How to Use QR Codes on Flyers and Brochures

Update:  April 05, 2024
How to Use QR Codes on Flyers and Brochures

They say print media is dead now that digital tools are in the picture.

But with QR codes on flyers and brochures, you can give life to your printed marketing materials.

Since the development of the digital age, many businesses have opted to switch to online marketing, e-commerce, and software like a QR code generator for multi-platform marketing strategies.

It’s easy to say that printed marketing materials are getting downtime.

However, during the Retail Flyer Forum in Canada, retailers strongly claimed that digital platforms wouldn’t replace flyers and brochures.

Printed promotional materials remain effective to this day.

Considering this, you could remain torn between the print and digital dilemma, or you can choose to merge both the digital and print strategies.

Use a QR code on your marketing materials, and you’ll have the convenience of digital tools and the engaging factor of print materials in one ad.

QR codes for flyers and brochures: How does it work?

Flyers QR code

QR codes can store alphanumeric information, links, files, and texts. And these are all accessible simply by scanning the code with a smartphone. 

When incorporated into your business flyers and brochures, these QR code solutions can function as a portal to various marketing platforms such as your website, landing page, social media, downloadable files, app stores, and more.

Running a QR code-powered marketing campaign brings positive impacts to your business.

Digital marketers and businesses saw more significant traffic, better engagement, and more conversions in their campaigns with the help of QR codes, which can be directly related to the yearly growth of QR code usage globally.

Innovative use cases of brochures and flyers with QR codes

QR TIGER, the free QR code generator online, offers numerous QR code solutions that you can effectively use for your flyers and brochures.

Here are some of the practical ideas for your brochures and flyers with QR code campaign. Feel free to scan these QR code flyer example to see how they actually work:

1. Portal to online stores and social media sites

Social media QR code

The social media QR code solution lets you embed the links to your social media accounts and online stores.

Adding this dynamic QR code to your printed ads allows you to run social media marketing strategies and promote e-commerce shops effectively.

You can embed your Etsy, Shopify, eBay, and social media handles. 

By printing a social media QR code for flyers and brochures, you’ll immediately have a portal to your online platforms, increasing your impressions, engagement, and even sales. 

2. Reroute to business website

You can also leverage the URL QR code solution.

As the name implies, this digital tool enables you to convert any URL into a QR code, allowing the website to be easily accessible.

This strategy is another way also to boost your business website marketing strategy.

Once scanned, the URL QR code will immediately lead your scanners to your website, where they can engage with your content.

3. Lead to a custom digital promo page

Promo QR code

One of the most popular QR code solutions from QR TIGER is the landing page QR code.

You can create and customize your landing page using this solution without programming and coding.

With this dynamic QR code solution, you can easily add elements for an appealing customized mobile-optimized page.

You can put images, videos, links, and texts to your flyer with QR code.

This works best, especially if you need a last-minute promotional page optimized for mobile users.

4. Direct to downloadable files

You can also use the QR code flyer campaign to dispense files to your target audience.

Real estate agencies can use this tool to conveniently provide interested clients with PDF files of their property listings.

The files will be a scan away; they no longer need to access websites, screenshot or copy-paste the content, and manually save them.

The File QR code solution enables you to convert any file format into a QR code that is downloadable as well.

This includes images, videos, and audio files.

5. Boost event attendees via online registration

Dispense your event flyers and brochures with QR codes to various locations.

This will be a great strategy to promote your events and increase the number of attendees.

Use the Google Form QR code on your flyers to easily direct audiences to your online registration page. They can then fill it out on their smartphones.

It’s easy to access and reduces the hassle of promoting your upcoming business events.

6. Optimize app installs with App Store QR code

Another smart use case of QR codes is that it leads you to app stores for a convenient installing process.

Nike used the same QR code campaign to promote their Nike App and boost downloads.

The app store QR code solution offers a better alternative to your traditional app marketing campaign.

Adding them to your business flyers and brochures allows you to connect to your customers and increase your app installs.

7. Increase the email list

According to statistics, email marketing helps businesses to get a $42 RIO for each dollar spent in the campaign.

