Luxury Brands Launch Branded QR Codes for Global Campaigns

Update:  February 08, 2024
Luxury Brands Launch Branded QR Codes for Global Campaigns

Luxury brands create branded QR codes to establish a more prominent strategy against competitors.

This tactic makes it easier for their target market to recognize their codes amid other existing ones, thus immediately scanning them.

Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, and other existing luxury companies known today have jumped in on QR code-based marketing and saw positive results.

Considering the 443% increase in QR code usage since 2021, stepping up your QR code marketing campaign in this tight competition is necessary.

A QR code-based marketing campaign caters to over 6 billion smartphone users worldwide.

That would mean offering your business to over six billion potential markets.

You are strategically upscaling your digital marketing methods with a branded QR code.

Integrating your brand with a QR code sets your promotional campaigns apart from your competitors in a pretty good way.

What is a branded QR code, and how does it work?

Coupon QR code

Established business owners are aware that the branding market is extremely competitive.

So, it is important for marketers to always be a step ahead of their competitors.

International businesses employing a QR code with branding saw significant growth in their QR code scans and overall digital marketing campaign performance.

Considering this, using visual QR codes over regular ones effectively increases companies’ conversion rates.

Luxury brands using branded QR codes

Here are world-renowned luxury brands with QR code branding for their digital campaigns:

Bond №9

QR code on packaging

New York’s most iconic fragrance and globally recognized luxury brand, Bond №9, leveraged its marketing campaign using QR codes with branding to drive sales to its latest perfume collection.

The company’s latest scent displayed the blue-colored QR code in a yellow perfume bottle.

The QR code-based strategy aims to drive their potential customers to Bond №9’s online store, where they can purchase the perfume.

Clearly, Bond №9 knows its way around QR codes as it uses them as the primary mode of driving sales.


Another brand with QR code-based technology is the British luxury brand famous for its plaid patterns and trench coats, Burberry.

Burberry’s social retail store in Shenzhen, China, displayed items labeled with QR codes.

This interactive strategy allows the fashion brand’s customers to access relevant details about the products easily via the WeChat app.

Once the QR codes on products are scanned, customers are redirected to WeChat’s mini-programs, allowing them to access interactive content and details about Burberry’s items.

Integrating QR codes in their social retail store in China is Burberry’s response to the declining sales at the onset of the pandemic.

And indeed, the fashion brand saw positive outcomes with the new digital experience they provided for their clients.


QR code brand intergration

Porsche considered one of the top 10 luxury car brands worldwide, introduced their QR code-embellished crest with the Porsche Taycan e-vehicle in 2019.

Since 1952, Porsche has consistently placed their company crest on their cars.

But in 2019, the automobile company updated its crest, integrated QR codes instead, and officially named it the QREST.

Porsche’s leap to modernizing their cars aims to prove that they are, indeed, leading when it comes to digitalization.

Louis Vuitton

QR code marketing

Louis Vuitton got creative with their QR code campaign by customizing and personalizing it using their logo and other recognizable patterns.

Designed by Takashi Murakami in collaboration with SET Japan, the luxury brand found an engaging way to promote their collaboration.

And what better way to engage audiences than to use a branded QR code?

With the creative touches employed on Louis Vuitton’s QR code — the bright purple color, LV’s classic brand patterns, and the cute Panda from Murakami’s characters — LV and Murakami smoothly redefined how people use barcodes.


QR code on tags

The Italian luxury fashion brand, Gucci, integrated digitalized tags on their items.

Being one of the most counterfeited brands in the world, Gucci found a better way to protect its IP rights. And that is through QR codes.

Bags, clothes, accessories, and other fashion items have a hidden Gucci QR code that allows clients to authenticate the products conveniently.

When scanned with a smartphone, customers can easily access the product’s authentication certificate, allowing them to know more about it.

How to make a branded QR code

Creating a QR code with a logo requires you to use the most advanced QR code generator online. And QR TIGER offers a wide range of customization tools.

Here you can personalize the QR code pattern, eyes, and colors. And you can also add your company’s logo.

Here’s a quick run-through on how you can do it:

1. Select the type of QR code solution for your campaign

2. Add the required data

Add the data for the type of QR code that you have selected.

Depending on the QR code solution, you will be required to input varying information.

You may be asked to upload files, paste a URL, and add social media links.

3. Customize your QR code for branding

Design your QR code to make it more appealing.

Change shape, eyes, and your visual QR code color using our handy color picker.

You can add a call-to-action and your company’s logo.

Make sure that you use the QR code SVG format to maintain the resolution of the QR code even when it needs resizing.

4. Download your branded QR code

Download your completed free visual QR code image.

But before that, make sure you have done a QR code scan test to check if it correctly directs you to the correct information you have embedded in the code.

You can download the QR code image in PNG or SVG to secure a high-quality image.

So why is QR code branding important?

A QR code with branding allows you to enjoy a more appealing and recognizable digital marketing tool for your target market.

The simple reason why people can recognize your QR codes is that your logo is incorporated into them.

