How to Use QR Codes in Your Business Showcase Event

Update:  September 22, 2023
How to Use QR Codes in Your Business Showcase Event

Business showcase events can make or break your customer’s experience, so an engaging event is essential. With the advent of technology, it is possible to add a digital element to your business showcase events using QR codes.

QR code is a quick and cost-effective way to store and share information with your customers and prospects.

Your customers will automatically download a document, view a product demo, or answer a survey by a simple scan using a smartphone. 

Need the best option to introduce your product or service?

Need a creative way to show a demo to your prospects?

Whether it’s a virtual event, roadshow, or tradeshow, you can now make it more engaging using QR codes.

This tech tool is a game-changer for exhibitors like you to attract more foot traffic, increase your event ROI, and grow brand awareness.

Why adding a QR code is important to your business showcase event 

Social media QR code

QR codes connect our physical and digital worlds. When you drive customers to your social media page or website, they are one step closer to doing business with you.

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QR code speeds up the sales cycle by providing attendees of your business showcase event with instant access to the information they want.

Your customers feel valued when you give a tool to expedite information exchange. 

Thus, QR code is an answer to improve attendee engagement and customer experience and, most importantly, drive more sales. 

Aside from business showcases or events, using a versatile RSVP QR code allows event organizers to use them in various settings or events effectively.

For example, event organizers can also leverage QR code technology by using QR codes for marathon events to streamline event processes, helping them upgrade participants’ experience.

Innovative ways to add a digital element to your business showcase event using QR codes

Are you ready to take your business showcase event to the next level? Here are some creative ways to use QR codes so you can make an impact on your next event.

1. Share a map of the show floor and exhibitor listings via a Jpeg QR code

Give your attendees a guide to easily navigate the event hall by converting a show floor map into a Jpeg QR code (under the File QR code category). 

Using this Jpeg QR code, the attendees will just scan it to access a map of each booth’s exhibitor floor and locations.

Once scanned, the attendees can download and save it on their phones.

Display the QR code near the entrance area or registration booth of the event hall to make it more visible to the attendees.

You can also distribute the Jpeg QR code map before the event by posting it to your social media channels. 

This way, you’re giving your attendees a convenient and delightful experience through a digital map. 

2. File a QR code to share your sales collaterals

Minimize the chance of getting your sales collaterals thrown away by the attendees by sharing a digital copy of your sales collaterals.

The File QR code allows you to convert PDF, Jpeg, Png, MP3, and MP4 files into a QR code.

Using the File QR code solution, you can convert your brochure, flyers, and many more into a QR code. 

For example, if your flyer is in a PNG file, you can convert this into a PNG QR code.

Once a customer scans the QR code, it will display the PNG File on his smartphone and download it.

Since this QR code solution is dynamic, you can also edit your PNG QR code and replace it with a new one, even if it has been printed already.

It is also possible if you want to redirect your PNG QR code into another file type like PDF or Jpeg. 

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3. PDF QR code to share product information

Launching a new product during business showcase events maximizes exposure and directly connects with your customers.

Suppose you are introducing consumer packaged goods or appliance products. In that case, you can incorporate a PDF QR code (under the File QR code category) into the product’s packaging to easily share product information. 

Using a PDF QR code generator, you can convert a PDF document into a QR code. 

If a customer scans the QR code in the product’s packaging, a PDF file will be displayed on his smartphone, making it easier to download and read the product information. 

4. Video QR code for product demos

Although you can do the product demonstration physically during your business showcase event, you can also share a video of the product demo through a video QR code.

The video QR code is still under the File QR code category. This way, your customers can still see the video even if the event ends.

You are also giving your potential customers an option to replay the video if they are interested in purchasing your product anytime soon. 

5. Social media QR code to increase your brand’s online presence

Maximize the chance to get more followers on your brand’s social media pages by sharing a social media QR code during business showcase events.

The QR code displays all your brand’s social media channels into one mobile-optimized landing page. 

When your customers or attendees scan the QR code, they will be redirected to this landing page that houses all your social media accounts.

It is now easier to view and follow all your social media channels.

6. vCard to grow your professional connections

Expand your networks during business showcase events by giving out vCard QR codes. 

vCard QR code lets you easily share your contact details with attendees, prospects, and decision-makers. 

vCard is an excellent alternative to your traditional business card. This is one creative use of QR codes for networking events.

This option is in time to the current trend of heavy reliance on technology due to the pandemic. 

Once scanned, an attendee can directly save your contact details to your phone.

There is no need to manually type your phone number or name on their contact list.

Since the vCard QR code is dynamic, you can update or edit the information you embed even if you have already distributed the QR code. And there’s no need to create another vCard QR code.

7. Engage attendees and do a contest using a multi-URL QR code

Contests are an effortless way to increase attendee engagement at trade shows or roadshows. The trick is to do something creative and offer a grand prize to the winners.

You can integrate a QR code in your contest using the multi-URL QR code solution.

The multi-URL QR code allows users to get to different landing pages when they scan based on time, amount of scans, or location.

But for your contest, you can use the number of scans. You can give a grand prize to the 16th person who scans your QR code and consolation prizes to the first 15 scanners.

To do this, go to the multi-URL QR code menu and choose the number of scans.

Next, input a start URL to redirect the 15 scanners to your webpage containing a consolation reward. 

Under the amount of scans tab, input “15” since this is the number of scans before a user switches to another URL or web page containing the grand prize.

Then the 16th person who scans your multi-URL QR code will be redirected to a webpage where he can redeem the grand prize.

You need to add another (separate) URL or landing page for your 16th scanner, which will be redirected to the grand prize (you should set up the number of scans to 1 for the grand winner).

