The Benefits of QR Codes in Business and Marketing

Update:  September 15, 2023

The benefits of QR codes in business and marketing are countless. Everywhere you look, you see QR codes. In tickets, restaurant menus, product packaging, and many more.

If you are still wondering why this is happening, then you surely don’t know the great things about this technology and what are the benefits of QR codes. 

Maybe you haven’t gotten the opportunity to test them out, or you didn’t try. Either way, you are losing a lot of potential by not making use of them.

The most potential being wasted is when you are a business owner. From marketing to business improvements, QR codes are an asset you are going to want. 

If you don’t adopt the technology, you are missing out on the following QR code benefits.

7 QR code benefits for Business

It has been just a couple of years since QR codes have found widespread commercial use.

Prior to them are barcodes which are still currently in use in other applications.

So, when comparing the two, why should you use QR codes over barcodes?

1. Editable/Modifiable in content even after printing or deployment

QR codes can be edited in data even after users have printed them in different marketing materials or even after being distributed online.

With that being said, users can save a large portion of their expenses by re-printing QR codes.

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2. QR code scans are trackable

As the saying goes, what you can’t improve, you can't measure.

The ability of QR codes to track their QR code scans allows users to understand their QR marketing campaign.

This gives them comprehensive data about the behavior of their target audience and allows users to unlock powerful data statistics better to improve their marketing and a better return on investment.

3. Allows for multi-media content

QR code type

A QR code has many types of solutions, it uses four standardized encoding modes (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji) to store data efficiently; extensions may also be used.

4. Can Store More Information

It is impossible to use barcodes for the things that QR codes are doing because of the small information they can hold.

While barcodes can only store 25 characters, QR codes can go up to more than 2500.

5. Flexible in size

Barcodes tend to have a much bigger minimum size in order to be scannable.

QR codes can get really small, allowing them to be placed in various locations, including the corners of product packaging.

6. The QR code’s content is accessible through mobile devices

Using barcodes entails putting a lot of effort into scanning the codes themselves.

It is because they can only be read in one orientation, unlike QR codes that can be scanned in any orientation.

Thus, providing the audience with quick information about a product, service, or item by scanning the QR code.

7. Resilient and reliable

Slight damage to barcodes can easily render them useless.

As opposed to QR codes that can receive damage of up to 30% of the image before starting to show scanning errors.

Benefits of QR Codes in Marketing

Running a business also entails doing the necessary marketing to bring in customers.

You are going to make use of every available marketing medium, such as social media, emails, and printed ads.

However, you should also not forget about QR codes. While it may not look like it, QR codes can be used in marketing.

Here are the QR code benefits for marketing:

1. Adds Digital Aspect to Printed Ads

Magazine QR codeOne of the benefits of QR codes in marketing is that your posters and flyers can only hold so much information.

However, people are going to want to know more about your business.

When important details are missing, you can say goodbye to a lot of potential customers.

Fortunately, QR codes can add a digital aspect to your print materials.

Instead of having to settle with what you can only print, add a QR code that people can scan to be directed to a webpage where they can learn more.

They can get introduced to photos, videos, and a lot more content that are not possible with printed mediums.

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2. Engages Customers

Coupon QR codeOne of the benefits of QR codes for customers is that QR code humanizes the customer experience with the brand.

Telling people about your business usually is not enough.

Your posters tend to get ignored, and your flyers are thrown out. However, QR codes can get them hooked by engaging them.

There are various different types of engaging content you can link to QR codes.

It can be an online game or a digital magazine, but one that stands out the most is a QR code scanning game.

Give discounts to the first scanners and something else to the rest.

Through this, you keep people anticipating and coming back for more.

3. Cost-efficient

Another benefit of using QR codes for marketing is that, by using dynamic QR codes, you are able to create an image that allows for updatable embedded data.

So, when you put up QR code posters, you don’t necessarily have to take them off and replace them when they have served their purpose.

Instead, you can just update its content. It saves you additional costs for hiring and printing expenses.

Business Improvement Benefits of QR codes

Modernizing your business can make you stand out from the competition.

However, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to renovate and add new equipment.

You can make improvements as simple as QR codes.

1. Paperless menus and catalogs

If you are a restaurant, you need menus.

If you are running something else, you have catalogs. Aren’t you tired of having to keep printing them out?

Wouldn’t it be better if you could just print a QR code for people to scan for a digital version?

It brings everything in the palm of their hands, making it more convenient.

2. Scan to leave reviews

It can be tiring to keep on asking customers for positive reviews.

Most don’t feel the need to do so, other than those who’ve had a negative experience and want to warn everybody else.

When you don’t get positive ones, the negative ones will easily drown out your business.

However, you can make it easier for happy customers to rate or leave a review.

Instead of having to fill out a piece of paper or go to their website, have them scan a QR code which will do everything for them.

The easier it gets; the more likely people are going to partake in it.

3. Virtual Contact Information

If you want to keep customers coming back for more, give them your contact information. Whether you are a hotel or resort, being easily reachable is a great asset to have.

However, business cards can be easily lost, and you leave your customers the burden of asking for one.

So, just put a QR code that serves as a digital business card.

The benefits of vCard QR codes also give you the flexibility to update the contact details when need be instead of reprinting a whole new batch of business cards.

4. Aids in Social Media Marketing

Social media QR codeSocial media is everything today.

People spend the majority of their time on different platforms, which makes it the most ideal place to enforce your presence.

However, you just can’t get that right away.

Instead, you must first generate a strong following.

To do that, you need to urge customers to support your social media pages.

Unfortunately, it is much harder than you would think. People usually don’t have the patience to search for your page or don’t want to bother you at all.

However, one guaranteed way to make sure that they do participate is by making a social media QR code.

With a scan of a smartphone device, they can like and follow your pages right where they stand or on the go.

Benefits of QR Codes in Payments

One of the more prominent applications of QR code technology is through making payments.

With a scan of the image, a person can settle their balance using only their mobile phone, completely digital and contactless.

Implementing it can lead to the following QR code benefits for your business.

1. Faster transactions

What are the other ways for customers to pay? It’s either they use cash or a card, and either is nowhere near fast or convenient.

You are going to hand over the change or need to go through the extensive steps of processing a credit card.

On the other hand, QR codes are as easy as pointing a smartphone camera, and a customer is good to go.

It doesn’t hold the line nor put the woman at the cash register under a lot of stress and pressure.

2. Less human error

One way or the other, the person manning the cash register can get too distracted, resulting in human error. Either too much change is given or charging the wrong amount on a credit card.

The benefits of QR codes ensure neither happens.

3. Secure

You just can’t trust anybody too much these days, whether it may be a customer or staff.

Your own employee could potentially take advantage of the details that can be found on a credit card.

On the other hand, a customer can pay with fake money.

With QR codes, customers don’t get to risk the potential of their credit card credentials getting stolen.

Furthermore, you can’t get paid with fake money with digital payments.

Start Using QR Codes for Your Business Today

Year after year, QR codes are seeing more integration into daily human activities.

It is just a matter of time before everybody will find the need to learn how to scan them.

With how the technology is progressing, it is opening more options and flexibility for you as a business owner.

It also shows that it is not about to get outdated anytime soon and render all your improvements useless.

With the benefits of QR codes, it brings significant changes to your business.

It makes things easier and maximizes the potential for revenue and survival.

All of that is for something that doesn’t require any extensive learning and investment.

With all that said, QR codes are one of the useful marketing assets you can use to help you skyrocket your business and marketing strategy.

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