You can improve these digits by integrating QR codes into your email marketing.

You can easily deploy the code on your flyers, distribute them to the public, and increase your chances of having more subscribers to your newsletters.

How to add a QR code to a flyer and brochure with the best QR code generator

Interested in knowing how to put a QR code on a flyer or brochure?

Here’s what you got to do: choose a reliable QR code generator.

Go for one that gives you the liberty of creating QR codes with advanced features, integrations, and security for your campaigns.

Your best bet? QR TIGER QR code generator.

You can generate QR codes using QR TIGER for free. You’ll get to enjoy QR code campaigns with unlimited scans that have no expiry.

And if you want to enjoy more perks and features for your business flyers and brochures, you can dive into their tiered plans.

At QR TIGER, you can generate dynamic QR codes that are highly functional for your marketing campaigns.

This type of QR code is editable and trackable, which also comes with many functions for your digital marketing needs.

To create a dynamic QR code for your flyer and brochure marketing, here’s what you should do:

  1. Select a QR code solution for your campaign
  2. Enter the required data, then click Generate Dynamic QR code
  3. Personalize your QR code using the customization tools provided
  4. Run a test scan to check for errors
  5. Download in SVG and deploy on marketing materials

Saving your QR code in SVG format means you’ll have a high-definition QR code image.

SVG images are scalable images. You can upsize or downsize your QR code image without affecting its quality.

This makes your QR code image to be highly readable no matter its size and distance from the scanner.

How to add a QR code to a flyer on Canva

Canva flyer QR code

With QR TIGER, it's very easy to create a brochure or flyer with QR code.

You don’t have to download and add QR codes to your Canva designs manually.

Using the integration, you can easily navigate through the software, and you’ll be able to find your QR code campaigns from QR TIGER.

To activate this, here’s what you should do:

  1. Go to your account settings on QR TIGER.
  2. Copy your API key.
  3. Open your Canva account using the same device.
  4. Create a design and choose a template.
  5. On the design interface, navigate to the easy-access tools on the left side of the screen. Tap More.
  6. Type QR TIGER on the search bar and click on the icon.
  7. Paste your API key. Click Continue.

Why should you integrate QR codes on flyers and brochures?

At QR TIGER, users can generate two types of QR codes: static and dynamic.

Static QR codes are free, permanent, and scannable with no limits.

Dynamic QR codes, however, require you to subscribe to one of our plans before you can generate them — unless you sign up for the free trial version.

But here’s a thing, it would surely pay off.

Dynamic QR codes come with numerous perks that you can use for every type of digital campaign.

When integrated into your flyers and brochure marketing, the dynamic QR codes can function as an all-in-one marketing tool.

Here are more note-worthy perks of starting a QR code flyer design campaign:

Trackable scans

With QR TIGER’s database, you’ll be able to track the following:

  • total number of scans
  • the location of the QR code scanner
  • the time and date when the QR code was scanned
  • the device used to scan

All these reports will help you estimate the efficacy of your QR code campaign, allowing you to make decisive moves to make it better.

Compatible with multi-platform advertising

QR codes are a versatile tool. You can display them on printed materials or with your digital ads.

Either way, the QR codes are still scannable wherever you place them.

Changeable data

You don’t have to create a new campaign and delete the previous ones if you want to change the landing pages of your QR.

No need to pay extra for a new set of flyers and brochures.

It’s practical because you can easily update or change your QR code campaigns anytime.

Ideal for mobile users

The QR code landing pages are optimized for all smartphone users.

Once your QR code campaigns are scanned, viewers won’t have difficulty reading, navigating, and accessing your content using their phones.

Design your next QR code campaigns with QR TIGER today

You can now easily merge digital and printed marketing materials with QR codes and the best QR code generator, like QR TIGER QR code generator.

QR TIGER helps businesses and marketers have a marketing campaign that converts and retains customers.

So, if you want to create QR codes on flyers and brochures campaigns, you can check out our QR code solutions and choose one of our tiered prices now.

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