Digital Menu Ordering System: Scan, Order, & Pay

Update:  June 02, 2023
Digital Menu Ordering System: Scan, Order, & Pay

The success of your restaurant ultimately depends on a number of factors, among them your concept, location, offerings, staff, and business know-how.

If you want to establish a strong identity in the market and streamline operations, consider implementing a digital menu or online ordering system.

A digital menu eliminates the need for your customers to wait to get served. It allows them to place an order while seated comfortably at their tables.

Learn more about the features and benefits of a digital menu ordering system in this guide.

What can you do with a digital menu ordering system?

Going digital means that your restaurant’s purpose is to provide customers and potential diners with contemporary and convenient services.

According to DoorDash’s Restaurant Online Ordering Trends report, at least 43% of consumers prefer ordering online through a restaurant’s website or app. But having a digital menu ordering system is just the first step in satisfying customers.Digital menu ordering systemYour customers have expectations when using an online ordering system.

They look for specific features such as a good ordering experience, multiple payment options, and the ability to customize orders. 

Here are some digital menu ordering best practices for your restaurant business.

Create a website for your restaurant

Build an online presence for your restaurant with a custom-made website.

Your website can include an interactive restaurant menu QR code software to expand your business’s reach.

A restaurant website allows you to promote your business online and interact with a broader audience without having to physically interact with them.

You can post a link to your website on local business and restaurant directories and the like.

Customize your menu QR code

Keep your branding consistent by incorporating a QR code menu with your restaurant’s logo.

Furthermore, implementing a QR menu to increase your key medium for engaging with customers while also giving your brick-and-mortar restaurant personality is a wonderful marketing strategy.

Create a user-friendly ordering page

menu QR code table tentCustomers can use their smartphones to scan items on an easy-to-use website for an online ordering system.

Fortunately, you can create a restaurant website that incorporates an online QR menu and allows you to communicate with customers online.

Manage multiple restaurant branches in one account

If you own different branches, you don’t need to create separate accounts for each location. You can oversee the general operations of each branch in one account.

Cross-sell and upsell options are available

Add a promotions section to your website as an upselling strategy, where you can promote your most popular and best-selling food deals. You can also provide meal options to combine with your best-selling dishes as a cross-selling strategy for your business.

Offer multiple payment options

The majority of customers choose to pay for their orders via electronic banking. You must offer mobile payment integrations so that you may receive payments from customers more easily.

Track sales, revenue, and customer data

A digital menu ordering system comes with a dashboard that lets you keep track of sales and income data. This helps you recognize patterns and plan for future strategies.

Integrate a QR menu ordering fulfillment system

An ordering fulfillment system can be used by restaurant owners to track and manage customer orders.QR menu orderingFurthermore, in an organized and structured restaurant, this is a means of processing diner meal orders.

Take advantage of an unlimited ordering system

need to pay a QR menu developer for every order placed; with an unlimited ordering system, your restaurant may maximize its profits.

Easily integrate with POS systems

As one of digital menu ordering best practices, it lets you integrate seamlessly with point-of-sale (POS) systems to facilitate transactions.

Profile your customers for a more personalized service

You can save customer information such as email addresses, phone numbers, order history, and preferences using this tool.Customer details in a tablet

This will allow you to execute retargeting campaigns, build reward programs, and deliver a more personalized experience to new and returning customers.

Get feedback and generate report

Create strategic reports based on the feedback you’ve received from consumers and look for innovative methods to serve your customers’ needs.

How to create a digital menu using MENU TIGER

With MENU TIGER, you can easily create a digital menu for your restaurant business. Simply follow these steps:

1. Sign up and create an account with MENU TIGER

On the sign-up page, fill in the required information, such as the restaurant’s name, owner information, email address, and phone number. To be confirmed, the password must be typed twice.

Best menu QR code software

2. Go to Stores and set up your store name 

Click New to create a new store and provide the name, address, and phone number.Menu QR code integration

3. Customize your menu QR code

By clicking Customize QR, you may change the QR code pattern, colors, eye pattern and color, frame design, color, and call-to-action text, as well as include your restaurant’s logo to help with brand identification.

Custom menu QR code

4. Set the number of tables 

Enter the number of tables in your establishment that require a menu QR code.

Table number QR code

5. Add additional users and admin of your stores

Click Add under the Users icon. Fill in any additional users’ or administrators’ first and last names. Choose an access level. An Admin can use all of the software’s features, whilst a User can just track orders.Menu QR adminThen type in your email address, password, and password confirmation. After that, you will receive a verification email.

6. Setup your menu categories and food list 

Select Foods, then Categories, then New on the Menu panel to add new categories like salad, main meal, dessert, drinks, and so on.Menu QR code list

To construct the menu list, go to the specific category and select New after you’ve added the categories. Each food list might include descriptions, prices, ingredient warnings, and other information.

7. Add modifiers

Toggle the Menu panel to Modifiers, then click Add. Create modifier groups for salad dressings, drinks add-ons, steak doneness, cheese, sides, and other menu item customizations.Menu QR code modifier

8. Personalize your restaurant website 

Personalize your restaurant website using the features of MENU TIGER. You can add a cover image, restaurant name, address, email, and phone number.

