Resell QR Codes as an Agent to Your Customers: An Overview of QR TIGER’s Enterprise and Premium Plans

Update:  August 19, 2023
Resell QR Codes as an Agent to Your Customers: An Overview of QR TIGER’s Enterprise and Premium Plans

A lot of marketing agencies have been approaching QR TIGER asking, “How to resell QR codes as an agent to your customers?” To effectively resell QR codes, marketers should learn about the QR code generators’ products, features, and subscription plans first.

QR codes have continued to be leveraged effectively by businesses for the past couple of years.

They’re displayed on coupons, product packaging, receipts, business cards, posters, digital displays, and other marketing materials.

Statista even reported that QR code marketing was accessed by 45% of shoppers aged between 18 to 29 years old in 2021.

If you’re still in doubt, 97% of Americans widely use smartphones, so QR code marketing campaigns are one effective way to increase the demand for innovative marketing, both online and offline.

Because of this, there’s also some stiff competition between the best QR code software out there.

One thing’s for sure. It would be hard to use a QR code generator we know little about.

That said, we will give you the important details about QR TIGER’s top plans.

We’ll walk you through the features and other stand-out offers that you can use when selling QR codes to your clients. 

Take note of the details about our most sought-after premium and enterprise-level plans.

QR TIGER’s Enterprise Plan: Products, features, and pricing

QR tiger

The enterprise feature of QR TIGER is one of the most advanced and investment-worthy versions among other known QR code software to date.

With the enterprise plan, users are given their own white-label QR code generator.

They’ll have their own dashboard, login system, QR code campaign tracking page, and more, personalized with their own brand.

This not only helps your business but other businesses you can sell the QR code service. 

Users are given tiered access, advanced software features, brand integrations, and QR TIGER’s advanced security measures to safeguard your business and clients’ information from cyberattacks.

QR code products offered

QR code products

Users can generate our static and dynamic QR code solutions, create them in bulk, or with API requests specified.

QR TIGER offers 15 effective QR code solutions, namely URL, vCard, file, social media, menu, H5 editor, Wi-Fi, MP3, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, email, text, and our very own multi-URL QR code.

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Businesses can even generate as many QR codes as they want and use our wide selection of Scan Me’ QR code frames to align their codes with their brand.

Considering the dynamics of marketing campaigns, it’s important that you choose a QR code software plan that can keep up with your business needs.

QR TIGER’s enterprise tier can do exactly that.

Subscription plan features and integrations for digital marketing

QR code white label

Ever heard of white labeling? How about a multiple-user-operated dashboard?

In QR TIGER’s enterprise plan, our clients can enjoy white labeling features.

They can completely take over the QR TIGER software with their own brand.

You will see this on the dashboard, such as footers, URL domains, or even logos, for a more personalized interface.

Our enterprise plan also allows users to add more users or sub-accounts to manage the dashboard.

They can assign their own admin, set up account passwords, and access each other’s dashboards.

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Other than that, our QR code generator also offers brand integrations for your CRM and other relevant application software.

We have Zapier, HubSpot, and Google Analytics.

Clever, right? But that doesn’t end there.

We also offer other services that we know are useful for any digital marketing endeavors, such as:

  • Retargeting and remarketing;
  • Brand integrations for CRM and traffic analytics;
  • Real-time data tracking;
  • Edit QR code-embedded content;
  • Error correction;
  • Email notification, and more.

This is QR TIGER’s way of ensuring that our clients are getting the best out of their enterprise experience.

Price range

QR TIGER comes with a tiered pricing deal.

This means that users can only pay for the QR code solutions, features, and integrations that they’re willing to use. There is no specific price range.

This is a smart choice considering that with the digital marketing trend nowadays, it is essential to get a hold of tech-savvy tools that guarantee unlimited and flexible functionality.

And, of course, our enterprise plan has got you covered on that one.

But to really get to know QR TIGER’s enterprise plan, the best thing to do is contact our support team and ask them for more details.

You can also schedule a demo to really feel the experience before jumping into the enterprise journey.

QR TIGER’s Premium-level plan: QR code solutions, features, and pricing

If you’re a marketing agent who’s been asked for a practical alternative to QR TIGER’s enterprise plan, then here’s your answer.

Offering similar features and deals as to that of our enterprise, our premium plan can still provide customers with a top-tier experience even with less advanced tools and user access.

Number of generatable QR code solutions

Compared to our enterprise plan, the premium-level generatable dynamic QR codes are up to 600 each year, which can be scanned and downloaded without limits.

Our clients can also enjoy the customization tools and save their QR code design as a template for future use.

Aside from that, users can also have 10,000 API requests per month and generate QR codes in bulk.

Available software features

Software features

Thus, users can track QR code analytics in real-time, edit or update embedded content, make use of error correction features, set up a password-protected QR code, turn on email notifications, etc.

Other than that, here are a few good QR code features available at QR TIGER’s premium plan:

  • Retargeting tools;
  • Brand integrations;
  • White label;
  • QR code expiry feature.

Price range

QR code price

The catch? We’re only giving it out to customers for only 37 USD per month which is billed annually.

Now, most prospective customers may think that this is too much, but let them think again.

Considering the number of dynamic QR code solutions offered, brand integrations included, software features provided, and the security measures and certifications complied, this is actually lesser than what customers are getting.

In fact, this is even better than all the other QR code software premium plan deals you can find in the online market these days.

Enterprise vs. Premium plan: Where should you invest?

Enterprise and premium

Certainly, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation.

While our enterprise plan is best for businesses looking to manage multiple establishments in one account,  the premium plan is more practical for small to medium businesses that want their own dedicated and reliable QR code generator.

Whichever plan you wish to avail yourself — enterprise or premium — you can rest assured that if you get it from QR TIGER, you’ll be using the best tools for an effective digital marketing strategy.

Ready to team up with us for your next QR code campaign? Contact us and send your emails here.

Or if you want a first-hand experience with our software, simply take on our free trial and get started.


Can non-profit organizations get free enterprise access?

The enterprise feature is our most advanced solution. You can try it free for 14 days, after which you may subscribe to a regular Enterprise account.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay through Stripe or PayPal. You can also pay via PayPal without signing up for PayPal.

What does the “Access” checkbox do?

The access checkbox is where you can grant sub-users access to the main account or to other sub-users' dashboards.

Can I add more dynamic QR codes for my premium plan?

If you need more than 600 dynamic QR codes and can’t upgrade to Enterprise yet, you can buy additional dynamic QR codes through a Premium plan which costs USD 0.75 per dynamic QR code valid for 1 year.

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