL or file.

Tracking your QR codes

Dynamic QR code tracks the QR code scans. You can see a detailed report of your QR code campaign via the downloadable CSV file. 

Plus, you can integrate Google Analytics for rich and in-depth data on your QR code campaign.

Best practices for using QR codes for business consultants

1. Set a purpose

Your QR code should make things easy and convenient. It should help your customers gain something valuable and not just for the sake of using QR codes.

What benefits your business consulting firm will get if you use this QR code solution? Does it make sense to print it in sales collateral?

So keeping your goals in mind while creating QR codes is an important part of your QR code marketing campaign.

2. Add a catchy call-to-action

People are more likely to scan your QR code if they know what they can expect. So give them a preview by adding a call-to-action adjacent to the code.

Depending on the content of the code and your purpose, you can try to add these examples of call-to-actions, such as “Scan this QR to (compelling reason: read testimonials, to connect with us on social media, etc.)”

3. Redirect scanners to a mobile-friendly page

Your scanners are using smartphones when they scan your QR code, so it makes sense to have a mobile-optimized landing page.

Check if the landing page is formatted for mobile viewing to ensure a smooth user experience. 

Ensuring this best practice will help you position yourself as a reputable business focusing on customer experience.

4. Ensure printing quality

If you are printing your QR code, download it in SVG or EPS format so its original quality will not change even if you resize it.

Do not use non-porous or excessively shiny materials, as it might alter the overall look of your QR code.

5. QR code placement matters

Your QR code is supposed to be scanned. So put them where people can see and scan the code properly.

That being said, consider the right sizing of the QR code. Don’t make it too small that your audience might not recognize it anymore.

Connect to more prospects and engage clients using QR codes for business consultants

Indeed, QR code is a game-changing tech tool that business consultants can use to promote their business and get results.

Drum up your business consultancy services with the best QR code generator online. 

To know more about QR code solutions, contact us today.

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