QR code restaurant page

9. Download each QR code you have generated for each table. 

Go back to the Store section and download and deploy your QR code in each respective table.

Table menu QR code

10. Track and fulfill orders

You can keep track of your orders in the Orders panel.

Track menu QR code

Customer ordering from a digital menu: A how-to guide

Customers can conveniently place their orders using the digital menu in three ways:

Scanning a digital menu with an Android phone.

  1. Let the customer open their smartphone device.
  2. Tap the camera icon on the screen.
  3. Place the rearview camera over the QR code.
  4. Scan the code.
  5. Click the link embedded on the code and open the digital menu.
  6. Proceed to place an order.

Digital menu ordering through iPhone scan

1. In the iOS camera app, point the rearview camera towards the QR code.Scan menu QR code iphone

2. When the scanning is finished, a notification will display. This will normally direct you to your hotel’s online ordering page.Online ordering page

3. If you’re experiencing problems scanning QR codes, go to the Settings app and turn on QR scanning.Menu QR code scanning

Using a Google Lens app to scan a digital menu QR code

  1. Open the Google Lens app on your phone.
  2. Scan the QR code with the rearview camera.
  3. Allow it to scan the code and access the URL embedded within it.
  4. Use the digital menu link to place an order.
  5. Wait for the staff to complete the orders of the consumers.

How to create a website for an online food ordering system

You can design a website for your restaurant’s online food ordering system using your MENU TIGER account. A website can be used to showcase your restaurant’s best-sellers, make announcements, and more.

 To customize your website, follow these steps:

1. Register for a MENU TIGER account.

2. Go to the Website section. Then, in General, settings, add a cover image and the restaurant’s name, address, email, and phone number. Choose the language(s) and currency(s) accepted by the establishment.

3. Enter your website’s title and tagline after enabling the Hero Section. Localize in your preferred languages.

4. Enable the About section, upload an image, and then write a story about your restaurant, which you may later localize in additional languages if you like.

5. Click and enable the Promos section to enable various campaigns and promotions that your restaurant is currently running.

6. To see best-sellers, trademark dishes, and distinctive items, go to Most Popular Foods. Select an item from the Most Popular Foods list, then click “Featured” and “Save” to make it the homepage’s featured item.

7. Why Choose Us is a tool that enables you to educate your clients about the benefits of dining at your establishment.

8. In the Fonts and Colors section, you may match the fonts and colors on your website to your brand.

Best practices of a digital menu ordering system in marketing your restaurant

A restaurant can be advertised in a variety of ways, in addition to developing an interactive restaurant menu for your consumers. To attract new customers, several of these approaches use social media to publicize a new culinary concept or even post teasers across the area.

Here’s a rundown of the best ways to make a profit from your digital menu ordering system.

Use social media to your advantage.

You can promote your restaurant not only through websites but also through social media platforms. In essence, the social media platform is a separate platform through which you may market and promote your company. It also appeals to a broader target demographic with distinct social media interests and preferences.

For example, you may have a separate social media account for your vegan cuisine restaurant, taco joint, ice cream shop, and so on. You can open an Instagram account and post photos of your food to whet Instagram users’ appetites. You can, on the other hand, create a Facebook profile and use local restaurant pages to promote your business.

Email marketing is a good way to get in touch with people.

Email marketing is a great way to get the word out about your business. With a digital menu ordering system, you may save customer information such as their email address, phone number, order history, and preferences.

As a result, you may use customized emails to reach out to clients and sell the menu of your restaurant. You might also provide them with coupons and discounts.

Using the obtained pertinent customer information, your restaurant can run retargeting advertisements, offer customer loyalty, and give efficient service to new and returning customers.

Invite some local bloggers and influencers to participate.

Using bloggers and influencers as part of your marketing strategy is another way to promote your restaurant. You can reach out to local bloggers and influencers and ask them to spread restaurant-related content.

For example, an Instagram influencer can promote your vegan restaurant by uploading photos and pushing their followers to try it. You can, on the other hand, employ bloggers to write about your restaurant and your culinary abilities.

You will be able to market your restaurant as a result of their influence.

Make sure your restaurant is featured on local food apps.

One way to promote your restaurant is to get it featured on local or national food apps. These culinary apps are also popular among smartphone users looking for the best restaurants in their area.

Assume your restaurant has a presence on food-related applications. In that situation, your target audience will almost certainly use the app to find a restaurant without having to trawl through voluminous directories or ask locals for advice.

Connect your business to some of your favorite culinary apps and register on their websites to take advantage of the rise of mobile technology. It ensures that you do not lose any potential customers as a result of this.

Make the most profit out of your digital menu ordering system

MENU TIGER’s digital menu or online ordering system may help you advertise and sell gourmet products on your menu if you’re a restaurant owner looking to stand out.

Modernizing your restaurant processes can help you increase your revenue.

You may collect consumer data analytics with the menu dashboard, allowing you to know what your restaurant’s most popular and greatest combo meals are.

Learn how to maximize your profits by understanding the key characteristics of a digital menu ordering system. Being a clever restaurateur will help you make the most money from your restaurant menu.

Contact us today to learn more about MENU TIGER.

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