Best QR Codes in E-Commerce Use-Cases for 2024

Update:  December 12, 2023
Best QR Codes in E-Commerce Use-Cases for 2024

Since many people shop online, how can QR codes in e-commerce help improve your marketing results? What are the creative ways to use them?

Mobile consumption rose to 95% last year, and retail e-commerce sales are expected to have a $4.13 trillion revenue in that year. Because of the increase in mobile usage across the globe, the e-commerce industry is in its sales glory.

But as online shopping can be a hassle for every mobile consumer, QR codes have become a marketing tool for boosting their sales by connecting physical consumers to the digital space.

Best uses of QR codes in e-commerce

With its scan-to-view steps, customers can enjoy their shopping experience conveniently and smartly.

If you are in the e-commerce industry, there are 10 ways how to boost your marketing results in eCommerce with QR codes.

1. Direct customers to your online shopping site using the URL QR code

The first way to boost your marketing results with QR codes in e-commerce is by directing your customers to your online shopping site using a URL QR code.

Url QR code

By directing them to your website, you can increase your site traffic which is a crucial metric in measuring your marketing results.

To do one, you can place a website QR code in your products, shopping tags, and thank you cards.

For an editable QR code solution, use a dynamic QR code generator so you can make changes or update your QR code landing page anytime.

2. Place one QR code for all of your social media handles

Social media QR code

A social media QR code or the link in bio QR code connects all your social media apps using one QR code.

This allows you to maximize your online followers and subscribers in the digital space.

Social media also plays an important role in improving one’s business marketing results.

As we are moving towards virtual engagements, one way to connect with your customers is by placing one QR code for all your social media handles.

In this way, your customers will no longer need to individually type your usernames on different social media sites and jump right into connecting with your brand.

For example, if you are operating an online shop on Etsy, you can simply embed your online shop URL along with your social media links in one QR code.

A social Etsy QR code increases your online visibility as customers can easily go to your online shop or follow your shop’s social media pages by scanning the code.

If you’re an independent online shop owner on Shopify, you can increase web traffic and sales while boosting your social media engagement at the same time using the social Shopify QR code

Then you can place your social media QR code in your product packaging, store windows, or on your homepage.

3. Create a giveaway panel with QR codes

One way to improve your marketing results with QR codes in e-commerce is to run a giveaway panel with it.

To do one, you can use a Multi URL QR code and place the giveaway you want to give to your loyal customers.

A multi URL QR code embeds multiple URLs in one code that redirects users to different landing pages based on their time of scanning, location, language, and number of scans.

Using it, you can set the exciting prizes you want to give to your customers when scanning them.

4. Put them on your product packaging

Product packaging QR code

To improve your marketing results, placing a QR code into your product packaging is great.

By doing one, you can save more resources from making an additional paper for your product information guides and other important data that can link to your shopping site.

5. Post a video QR code on store windows, billboards, and flyers

Video QR code

With today’s marketing effort, placing a step-by-step marketing hack for eCommerce on paper is not enough for some customers to learn.

Because of that, many eCommerce retailers are incorporating the use of compelling videos in promoting their products and generating more sales than traditional ones.

As video marketing is one of the proven means to create more sales today, it is great to embed the video into a QR code.

In placing your video QR code, select an area of your physical store where people will easily find them, rent a billboard sign, or add it to your promotional flyers for closer engagements with people.

6. Add a Google Maps QR code for your physical store branches

Google maps QR code

In the e-commerce industry, it is still important for shoppers to know the address of the online store they love to shop.

As some shoppers still prefer to go to physical stores, giving the location of the nearest physical store is the best.

To give the location of your physical stores, you can attach a Google Maps QR code to your website or flyers, advertising posts, and more.

7. Create a coupon QR code for your loyal shoppers

Shopping is not complete with redeeming any discounts redeemed from the store they are loyally shopping with.

Since getting discounts is important for loyal shoppers, the use of QR codes in e-commerce can help shops improve their marketing results. One way to do so is by creating a coupon QR code for it and applying it in your e-commerce email marketing campaign.

With the use of a coupon QR code, your customers can easily scan the discount they can get and boost your engagement with them.

8. Make a convenient add-to-cart QR code to check out later

As shoppers enter a new shopping experience, navigating through an online shopping platform can be difficult for them to manage.

Also, they may stumble upon some knock-off products along the way. Because of that, legit shop owners campaign online shoppers to buy authentic products from trusted stores.

