How to Create a Coupon QR Code and Get Discounts

Update:  July 27, 2023
How to Create a Coupon QR Code and Get Discounts

A total of 142 million Americans are estimated to use coupons in 2023.

That said, how can you use QR codes to accelerate the shoppers’ coupon hunting?

One of the many reasons businesses have established a strong relationship with their customers is the promos and discounts they give them.

With today’s modern technological integration, they strengthen their coupon deployment to their loyal customers.

And one of these technological tools they consider is using QR codes.

If you are a retailer or shop owner and want to start your couponing mechanics with QR codes, here are the following basics that you need to be aware of.

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What is a Coupon QR code?

Coupon QR code

A coupon QR code is a solution that enforces digital coupons for customers to redeem the discounts offered.

They can be created using the URL QR code solution using the best dynamic QR code generator.

Retailers and businesses can employ three main types of coupons in their sale promos.

Time-limited Coupon

You may ask whether QR codes expire when it comes to coupons.

No, this QR code coupon can have a 5- to 24-hour validity. It can help businesses increase sales by letting time-limited coupons bind their customers.

Free Shipping Coupon

Online shopping is becoming dominant these days, so shipping products from the seller right to your door can be expensive. Because of that, shops that offer product shipping are employing free shipping coupons for their customers.

Patron’s Special Discount Coupon

The patron special discount coupon is honored by businesses to their customers who have always done business with them for a long time.

This type of coupon is specially made as a means of saying thank you to them.

QR code solutions you can use to create coupons

URL QR code

If you want your customers to directly redeem their discount when scanning the QR code to a URL, then generating a URL QR code is the best.

File QR code

If you want your customers to download and print a coupon, then uploading a coupon file QR code is a great way to do it.

H5 page

If you want to run a mini-program for your customers before they can redeem the coupon, using an H5 page is best.

Multi URL

For time-bounded and location-based coupons, using the Multi-URL QR code category is the best for usage.

To create one, you select the time field and proceed. Once you decide on the QR code category, fill in the required fields.

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How to make a Coupon QR code?

To make a coupon QR code, here are 6 simple steps you can follow.

1. Go to QR TIGER online

The first thing you need to do to create your QR code coupon is to open a credible QR code generator like QR TIGER.

QR TIGER is a functional and minimalistic QR code generator with an ad-free interface that allows people of all ages to generate their QR codes without interruptions.

This QR code maker has two notable factors that a user must consider when partnering with one: credibility to make legit QR codes and multiple options for use.

2. Select a QR code solution, then enter the needed details

After opening the QR code generator, continue selecting the category you want to embed your coupon with, then upload or enter the necessary data to create the QR code.

3. Generate

Now that you have picked the suitable QR code category for your coupons, you can generate your QR code.

For a more secure and longer QR code usage, we recommend you to create it as a dynamic QR code.

4. Customize your QR code

Once you have generated your QR code, proceed in customizing it by selecting a set of themes and designs or make your own by choosing the set of patterns, colors, and eye shapes.

For greater brand recognition, you can add your logo and call to action to get more scans.

5. Run a scan test

After customizing it, run a scan test to ensure the QR code redirects to the right content and early detects any errors. In this way, you can avoid a couponing disaster in your shop.

6. Download and deploy your QR code

Once satisfied with your scan test, you can continue downloading and deploying your QR code. If you plan to print them, downloading them in SVG format is the best way.

This format is built for maintaining high-quality QR code output.

Use cases of coupon QR codes

As couponing is one way for customers to save money when purchasing something, QR code coupons can be seen in these 5 notable use cases.

Book publications

One way to get your readers to buy the books you sell is by giving them a coupon with a reasonable discount.

Restaurants and bars

Delectable dishes and sumptuous meals would taste better when they’re discounted. Because of that, restaurants and bars are offering QR code coupon redemption for their loyal diners.

While at it, you can also integrate a QR code business card free of any hassle by manually typing in contact information to your phones to gather network.

Retail and wholesale shops

People love to shop at a store that offers freebies and discounts.

