Upgrade Your Asian Gourmet Restaurant with Menu Tiger

Update:  May 29, 2023
Upgrade Your Asian Gourmet Restaurant with Menu Tiger

The first real Asian gourmet cuisine served to Americans dates from the 1960s and 1970s.

Moreover, this was the beginning of a resurgence in Chinese cuisine in the United States, particularly in the cities of New York and San Francisco.

Despite decades of innovation in American food, the expanding number of Chinese restaurants outnumbers the most popular diners, such as McDonald’s, KFCs, In-N-Out, Wendy’s, and others combined.

Statistics confirmed that there are currently 45,000 Chinese restaurants operating in the United States.

This is when Asian gourmet became the most popular food in all of the United States areas. However, most Americans’ palates have been influenced by more than just Chinese cuisine.

Other Asian gourmet cuisines have also grown in popularity throughout the years. For instance, Mimi's Asian Gourmet offers Thai, Malaysian and different varieties of Asian gourmet.

East Asian, Southeast Asian, Central Asian, South Asian, and West Asian cuisines have incorporated their best-flavored subtle and savory meals to consumers in North America and other parts of the United States, to name a few Asian gourmet cuisines in the United States.

So, how can Asian gourmet cuisines compete with other restaurant competitors in the United States by keeping up with today’s fast-growing innovations?

Upscale your Asian Gourmet restaurant with a digital menu system 

Today’s restaurant sector has a wide range of Asian cuisine competitors. Some restaurants are incorporating a traditional method of serving clients.

They can, however, elevate their services with today’s technology innovation by installing a digital menu system in their restaurant.

The digital menu system is an end-to-end service provider solution that provides diners with a QR code menu that they may scan using their smartphones to access, order, and pay.couple eating ramen menu qr code table tent You may also add a logo to a digital menu QR code to help your restaurant establish stronger brand identification.

This is also a good way to boost your restaurant’s online presence while also catering to customer needs.

Using the best digital menu system, you can create and customize an easy-to-use online ordering website for a better customer experience and a faster ordering procedure.

It can also assist your business in tracking orders, receiving client feedback, and accepting payments via online payment interfaces.

For a seamless restaurant operation, you can use the MENU TIGER digital menu system.

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MENU TIGER: The digital menu system for your Asian Gourmet cuisine

MENU TIGER, a digital menu system, provides an innovative interface that elevates your restaurant’s operations.

It has key functionalities that provide your restaurant with a modernized operation, as well as a scannable contactless menu and online ordering fulfillment system features.

MENU TIGER also enhances your restaurant’s branding by allowing you to customize your contactless menu using QR technology.

It allows you to customize your digital menu as you can choose what color scheme to use, upload your logo, and add a call-to-action statement that best represents your restaurant’s personality.

You can also create and customize your online ordering page with the MENU TIGER digital menu system.

This tool can help you establish an online presence and brand.

The digital menu system also includes Stripe and PayPal payment connections.

MENU TIGER allows you to quickly integrate into your existing POS systems, such as Clover.

MENU TIGER is an intuitive and scalable digital menu system that helps you achieve efficient restaurant operations and better customer service.

Here is how you can create an Asian gourmet menu with MENU TIGER.

