SoundCloud QR Code: Promote Your Podcast and Music

Update:  July 19, 2023
SoundCloud QR Code: Promote Your Podcast and Music

A SoundCloud QR code can help you stay updated on the newest releases from your favorite musicians, podcasters, and audio producers.

You can also create a visually-appealing QR code that links to your SoundCloud account to quickly and easily share your taste in musical tastes with other users.

Creating a SoundCloud QR code is now a piece of cake with the best QR code generator with logo software.

Wondering how a SoundCloud QR code works? Read this article and discover how to create and use it to promote your music.

How does the SoundCloud QR code work?

Soundcloud QR code

A QR code for SoundCloud is an easier and faster way of sharing tracks, albums, audio clips, podcasts, and playlists.

This innovation lets users quickly send their favorite songs and playlists to friends and loved ones.

If you’re an aspiring artist waiting for your big break, you can use QR codes to promote your music and invite more people to listen to your tracks.

Upon scanning, a link will appear on their device’s screen.

When tapped, the appropriate song will play.

The QR code symbol will also appear on your screen. After that, you can listen to each other’s preferred tunes and bond over your mutual taste in music.

How to create a SoundCloud QR code using the app’s converter

Here are the steps on how to access the in-app QR code feature on SoundCloud:

  1. Copy the embed code for your song or playlist by clicking the “Share” button in a floating window below the waveform.
  2. Then click on the embed tab to view what options you have to embed your player.
  3. Copy-paste the embed code from ‘Code & Preview.’
  4. Paste the code to the SoundCloud converter and generate your QR code.

The disadvantage of using the in-app SoundCloud QR code converter

While SoundCloud’s in-app QR code feature is convenient, it has a few setbacks.

For starters, you cannot customize the design of the QR code.

Black and white QR codes lack the appeal that customized ones have.

They often fail to catch people’s attention and are useless if no one scans them.

Furthermore, the in-app QR code generator is risky because it relies on a third party to direct users to your uploaded information.

You’re taking a big risk if you’re counting on your QR code campaign to boost your soundtrack or channel’s exposure, interaction, and monetization.

Create a custom SoundCloud QR code using QR TIGER

Create soundcloud QR code

To create a customizable SoundCloud QR code, you should use a reliable and advanced QR code generator such as QR TIGER.

This online software lets you add logos and images to your QR codes. You can also use it to create QR codes for free. No sign-up is required.

Here’s how to create a SoundCloud QR code for free with QR TIGER:

  1. On SoundCloud, click on the “share” button on the soundtrack and copy the code
  2. After that, go to QR TIGER QR code generator and select the URL QR code solution.
  3. Paste the code you copied earlier onto the blank field.
  4. Check the ‘Static QR’ option, then click “Generate QR code.”
  5. Customize your QR code.
  6. Run a test scan using your smartphone.
  7. Download and display.

SoundCloud QR code vs Social media QR code for Soundcloud

Soundcloud QR code solutions

A SoundCloud QR code can be used to share either a single track, album, or playlist.

As a musician, you can easily promote your tracks and latest releases with a scan of this QR code. Fans and listeners can also use this to share your music quickly.

But with a social media QR code for SoundCloud, you can simultaneously promote your discography and plug your official social pages.

This dynamic QR code can spread the word about your SoundCloud tracks while boosting your follower or subscriber count across different social platforms.

With the right marketing strategy, social media can help you increase your online presence, and more people will start listening to your craft.

You can create this dynamic QR code using QR TIGER.

But take note you will need an active subscription to use this solution.

To try this feature for free, sign up for our free trial.

How to create a social media QR code for SoundCloud

1. Select the Social Media Icon

On the next page, you’ll find a QR code maker for use with social media.

2. Fill in all of your social media profiles and add all of your social media platforms, including SoundCloud

You can drag the SoundCloud block up to appear first. You can re-arrange other social media platform blocks according to your choice.

3. Create and personalize your social media QR code

After entering the necessary information, you can generate and personalize your social media QR code.

Raise brand awareness by including a logo and choosing QR code patterns, eyes, and colors that correspond to your brand graphics.

You can also use CTA (call to action) tags to encourage people to scan.

4. Do a test scan

5. Download and display your QR codes

You can now download and display your social media QR code on your print and digital platforms after testing it.

The advantages of social media QR code for Soundcloud

Editable Content

Best editable QR code generator

You can change the contents within a dynamic QR code anytime.

You don’t have to print and pass out a new QR Code if you want to change the URL it points to.

With a social media QR code for SoundCloud, you can change the text or URL of your QR code at any time.

Social media button click tracker

Social media button tracker

One of the QR TIGER software updates is a feature that allows you to track how many times people click on your social media links.

You can find out which social media platform gets the most attention by putting a click tracker on their social media buttons.

This data lets you devise a better strategy for reaching more listeners.

You can then focus on the social media platform that gets more engagement.

Get in touch with your listeners

You need to identify your audience to promote your music and shows successfully.

Good thing that SoundCloud now gives music creators access to insights of their listeners.

Having fans sounds good, but having active social media followers who share and like your content is even better.

Create a social media QR code for SoundCloud so you can reach your target audience and build an online fanbase.

Display this QR Code on a banner or backdrop at your next show to draw the attention of your fans.

Doing so gives them a quick and simple way to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and many more with a single scan.

Once they have followed you, you can use your social pages to keep in touch with them.

Increase the number of ways for listeners to connect

You cannot guarantee that all of your target audience has an account for a specific social media platform. Some only use Facebook, while others are only on Instagram or Twitter.

By displaying your social media platforms using a social media QR code for Soundcloud, you are giving your audience many options to connect with you.

Minimalist marketing campaign

You will no longer have to worry about adding lengthy social media links to your online and offline marketing materials when you use brand QR code solutions.

By using a single QR code, you can display all of your social media accounts on a single landing page, freeing up space for a more creative and informative section.

The dynamic social media QR Code for SoundCloud shows how many times it has been scanned, the location, how many people have scanned your QR code, and what device they use.

If the team needs more time to review these reports, they can be exported and sent via email.

Revolutionize the way you share your music using QR TIGER

In this day and age of more and more online interactions, QR codes can be a great way for the music industry to market itself.

SoundCloud artists can promote their artist profiles and social pages using the social media QR code.

It can help create a stronger online presence, increase traffic to SoundCloud and other socials, and deepen their connection with supporters.

Go to QR TIGER, the most advanced QR code generator with a logo online, and create a social media QR code for your SoundCloud today.

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