To increase the retail and wholesale shops’ product sales, putting up freebies or discounts for every item they buy at a certain number is one way to put it up.

By placing coupon QR codes in their products, they can let their customers hunt for the best deals at their shop.


Purchasing a product software can be pricey. As some of the software sold requires a yearly or monthly subscription, some software companies are putting up subscription sales into their products.

To add an element of surprise for the discounts they offer, some put a coupon QR code. Through the use of it, their customers can be elated in scanning a discount they can avail.

Consumer Goods

Coupons are made to discount people from buying essential consumer goods. As technology progresses, coupon QR codes are used in their paper bundles for customers to scan and redeem.

Because of their innovation, many consumable brands can sell their products faster.

Benefits of using Coupon QR codes

Aside from giving your customers a percentage off their purchase, here are 5 other benefits that coupon QR codes can give.

Fasten Coupon hunting

Since the integration of coupons in the products found in the market, coupon hunters can’t get enough of collecting coupons. Because of their coupon hunting gist, coupon QR codes are made.

By just placing them on their website and flyers, coupon hunting fastens.

Optimized for mobile use

QR code coupon redemption is optimized for mobile use. As most consumers own a smartphone, using a coupon QR code is great for them to use and redeem.

Promotes dual-platform marketing

QR codes can bridge two dominant marketing platforms — print and digital.

With QR codes in their sale promos, you can extend your business from print to digital platforms.


Unlike physical coupons, generating a QR code for it costs less. Using them can save you enough funds for your next launch, so creating one for your sale is great.

Editable content and trackable scans

Coupon QR codes are great for businesses because they can be edited and measured. As measuring the performance of the sales made is important, QR codes are great.

With dynamic QR codes, you can track your QR code in real time and know which area the scans are taken from.

Tips on how to make the most out of your QR code coupon

To make the most out of your coupon QR code, QR code experts recommend these 4 useful tips.

1. Keep a visually appealing QR code look

To maximize your QR code impressions and scannability rate, QR code experts recommend that users keep their QR codes with a visually appealing look.

Choose the best color palette for your QR code to have a visually appealing QR code look.

To select the best color palette, a color contrast rule is made.

The rule states: the foreground color is always should be darker than the background color.

Also, it is greatly discouraged to use light colors such as yellow and other pastel colors.

2. Consider the right QR code size and placement

QR code experts recommend choosing the right size and placement to scan your QR code easily. In selecting the right QR code size for paper, the minimum QR code size is 3 cm by 3 cm (1.18 in x1.18 in).

Placing your QR code at eye level and in areas where it will experience no crease or fold is best for a better scanning position.

3. Make a professional-looking QR code by customizing it

To make your QR code look professional, QR code experts encourage users to attach their logo and call to action to the QR code design.

Through this, customers will know where the coupon QR code belongs and what is the QR code about. Also, they can learn what information they can

4. Always print high-quality QR code outputs

Printing them in a high-quality format is the best way to avoid having a pixelated or blurred QR code output.

For you to print one, QR code experts recommend you download your QR code in SVG or EPS format.

Coupon QR codes — digitizing coupons with the use of QR code technology

Since couponing has shifted towards the digital era, using QR codes has become one of the businesses’ ways to make coupons.

Because of its usefulness to them, they can deliver a new way to express gratitude to their customers.

With the help of a professional QR code generator online, companies can turn their coupons into digital files and give customers a new way to use them.

To start your own QR code-powered coupon marketing strategy, try out QR TIGER’s advanced plans that are worth your dimes.

Or, if you like, you can start with our free trial to create a free dynamic QR code for your coupons.

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QR code coupon redemption

Your customers can directly redeem their discount when scanning the QR code to a URL.

You can convert the website URL where customers can redeem their discount into a URL QR code.

QR code redeem

Customers can redeem their coupons using QR codes.

You can use a URL QR code, a File QR code, or an H5 webpage for your coupon QR codes.

Use the most advanced QR code generator online, like QR TIGER, to make your coupon QR codes.

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