One way to do this is by making a product QR code that shoppers that is ready for them to add to their cart and check it out later.

By using it, shoppers can conveniently directly go to the product without the need to search for it on the platform.

9. Add a designated feedback QR code for your customers

Google form QR code

Getting the shopper’s feedback on their shopping experience with your shop is important.

As it can reflect the shop’s performance, the use of a feedback QR code is great for easy opinion access for customers and shop owners.

By letting their customers scan and write their opinion about their experience, shop owners can easily grab their ideas and apply them in their service.

10. Create an interactive page QR code for your promos.

Another way to improve your marketing results with QR codes in e-commerce is by creating an interactive landing page of QR codes for your promos.

To do one, you can add a mini-game where your product usage is unpacked or interactively announce a product promo.

In this way, you can let your customers enjoy their product hunting.

Benefits of using QR codes for e-commerce

As e-commerce is the future of shopping, the use of QR codes is the future of information unpacking.

By combining their usage to improve your marketing results, here are five notable advantages that you can get in using it.

1. Provide easy sales lead generation

With today’s tight competition, finding new means to create more sales leads easily is necessary.

Through the use of it, you can know which platforms your sales lead comes from and formulate a new way how to improve your marketing approach with it.

With the use of a dynamic QR code tracking feature, you can automate your sales lead generation and track where the sales lead conversion happens.

2. Data is editable and trackable

One thing that the use of QR codes brings to marketers is that the data is editable.

Especially when you use dynamic QR codes, you can always update or edit your QR code data following the solution it possesses.

In this way, marketers can avoid any mistake by changing the data even if it is deployed already.

Furthermore, with dynamic QR codes, you can also track your QR code data scans and get an understanding of how many of your target audience have scanned the QR code and interacted with it.

3. Requires less money to make

Unlike any other marketing method, creating a QR code-powered marketing campaign requires less money to make.

With its data embedding capability, marketers can add more information than physical marketing materials can hold.

Thus, making their marketing efforts more successful with complete information distribution.

4. Give convenient information access

With 59% of the global population that has access to the internet, the power that QR codes can give to them is within their reach.

Through its scan and view feature, people can conveniently gain access to the information the QR code holds.

Because of that, the use of QR codes in e-commerce is great for reaching out to customers and improving your marketing results.

5. Future company marketing research reference

One thing marketers always do to improve their marketing results is to look for a better marketing strategy that they can use in the future.

With the use of dynamic QR codes in e-commerce, its data is can be used as a future marketing research reference.

Through the use of its QR code scan statistics, marketers can easily know what technique works or which technique needs improvements.

How to create a QR code for your e-commerce business

To use the QR codes in e-commerce, here are the following simple steps that you can follow.

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online

A QR code generator is important in starting a QR code-powered campaign or business. Without it, you cannot improve your marketing techniques.

QR TIGER QR code generator online is the best choice to choose when creating your QR code.

Thanks to its simple and easy-to-navigate QR code generation interface, anyone can make a QR code.

2. Select the QR code category and fill in the required fields

After opening the QR code generator, proceed to select the content you want to place into your QR code and fill in the required fields.

As the use of QR codes is no longer limited to inputting a URL or text, there are various QR code types that you can use in e-commerce.

3. Generate a dynamic QR code

Once you have selected and filled in the required fields, continue generating your QR code.

As competition in business is inevitable, generating it into a dynamic QR code is highly recommended by marketers and businessmen.

4. Customize your QR code

To get more scans with your QR code, it is great to customize its design by choosing the best theme or building your own by choosing the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors.

You can also add your logo for a more branded QR code look.

5. Run a QR code test

After customizing your QR code, you must run a QR scan test before downloading and displaying it.

In this way, you can ensure the information you embed is correct and is scannable after many scans.

6. Download and display your QR code

Once you are satisfied with your QR code scan test, you can download your QR code and display them.

If you are planning to put them on paper, it is advisable to download your QR code in SVG or EPS format.

When putting it on to your digital platform, downloading it in PNG form is great to use.

QR codes in e-commerce: A futuristic tool for the future of the e-commerce industry

E-commerce has always been dubbed as the future of the retail and wholesale business industry.

With more and more people doing things online, the e-commerce industry needs to improve its marketing results.

With the help of QR code software like QR TIGER, you can start your e-commerce journey with QR codes and add a competitive edge to your marketing means with it.

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