Loyal customers and even interested individuals will trust that the QR code is legit and will not hesitate to scan it.

Because of this, companies are seeing positive outcomes, which include:

  • Increased conversion rate
  • Growing market reach
  • Surge in website traffic
  • Shoot up sales
  • Guarantee ROI

Innovative use-cases of branded QR codes

Here are some clever ways how companies are using branded QR codes for their marketing endeavors:

Digitalized business cards

vCard QR codeBusinesses need to strengthen their network to get more sales. And business cards can do exactly that.

No less than 10 billion business cards are printed a year.

It’s not surprising that the corporate world considers these cards the top-tier networking tool.

And despite their size, every 2,000 business cards can generate 2.5% sales for a company.

But integrating a branded vCard QR code into each contact card gives you a bigger opportunity to achieve higher revenue.

A vCard QR code facilitates sales and marketing strategies.

Adding them to your business cards makes them more interactive and interesting.

Thus, increasing your chances of getting a call, an email, or a walk-in visit to check your products and services.

Portal to digital content

URL QR code

You can also link your digital content to your QR codes to increase web traffic and generate more leads.

World-renowned luxury brands employed branded QR codes for marketing strategies and enjoyed positive outcomes.

To effortlessly redirect the target audience to your business websites, you can generate a branded URL QR code with QR TIGER.

This QR code solution allows you to embed your URL for faster redirection, customize it to add your company logo, and track the data scans to monitor the QR code activity.

Your visual URL QR code can be deployed on marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, billboards, and postcards, and even make a QR code for bracelets.

Tool for product authentication

Many international brands integrate QR codes with branding in their products for a convenient product authentication process.

An authentication QR code enables patrons to verify if their purchases are counterfeit efficiently or not after only one scan with their phones.

QR code for product authentication is most prevalent among luxury brands.

The imitated goods accumulated a total value of 3.3% of the world trade.

To combat the increasing cases of faked luxury products, brands such as Gucci, Diesel, and Ralph Lauren created QR codes and placed them on their items.

You can also create an authentication QR code in bulk to protect your IP rights with your items. QR TIGER offers this advanced feature.

A bulk QR code generator like QR TIGER allows you to save time from manually or individually generating a URL QR code for your products.

You can click a few buttons and immediately produce multiple authentication QR codes.

What’s more interesting is that you can also customize these QR codes. Add a logo, change the color scheme, or add an enticing call-to-action for a branded bulk QR code.

Boost social media presence

QR codes can also improve your social media visibility.

You can generate and incorporate a dynamic social media QR code into your marketing materials.

This will allow for more scans since you can display the digital tool conveniently to the public.

Statista reported that 37.9% of respondents claimed they bought items after seeing an ad on their social media accounts.

Considering these numbers, wouldn’t it greatly benefit your brand to invest in a tool that’ll help boost your socials?

A social media QR code can house all your social media profiles in a single QR code.

When your target audience scans the QR code, they will be redirected to a landing page containing all your social media account links.

Additionally, you can hook potential customers with a sneak peek video using a Youtube QR code that they can scan to see what the next product will be.

Cater to the international market

Language QR code

You can use a branded QR code for language to conveniently provide digital product information to your audience of various nationalities.

This is the best way to connect with your global audience.

When scanned, the QR code will redirect your audience to a landing page translated into the language set on the device used in scanning.

Sounds too techy?

Here’s an example: you have your multilingual QR code deployed on a poster. A person scans the code.

The person’s phone language setting is set in Mandarin.

The QR code will automatically redirect the user to a page that is set in Mandarin as well.

A language-based multi-URL QR code works best for luxury brands that cater to a global audience.

This advanced tool will effortlessly disseminate product details, manuals, and other relevant information to your target audience.

Why generating your branded QR codes in dynamic is important

One more reason why brands go for visual QR codes is that you can track data of your visual QR code that delivers important data of your marketing campaigns, especially if they are dynamic QR codes.

Dynamic QR codes provide access to the analytics of your QR code campaign and even let you edit the embedded content.

Your dynamic QR code scan data includes:

  • Total number of scans
  • The geographic location of the scanner
  • The time when your QR code was scanned
  • Types of devices used to scan your QR code (i.e. Android, iPhone, etc.)

Plus, you can also edit the embedded content whenever you like. So, if you want to change, update, or remove the data, you can smoothly do so.

A dynamic QR code is packed with advanced features that make it the perfect tool for any digital campaign.

Branded QR Code: The New Thing

Your presence and visibility are big factors in a successful marketing campaign. Companies are now into branded QR codes as they are very important to give off a mark and statement to customers.

Don’t forget to add call-to-action or (CTA) statements to your customized and branded QR codes, and you’re good to go.

You can also try creating a free dynamic QR code to see how this solution will work wonders for your strategies.

Trusted by 850,000 brands in 147 countries, QR TIGER accommodates your marketing needs and branded QR code endeavors.

You can also try creating your free QR codes using this free QR code generator online and explore features that you may want to use for your advanced marketing should you wish to upgrade your plan in the future.

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