Restaurant Trend: The Growing Interest in Designing eMenu Apps

Update:  May 29, 2023

eMenu apps (sometimes spelled as “e-menu” or “emenu”) are a modernized way of serving restaurant customers.

As an alternative to printed menus, eMenus allows customers to scan and read an online version of the restaurant’s menu on their smartphone devices.

According to statistics, restaurant patrons are increasingly interested in using apps to accomplish everything, from placing meal orders to using an online ordering website.

Using eMenu apps allows restaurants to save time and money while conducting their operations.

According to the Pew Research Center, when conducting errands, Americans are more connected to the world of digital information via smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets and iPads.

Given this data, restaurant owners should consider integrating an eMenu app into their operations in order to provide customers with more streamlined services.

The need of restaurants to rapidly grow their mobile ordering with an eMenu app

Restaurants have grown accustomed to serving their customers with a traditional handheld menu.

However, when it comes to updating restaurant operations, some of these enterprises rely on costly developers to build a white-label domain for their restaurants. 

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software, on the other hand, allows you to create a white-label domain without having to pay a costly fee as your restaurant’s emenu app.asian restaurant menu qr tiger table tentMENU TIGER is an interactive restaurant menu QR code program that allows you to establish a white-label restaurant website as well as an easy-to-navigate online ordering page.

It also allows your business to build separate QR menus for each table, making it easier to serve potential clients.

Why you should use an eMenu app powered by MENU TIGER

User-friendly interface

MENU TIGER is a digital menu system with an easy-to-use interface for creating your online menu, customizing QR codes, and fulfilling orders real-time.drinking smoothie menu qr tiger table tentBusinesses can also easily design their own restaurant website with its simple navigation system.

Easy QR code customization

edting qr code menu tiger website MENU TIGER enhances your restaurant’s branding by allowing you to customize your contactless QR code menu. You can set the colors of its eyes and patterns, add your brand logo, and insert a call-to-action phrase.

Custom-built restaurant website

menu qr tiger website MENU TIGER lets you create and customize your restaurant website. It also allows you to develop an easy-to-use online ordering page for your restaurant’s eMenu app.

As a result, a restaurant website aids in the development of your restaurant’s internet presence and identity. 

Integrates with online payment methods and POS systems

MENU TIGER also offers Stripe and PayPal online payment integrations, as well as a Clover POS connectivity for both physical and online tiger payment integration Basically, MENU TIGER digital menu software uses Clover POS connectors to help you develop a digital menu system for your restaurant.

The software aids your restaurant’s digital expansion by combining administration and kitchen operations into a single software that provides a customized scannable menu QR code.

Manage multiple branches in a single account

menu tiger multiple branch
MENU TIGER allows you to manage many restaurant branches from a single account, as well as establish a complete and real-time order fulfillment system that does not charge a commission for its services.

It forces you to give your management and kitchen workers access to specialized and distinct workloads.

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How to create an eMenu app for your restaurant

When designing an eMenu app, keep in mind that each component must be related to the others.

For example, by putting an accent color into your menu QR code, the color of your logo should be able to express its essence and significance to your business.

Here’s how to use MENU TIGER to construct an eMenu app for your business:

1. By signing up and creating an account with MENU TIGER, you will be able to create an        account. 

sign up account menu tiger
2. Go to Stores and give your store a name.add stores in menu tiger
3. Design your QR code menu and add your brand logo.customize qr code menu tiger
4. Determine the number of tables in your restaurant where you will place the unique menu QR codes.add number of tables menu tiger
5. Add users and administrators in each of your stores.add users menu tiger
6. Make menu categories and set the stores where it will show.add categories menu tiger
7. Add food items in each category. To convert more sales, describe the dishes you’re offering, add ingredient warnings and modifiers, and recommend other food.
add food items menu tiger 
8. Set the modifiers such as add-ons, extras, toppings, etc.
add modifiers menu tiger
9. Create a custom-built website for your restaurant.
create a custom-built restaurant website menu tiger10. Return to the Store and download your QR code, which you should place on each table.
download menu qr code menu tiger11. Keep track of the orders in the dashboard.
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Tips in designing a digital menu app for restaurants

Here are some tips in designing a virtual menu app for your restaurant.

