How to Use QR Codes on Banners and Advertising

Update:  April 05, 2024
How to Use QR Codes on Banners and Advertising

QR codes on banners are a modern and cost-effective tool to take marketing strategies to the next level, helping businesses grow and flourish in this fast-paced digital age.

This proves that print media is not dead; it just needs an upgrade to keep up with today’s digital trends.

With QR codes, banners can become more engaging and efficient.

And here’s the best part: Creating a QR code is now quick and easy with a reliable QR code generator online software.

Wondering how QR code advertisement can help maximize the marketing results of your traditional banner ads? Read below to find out.

Why use a QR code generator for advertising?

An ad QR code can give a digital dimension to any marketing collateral.

It’s a powerful tool that bridges the two marketing streams — online and offline.

They are an excellent integration for QR code advertisement, whether it's printed marketing materials, including traditional banners.

With this new-age marketing approach, marketers can deploy interactive and engaging conventional banner ads.

Instead of just giving them plain, immovable texts and images, you can use custom QR codes on signs that connect the physical world to the online world.

With your dynamic QR codes in advertising, you can add rich media content and other digital materials and direct audiences from offline to online channels, creating a more engaging experience for audiences.

And since you can’t have all the information in one place, QR codes are a smart tech tool that can provide users with additional information in just a scan.

9 banner QR code advertising examples using advanced solutions

QR code advertising helps marketers narrow down the promotional limitations of traditional banner ads.

It also helps create a cohesive customer journey and a shortcut in the marketing funnel.

With QR codes, your audience only has to scan or take a photo of the QR code and take home the information.

They can literally access it anytime and anywhere.

Here are some ways you can use QR code advertisement to give your banner ads a digital upgrade:

1. Drive website traffic with URL QR codes

Shop QR code

Transform your printed banner into a “shoppable” print ad using a dynamic URL QR code to direct audiences to your online shop or company website.

Opting for a dynamic URL QR code makes your banner flexible since you can easily change the link anytime.

For instance, if the online shopping platform is down, you can quickly replace it with your website link so scanners can still shop and place orders.

2. Boost social media growth with social media QR codes

If you aim to boost your social media reach, there’s one solution you can use.

Streamline your digital footprint with a custom QR code for social media printed on your banner ads.

This advanced dynamic solution embeds all your social media links (and other website URLs) and displays them on a mobile-optimized landing page.

Scanners will find a button for each link that will take them to the corresponding platform when tapped.

This allows scanners to find and follow you on different platforms in one place — no need to jump from one app to another.

3. Increase mobile app downloads with app store QR codes

Your mobile app deserves a spotlight, too.

Promote it with app QR codes on your print media to boost downloads and gain new users.

This solution embeds the URL or link of your app.

It then takes scanners to Google Play Store or App Store, allowing them to download your mobile app instantly.

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4. Promote your brand with multi-URL QR codes

A multi-URL QR code is an advanced and unique solution ideal for multinational brands or companies.

This solution allows marketers to design a more targeted or personalized marketing approach.

This solution can store multiple links that direct scanners to different landing pages based on the following:

  • Language

Use this feature to let your multilingual marketing campaign reach the right audience.

If you’re a global e-commerce company, this feature allows you to deliver a targeted marketing approach that caters to audiences with diverse language preferences seamlessly.

The code leads scanners to a specific landing page based on their device language. So, if the scanner’s device language is Spanish, the QR code takes them to the website’s Spanish version.

  • Location

Marketers can now run seamless location-based marketing using this feature.

This allows them to deliver targeted information based on their target market’s proximity.

When a customer in New York scans the QR code, the system detects their location and guides them to the New York branch website or page.

They can then access New York-specific content, ensuring they receive customized information regarding special offers or event details based on their preferences and proximity.

  • Time

Changing menus can be a hassle. But with the feature, restaurants can quickly provide their customers with different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

When a customer scans the code, it leads them to a specific menu page based on the scanning time. So, if the customer reviews the code at 9 a.m., they can access the breakfast menu.

  • Number of scans

This feature changes its URL destination based on the number of scans — no need to create different QR codes.

The code can automatically lead your customers to a specific page based on the set scan limit per URL.

With this, marketers can seamlessly run innovative promos.

Here’s an example: The first ten scanners can get a 20% discount, and the following ten scanners can get a 10% discount.

5. Provide complete details with file QR codes

Use a file QR code to provide complete and accurate information about your campaign despite the limited space on your banner.

This dynamic QR code can store documents, images, audio files, and videos. Users can view the file and save a copy on their devices.

Give instructions or mechanics on how people can join your raffle or giveaways or share an extensive list of your product’s ingredients.

Consumers will surely appreciate your transparency with the details, and you can easily earn their trust.