How to create an Asian gourmet menu with MENU TIGER 

eating sushi menu qr code table tentCreating an Asian gourmet menu for your restaurant using MENU TIGER will be a no-hassle task. The digital menu system lets you create a digital menu in the easiest and most convenient way possible.
  1. To create an account for your restaurant, go to MENU TIGER and sign up.
  2. Go to the Stores section and add your store.
  3. Customize the QR code and set the number of tables. Each QR code should be downloaded and displayed on your particular restaurant tables.
  4. Click the Users tab and proceed to add users and administrators should be added to each of your stores.
  5. Set the categories of your food list.
  6. Create the food list per category.
  7. Add photographs of your food to the digital menu, as well as the appropriate price, ingredient warnings, and description.
  8. Proceed to the Modifiers section. Return to your menu list after setting up the modifiers to add the modifier groups to each meal list.
  9. Create a website for your restaurant that is unique to you. To increase your sales, take advantage of the deals and most popular sections.
  10. To cater to your global clientele, you may also add another language to your menu and website. However, you will manually edit the online ordering page sections such as promotions, most popular foods, etc. Additionally, as for the menu category and food list, you can click the localize tab.
  11. Set up Stripe, PayPal, and Cash payment connectors.
  12. In the MENU TIGER software dashboard, you can keep track of orders and meet your clients’ meal requests.

By creating an account, you will be able to explore and make use of the features of MENU TIGER. By such, you can build your online presence and provide a digital menu by incorporating MENU TIGER digital menu software into your existing Asian gourmet physical store.

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Tips on creating your digital Asian gourmet menu that converts more sales!

Menu descriptions that are clear and concise will help your restaurant sell more meals. A well-thought-out menu is good for encouraging customers to place more orders. It’s not just the culinary image that makes an impression on customers; it’s also how you explain it in words.

Asian gourmet descriptions can be written in a variety of ways, but the most important factor in making it appealing is to write them in a descriptive and convincing manner.

Here are some tips on how to create your digital Asian gourmet menu.

Menu descriptions with a concise and catchy tone

Make your menu descriptions short and to the point so that consumers can easily comprehend what the dish is about.

To entice hungry consumers, it is recommended that you write your menu descriptions as to how it was cooked and what special components it contains.

With MENU TIGER, you can write your best menu description with 100 characters maximum.

Thus, you can write a thorough menu description that aids the customer in visualizing the dish they are ordering.

Up-to-date menu list

MENU TIGER makes updating your menu list simple. You can quickly update your menu list without spending additional money because you can do so instantly with the MENU TIGER program.

Because your restaurant follows the trend, an updated menu list might help you produce more sales.

Put quality food images

To fully assist your customers in visualizing the food items on your Asian gourmet menu, use high-quality food photographs. You may save the best-quality images of your menu in Jpeg, SVG, and PNG formats.

Cross-sell and upsell your menu items

As a sales marketing strategy for increasing restaurant returns, you can cross-sell and upsell your menu items to your regular customers. As a cross-selling strategy, you can pair menu items with your best-selling dishes.

Additionally, a promotions area on your restaurant’s website can be used to highlight your most popular and best-selling dishes.

As an upselling approach, show off your menu items to your clients’ favorite meals and other diners.

These techniques can help you get a better return on your investment.

Build an online presence and provide a digital menu with the Asian gourmet online website 

Having an internet presence for your restaurant allows you to differentiate yourself from other competitors in the sector.planning online presence website This establishes your restaurant’s branding, allowing it to stand out from the competition. Create a distinct brand that stands out from the crowd in the restaurant market, make customer transactions simple, and run a successful food business.

Here’s how to get your restaurant’s web presence up and running.


This is an important aspect of developing a restaurant brand since it intertwines ideas in order to align and be consistent with the concept.

Conceptualizing aids in visualizing how to construct a location that connects foods, services, promotions, and gimmicks. Restaurants should have dynamics that connect the theme to their food and other special offers.

Brand book

This refers to your restaurant’s brand standards or style guide. It’s a collection of guidelines that explains how to use various brand aspects to create an online presence for a business.

You can design a restaurant digital menu and website using interactive restaurant menu QR code software. Once you’ve developed and planned your restaurant logo to establish an online presence.

Furthermore, your restaurant’s brand book contains everything about your company. It contains information about your restaurant’s mission, vision, branding identity, color palette, logo, and typefaces.

Remember to develop your restaurant’s brand. This aspect will put everything together as a visually appealing brand that will entice potential customers or diners.

