How to Use QR Codes for Marathon Events

Update:  August 07, 2023
How to Use QR Codes for Marathon Events

QR codes for marathon events are a powerful tool in streamlining and innovating race events.

As racers compete to get the reward, event organizers also strive to beat the unfavorable contingencies of the event.

Match the racer’s energy and power up the marathon event with QR codes.

It’s wise to integrate this technology to save everyone’s time, effort, and resources.

Marathon events call for advanced, reliable, and efficient solutions to make processes effective, fast, and easy.

To achieve this, a highly developed QR code generator can definitely offer cutting-edge solutions that best-fit marathon events.

Marathon events QR code: What are they?

QR or quick response codes are two-dimensional barcodes, typically square-shaped with complex black and white patterns.

They store various data accessed by scanning with a smartphone.

Event organizers can create QR codes for race events using highly advanced QR code software online.

These codes store various data types accessed by end-users using their smartphones or a QR code reader mobile app.

Marathon hosts and organizers can use QR codes to automate and simplify event processes like registration and ticketing.

This way, they can streamline their work and enhance the experience of participants and attendees.

The flexibility of QR code technology will come in handy.

Facilitators can use QR codes to store various data types, including URLs, videos, images, audio files, documents, and other data relevant to the event. 

You might be wondering how you can create QR codes.

But before you make one, you must know which type of QR code best suits marathon events.

9 advanced QR code solutions for marathon events

At this point, you may be eager to know, “How do I create a QR code for an event?” We get it. 

But before that, you must also know what QR code solution you should use, one that will help you accomplish your intended purpose.

To help you out, here’s a list of the best solutions you can integrate into race events:

1. Google Form QR code

Google form QR code

Event organizers can use Google Form QR codes to automate event registration and feedback collection.

This QR code solution can store the link to the Google form. With one scan, anyone can register for the marathon or leave feedback after the event.

They are easy to use and scan, which can be practical when integrated into race events.

2. File QR code

Make marathon event tickets, e-bibs, programs, or e-certificates accessible through file QR codes.

This solution embeds documents or files in various formats—PDF, JPEG, PNG, MP4, Excel, or Word.

You can use this solution to give digital copies of marathon supplementary materials or event collectibles.

3. Social media QR code

Social media QR code

Use a highly advanced QR code generator to create a link in your bio QR code if you’re struggling to promote your organization or marathon event.

This solution stores all your social media pages.

End-users can then access them by scanning the QR code with their device.

The code leads scanners to a mobile-optimized landing page where they can instantly access your social media channels.

This lets end-users easily like, follow, and engage with your social media pages.

This way, you can feed two birds with one scone.

You can boost social media reach and engagement while keeping people updated with your event updates.

4. Video QR code

Video QR code

Did you know you can now add rich media content to traditional marketing or printed display ads?

This will make your ads more engaging.

Give people a glimpse of the marathon event with a video teaser. And to add it to your print ads, create a video QR code.

Whether it’s a flyer, brochure, event program, or poster, organizers and hosts can display your video in these materials by adding the QR code to the template before printing the ad.

And aside from event facilitators, did you know athletes can also use QR codes?

One example is American middle-distance runner and Olympic gold medalist Athing Mu.

Mu participated in the women’s 800m at the World Athletic Championships held on July 2022 in Oregon.

She wore an athlete QR code on her hip as she competed in the preliminaries.

In an interview after her event, Mu revealed that the QR code led to a YouTube playlist titled ‘Going the Distance with Athing Mu,” a four-part biography that details her preparations for the event.

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5. Customized landing page QR code

You can make your printed promotional materials more fun and engaging by adding a QR code that leads to a customized landing page.

The best part? You won’t have to buy a domain or know how to code for this.

Go to a dynamic QR code software and create an H5 page QR code.

With this unique solution, you can customize your landing page to promote the marathon; no need to build a website from scratch.

And if you want to personalize even further, you can use a custom URL or link for your landing page by availing of the white label feature.

6. Multi URL QR code

Gather all marathon enthusiasts or racers from around the world with a multi-URL QR code.

This advanced solution allows you to embed multiple landing pages.

For instance, global marathon events can use the language setting of multi-URL QR codes to erase the multicultural or language barrier.

Upon registration, participants must provide their country and the language spoken and used on their device.

This allows event organizers to provide instructions translated into their language during the event.

The code redirects scanners to a specific landing page according to their:

  • Device language
  • Location of scanner
  • The time when a user scanned the code
  • The device’s operating system

7. Location QR code

You can set up a QR code-powered location-based service to give people accurate routes to your venue location.

This way, people can quickly scan the QR code with their smartphone and instantly access the event venue or where they should gather.

8. vCard QR code

Vcard QR code

The vCard QR code solution can embed multiple contact details, including your email, mobile and telephone numbers, and social media.

This way, people can instantly access and save their information for faster contact.

You can print vCard QR codes for each staff member and create a QR code identification system or an attendance tracker.

Attendees can also scan these codes to contact the staff if they need assistance.

You can also add vCard QR codes to the bib of marathon runners so they can network with each other during the event.