After the 16th scanner scans the QR code, you can add another URL to redirect the 17th beyond scanners to a different landing page.

After generating the multi-URL QR code, you can deploy it to your function space, where you will hold your business showcase event.

8. Google Form QR code for customer feedback

Customers are the driving force of your business.

So, it makes sense to keep in the loop with how your customer feels about your products, salespeople, or even your exhibition booth design to help you understand what elements of your show did and did not work.

But how do you effectively get feedback on the spot?

You can collect responses from your customers and event-goers using the Google Form QR code. 

You can make a Google form that includes the necessary information that needs to be filled out by the attendees. 

Next, copy the URL into the URL QR code generator and convert it. 

Once generated and deployed, the attendees can scan the QR code that will redirect them to the Google Form of your feedback survey.

They can easily fill it out using their smartphones while the experience is still fresh on their minds. 

This way, you can get feedback quickly with minimal effort and resources. You can also use your customer’s data as a contact list. 

How to make QR codes for your business showcase events

  1. Open QR TIGER QR code generator online 
  2. Select from the menu what type of QR code solution you need for your business showcase event
  3. Enter your data in the field below your chosen solution
  4. Choose whether static or dynamic
  5. Click “Generate QR code” and customize your QR code
  6. Choose multiple patterns and eyes, add a logo, and set colors to customize your QR code
  7. Download your QR code
  8. Test if it works
  9. Print and distribute your QR code

Advantages of using QR codes in business showcase events

With the use of QR codes, you can expect it to deliver results. Let’s learn more about the benefits you can get when using QR codes in your business showcase event.

The advantage of QR code integration in events is not only limited to business showcase events.

It extends beyond the business sector, as it can also benefit concerts and music festivals by innovating the ticketing system.

For instance, a Coachella QR code help event organizers to effectively and efficiently run a smooth-sailing live music festival.

Engage attendees

Customers want to be impressed, and technology can do that for you. A QR code offers your customers an interactive experience that gets them into action. 

With QR codes, they can uncover new information instantly without waiting for your salesperson to talk with them. They can even win prizes by simply scanning the QR code. 

Seamless information exchange

Seamless information transfer is vital as an added factor to having a better customer experience.

But with QR codes, your customers can easily access detailed information about your products using smartphones.

The more options you give customers to complete their purchasing journey, the more likely you will make sales in your business showcase events. 

Increase foot traffic

Engaging your attendees makes you more likely to have high foot traffic.

Integrating something new and digital into your product or contest drives more interest in your customers.

QR codes pique your attendees’ interest as they need to scan them to know what’s in store for them. 

Get high-quality leads and drives more sales

Most attendees visiting expos or shows are responsible for the buying decisions for their company. So getting a high-quality lead is essential.

With QR codes for exchanging contact details and getting survey feedback, you can identify quality or strong leads you can pursue. 

When you have the customer data who answered your survey, you can use this as a digital trail of which product this customer is interested in. Then you can retarget this customer with offers for a similar product. 

Using QR codes in engaging prospects will make a difference in securing a lead or making a sale. 

Increase brand recognition

QR code also helps you enhance your brand’s presence. Using the social media QR code, your customers will remember your brand since they have followed you during the event.

Because you used QR codes in contests, sharing files, and product demos, customers have a higher chance of recalling your brand even after the event. 

QR codes are very versatile and useful during events.

Aside from business showcases, they are also excellent at promoting artists and their artwork. To give life to their artworks, they can use QR codes for popup exhibits to lead the audience to the art’s digital dimension.

QR code best practices: How to use QR codes in business showcase events and maximize their uses

We will go over the best practices to maximize the use of QR codes in your next business showcase events.

Design is key

Make sure your QR code has appropriate color contrast to make it scannable. Remember that the foreground color of the QR code should be darker than the background color. 

Do not overdo the colors and patterns.

Design your QR codes with the end-users' convenience in mind. 

Add a logo, icon, or image

You are selling your products or services to your attendees, so adding a logo, icon, or image to your QR codes is a must-have. 

Help your attendees recall your brand or company name by making your QR code look professional and on-brand. 

Add a call to action

Have you ever wondered why customers forget to scan the QR code? It means that something is lacking.

By adding a call to action, bridge the gap of getting your QR code unnoticed. 

CTAs prompt your customer to scan the QR code and provide them a preview of what to expect after.

You can add a short, catchy phrase like “Scan Me to Win Prizes.”  

QR code must land on a mobile-optimized link

Since your customers use smartphones to scan the QR code, make sure your layout is optimized for mobile use.

It should also be easy to navigate, read, and load to avoid customer complaints. 

Strategic placement

Think about how your QR codes will be scanned. Is it scanned up close (product labels) or from afar (signage or banner)?

Consider the medium you used if it is possible for the customers to see and scan your QR code. So make sure that scanning your QR code is a stress-free experience for your customers.

Engaging business showcase events using QR codes: Showcase your business now with QR TIGER

Business showcase events are full of innovative companies and exciting new products. How can your brand separate itself from the crowd and grab attention? 

By offering a unique experience using QR codes, you can increase foot traffic to your booth and increase event ROI.

Kickstart your interactive business showcase event with the QR TIGER QR code generator!

We have the most advanced features as we make sure to update our software for a better experience constantly. 

For more information about QR code solutions, you may contact us today, and our team will be happy to assist you. 


How to make a QR code scanning tradeshow attendance? 

With the QR TIGER QR code generator, you can automate your attendance for trade show events with QR codes; for more information about this, you can contact QR TIGER today. 

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