Mission and Vision

Create a purpose and vision statement for your restaurant that outlines its business, goals, and strategy for achieving those goals. Furthermore, it depicts the restaurant industry’s intended position.

With MENU TIGER, you can add and edit your restaurant’s mission and vision on the About Us and Why Choose Us section in your restaurant website.

Brand voice and tone

This important feature highlights the personality of your restaurant’s brand. It depicts and visualizes how your company communicates, acts, and interacts with potential and current consumers.

You may use MENU TIGER to integrate and display your brand’s voice and tone. This can be used for writing menu descriptions, promotions, the About Us section, the Why Us Choose section, and other elements of your restaurant’s online ordering page.

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Put disclaimers about your Asian gourmet menu descriptions with allergen information

Shrimps, oysters, fish, and other common allergens are frequently served in Asian gourmet cuisine. It’s preferable if your Asian gourmet restaurant’s menu descriptors include disclaimers regarding each dish’s allergen information.

Any medical emergency, whether significant or little, that occurs in a restaurant or other business can tarnish the company’s image.

No one would want to eat at a restaurant that had sent a customer to the hospital after he or she ate a shrimp. To avoid these awkward and unpleasant circumstances, an allergen warning is required.

MENU TIGER lets you create a QR menu where you can set up the allergen warnings of your meals. This is essential in a restaurant to build trust and efficiency to other customers.

Building up a restaurant that looks out for the welfare of its customers is important. You may include and put disclaimers on menu descriptions, most especially in an Asian gourmet restaurant.

Being open and honest about your food’s allergen information demonstrates genuine concern for your customer’s health. It shows that you care about what you do and aren’t simply in it for the money.

Customers will be more likely to trust you and return to your business if they see that you care about them.

In any business, building patronage is critical. Patrons are dependable customers who can assist in earning consistent revenue.

How to add ingredient warnings in your Asian gourmet food items in MENU TIGER

Adding ingredient warnings for your Asian gourmet food items is made easy with MENU TIGER.

Here are the steps for adding your ingredient warnings.

  1. Open your MENU TIGER account.
  2. Select the store.
  3. Click the categories section and proceed to the food item lists.
  4. Tap the edit button and scroll down to see the Ingredient Warning section.
  5. There is already a dropdown list of allergen warnings. You can also set and add other allergens to your menu items.

Where to display your Asian Gourmet QR menu 

When looking for places to print your QR menu, be creative and resourceful.

This would undoubtedly enhance your guests’ dining experience at your establishment.eating healthy menu qr code table tent  Customers will be able to view your online menu and see the excellent food offers you have at your restaurant with this QR menu.

A QR menu is a technology that allows your restaurant to communicate with guests through visually appealing menus. 

Print a QR menu using a tabletop tent

Print your QR menu in a tabletop tent so customers can easily see the ready-to-access code to your Asian gourmet restaurant menu.

Customers no longer require assistance from staff in placing their orders. After guests have taken a seat, the QR code menu can be presented directly in front of them. You can use a table tent or table inserts to do this.

Placing an order is simple with software or a generator that allows your restaurant to track and monitor customer orders. Customers can also scan the QR menu on the table tents or table inserts provided at your restaurant.

Upgrade your Asian gourmet restaurant with MENU TIGER today!

Your Asian gourmet restaurant will most likely grow and set the standard among competitors now that you’ve incorporated QR technology.

You can effectively compete with other Asian cuisine restaurants in your community by adapting to the latest innovation. It has unique features that allow you to swiftly sell menu lists and take orders, enhance sales by combining upselling and cross-selling elements, and make educated decisions by managing many branches and analyzing data.

Moreover, there’s no disputing that there’s more to the QR menu than meets the eye. Make your restaurant more effective and convenient today, and provide your customers’ palate with Asian cravings with the finest eating experience imaginable.

Serve up the best services of your Asian gourmet restaurant with MENU TIGER. Contact us to know more!

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