9. WiFi QR code

Looking for a way to give people instant access to WiFi during the event? The WiFi QR code is your best option.

This QR code solution embeds WiFi information such as type of security protocol, SSID, and password.

Anyone can quickly access the Internet after scanning the QR code; no need to search for a network and manually type passwords.

Static vs dynamic QR codes: Which are better QR codes for marathon events?

There are two QR code types: static and dynamic QR codes. Although they serve the same purpose, they offer different benefits.

Static QR codes

Static QR codes are an uneditable type of QR code.

They permanently store data directly into their pattern. Once generated, users cannot change or edit the data.

With this type of QR code, there is no room for mistakes.

If you commit an error in making the code, the only solution is to create another one.

Another downside of static QR codes is that you must mind your data size.

The bigger the data embedded in the code, the more congested and denser the pattern.

And as a result, users may experience errors or delays in scanning. As long as a static QR code’s pattern remains optimal, it can be helpful for marathon events.

Dynamic QR codes

Meanwhile, dynamic QR codes are advanced.

They store a short URL in their patterns instead of your actual data, allowing you to edit and change your information anytime.

The short URL will redirect scanners to the actual website you’ve embedded.

In the case of file QR codes, it will lead to a landing page containing the file, and users can view and download it.

And on top of that, it keeps the pattern optimal. Dynamic QR codes can store bigger data sizes without affecting their pattern.

You can embed big data while maintaining its quality and scannability.

Another impressive advantage of dynamic QR codes is their data-tracking feature.

You can monitor the number of scans, the time and location of each scan, and the scanner’s device type. 

With all these powerful features, dynamic QR codes are the better choice for marathon events.

How to create QR codes for events

It’s much easier to create QR codes than you think. All you need is to find the best platform. Here’s a simple guide you can follow to create one:

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator website and log in to your account.

Note: If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for QR TIGER’s freemium account.

2. Select a QR code solution that best suits your event.

3. Enter the data needed by the QR code solution.

4. Choose between Static or Dynamic QR, then click the Generate QR code.

5. Customize your QR code. Remember to add your logo and a call to action.

6. Run a test scan to check whether your QR code works.

7. Download the QR code.

How to choose the best QR code generator for events

Finding the perfect QR code maker can be a burden since many options exist online.

Check this list below to find out how to choose QR codes that best suit your needs.

Remember your goal

Explore the generator’s different QR code types and solutions and know how they work.

Then, choose the one that aligns with your goal for the event.

Suppose you want to simplify event registration. In that case, you should choose from QR code makers that offer a Google Form QR code solution.

Know the basics

Do a quick research about QR codes first. Learn about how QR codes work, the different types of QR codes, their functions and features, when and where you can use them, and more.

The more you understand, the better you can choose the best QR codes for events.

Go for a user-friendly interface

The goal is minimal actions and maximum output.

You don’t want to waste time navigating and figuring out step-by-step how to create QR codes with a confusing website interface.

Save time and effort by choosing software with a simple and straightforward UI.

It can boost your productivity, leading you directly to the solutions you need—no need to go through unnecessary steps.

Test the software’s customization tools

Leave your lousy and boring QR codes behind.

There’s no better way to create custom QR codes with a platform that has impressive customization tools where you can be freely creative.

Explore the features and experiment with your QR codes by altering their appearance.

Modify its patterns, eyes, frames, and colors, and add your logo.

Check the QR code image quality

Choose the right QR code type and solution for your data.

This is important because the data size might affect the QR code’s quality and scannability.

Dynamic QR codes are ideal for big data sizes to maintain high-resolution quality.

Since the data size does not affect the code’s pattern, scanners can easily read the code.

Examine the QR code generator security compliance

Be vigilant and choose a platform that prioritizes users’ safety and security.

When it comes to QR code software, select one with high-security protocols.

Deep dive into the platform’s security protocol and check its certifications and compliance. An ideal software should have certifications for ISO 27001, SOC 2, SSL, and GDPR.

These security protocols guarantee users the highest safety and security in terms of data protection and management.

Browse through its reviews

No one wants to settle for less. Hence, go for the platform that’s the pick of the bunch.

User reviews provide solid and unbiased analysis and assessment of the software.

Reviews and testimonials indicate the software is guaranteed credible.

They provide social proof that the platform is trustworthy and safe to use.

Choose one with a wide range of advanced solutions

Using the most reliable QR code software offering different and advanced solutions is practical in the long run.

Choose a platform that creates high-resolution static and dynamic QR codes with affordable price plans.

Discover different advanced QR code solutions and learn how to integrate them into your events best.

QR TIGER: Best QR code software for marathon events

QR codes for marathon events are a powerful tool for today’s generation to upgrade the overall experience of participants and spectators.

Integrating this technology streamlines event processes, making them practical and efficient for organizers and attendees.

It eliminates the hassle and unnecessary steps.

You won’t have to worry about handling many people since QR TIGER can do it for you.

It is a highly developed QR code generator where you can generate high-resolution QR codes for big events.

With its 17 advanced QR code solutions, surely you can choose the best for every event needs.

Go to QR TIGER and find a plan that suits your needs or sign up for our freemium plan.

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