Think of a background color palette

A great background palette may help a plain virtual menu stand out by adding individuality to it through color modification. Make sure your color choices are complementary to one another to avoid eye strain.

Add food visuals to your menu

Adding food photographs to your virtual menu adds excitement and appeal to potential clients.

It should be able to convince your customers to order the items you offer at your restaurant with delicious menu graphics.

An option is a delicious cheese burger with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, a slab of mustard, and ketchup, served with potato crisps.

Customers will be encouraged to place an order for something that seems great simply by displaying a photo of the meal on the menu.

Include promotions and add-ons as an upselling feature of your eMenu app

Remember to incorporate your menu’s promos and add-ons while developing your virtual menu app to create an excellent combo meal for clients to sample.

Serve an ice-cold apple iced tea over a hearty beef lasagna with parmesan and parsley toppings, for example.

As a result, the meal is ideally accompanied by a refreshing beverage.

Choose the right font and style

Choosing the right font and style for your virtual menu app improves its trustworthiness and attractiveness to customers.

The typeface and style of your virtual menu app should be able to communicate your restaurant’s originality, from the meals you serve to the restaurant website, and, most importantly, through your emenu app.

If you use simple fonts like Calibri, Aharoni, and others, customers will be able to read it easily.

The right typeface, on the other hand, is determined by your restaurant’s style and concept.

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Other ways to boost online presence for your restaurant menu app

The social media platform is a vital digital realm that helps your restaurant’s brand to reach the demographics you want to attract as potential customers.

lady holding a phone while stirring a cup of coffee

It assists your target clientele in discovering, identifying, and becoming familiar with the identity and offerings of your restaurant.

You can raise brand awareness among the groups you wish to reach for a restaurant. You may also promote your restaurant business in your neighborhood by strengthening your social media presence.

As a result, what social media sites should you target to promote your restaurant’s brand and legacy to a larger audience?

Post your culinary food portraits on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that not only benefits individuals, but also businesses like restaurants and cafés. It’s a website where you can show off your cooking skills by uploading photos or videos to its feed.

Your restaurant’s photo will display on your Instagram account, allowing you to promote the brand you want to be known for on a regular basis.smartphone showing a social media post of a restaurantFor example, if you want to maintain an online presence in such a platform for your Instagram target demographics, you could post a delicious coffee latte on your Instagram profile and urge your followers to try one.

Thus, Instagram is a good way to raise brand awareness because it reaches a broader audience, which leads to more sales.

Expand your restaurant website through Facebook business profile

A Facebook page is another excellent social networking tool for raising brand awareness for a restaurant.

Creating a Facebook business page can help you communicate with customers while also offering basic information about your firm and the culinary abilities you have to offer.

You can, for example, make a Facebook business page for your vegan eatery. Potential consumers who were looking for a location to dine and have vegan cuisine served on their tables will undoubtedly find your Facebook business media page for a restaurantBecause the Facebook page needs you to write something about your business, you can share the restaurant website you created using interactive restaurant menu QR code software as a linked web to redirect potential clients to open and explore your website.

By making such gestures, you can reach a wider demographic and raise your restaurant’s image as something to look forward to in the restaurant sector.

Create a TikTok video to show your restaurant’s culinary flair

TikTok is today’s newest social media craze, with a demographic that includes not only influencers but also restaurants, cafés, and breweries.

You can use the platform to create short video snippets to tempt the world with your inventiveness.

Businesses are interested in TikTok because of the large number of Generation Z target users. Because these Generation Z viewers are influencers in their era, you can create a TikTok account for your brand and target these clients.

Prepare a short video demonstration of how to make matcha lattes and upload it on the internet, for example.

As soon as the movie begins, start by inserting a transparent glass bottle in the container, then add ice cubes. Demonstrate how to brew a matcha drink and serve it in a glass with ice cubes.

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