6. Create a customized landing page with H5 editor QR codes

H5 QR code

Another effective banner QR code advertising example is using a customized landing page QR code.

This solution can eliminate excessive copy on your banner ads.

The landing page QR code is an advanced QR code solution that allows you to create custom landing pages without building a website from scratch or buying a domain.

With this solution, you can use a pre-designed template or customize it to your liking or branding.

And to make it more engaging, you can add rich content like images and videos.

7. Tell captivating stories with video QR codes

You can now integrate video marketing campaigns into your printed banner ads.

You only need to create a custom video QR code and include it on your banner before printing.

With this innovative QR solution, you can transform plain and traditional banner ads into a catchy and engaging campaign that will surely impress your audiences.

You have three options to convert your video to a QR code:

  1. YouTube QR code: Embed videos from your YouTube channel using the video link.
  2. URL QR code: Embed your videos from online cloud-based storage (Google Drive or Cloud) using the file’s URL.
  3. File QR code: Embed your videos by uploading the video file. This solution allows scanners to download your videos.

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Generate them in dynamic QR to change the embedded data and track scanning activity, such as total scans, time, location, and device type.

8. Hook audiences with audio QR codes

Another strategy you can use to upgrade your banner advertising game is to use an audio QR code.

This solution is ideal for soundtrack promotion.

Artists can use this solution to give their fans snippets of their soon-to-release single.

Marketers can elevate their strategies by incorporating audio QR codes into various promotional materials such as social media posts, banners, posters, or product packaging.

A beverage company, for example, can add custom audio QR codes to their bottles to deliver captivating audio messages like brand stories and cocktail recipes.

If you’re doing a collab with an artist, you can also promote the artist’s song.

While customers enjoy your product, they can listen to their favorite artist’s newly-released music.

And on top of that, marketers can use audio QR codes to make their campaigns more accessible to people with visual impairments.

9. Get valuable feedback with Google Form QR codes

Google form QR code

Skip the hassles of the time-consuming paper and pen method of gathering customer feedback.

Use a Google Form QR code instead and add it to your banner ad.

With this solution, people will only have to scan the QR code from your banner and give their reviews using their devices or smartphones, making it more convenient and efficient.

How to make a customized banner ad QR code using a QR code generator

Using QR codes in advertising can elevate your print campaigns. And with advanced yet easy-to-use QR code software such as QR TIGER, creating QR codes is a breeze.

Follow this easy-to-follow guide to create the best custom banner ad QR code:

  1. Go to the QR TIGER QR code generator website and log in to your account.

Note: You can sign up for QR TIGER’s freemium plan to enjoy its full features for free if you don’t have an account yet.

  1. Select the type of QR code solution you want.
  2. Enter the needed details onto the empty field.
  3. Choose Static or Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code.

Tip: Use a dynamic QR code to edit the data anytime and track it to measure its performance.

  1. Customize your QR code according to your preference. Add your brand logo, then use a frame and a call to action.
  2. Run a test scan to check if your QR code works.
  3. Download and print the QR code on your banner ad.

The difference between static and dynamic QR codes

Although all QR codes may look the same, they have distinct features that provide different benefits.

Dive deeper into QR codes by learning the difference between static and dynamic ones.

Static QR code

A static QR code stores your data directly into its pattern.

So, once you create and use a static QR code, you cannot change or edit the embedded information.

But what’s great about them is they last forever and can accommodate unlimited scans.

Static QR codes are great for data that won’t require updates, such as your company website’s URL and e-commerce platform links.

They’re also ideal for one-time marketing campaigns.

However, your data size will affect a static QR code’s pattern; bigger data means more congested or denser patterns, which can result in slower scans or scanning errors.

It’s best to keep your data at a minimum when using a static QR code.

Dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR codes are more advanced. When you create one, the QR code software keeps your data in a web server and stores a short URL in the code’s pattern.

When you scan the QR code, the short URL directs you to the target website — the link you initially embedded — or leads to a landing page where you can view and download your data.

Since your data is not hard-coded, you can edit or update the embedded data whenever you’d like without making a new one, saving you time, effort, and money.

With the short URL, you can store bigger file sizes and rich media content such as customized landing pages, images, videos, and files.

Another brilliant feature distinguishing dynamic QR codes from static ones is their tracking capabilities.

You can access real-time data on your QR code’s scans: the total number of scanners, the time and location of each scan, and the type of device used to scan the QR code.

Dynamic QR codes are ideal for businesses since users can extract valuable insights from the data and accurately measure each QR code campaign.

Why you should use dynamic QR codes on banners

There are various benefits of employing dynamic QR codes on your marketing banners. Here’s why it’s wise to integrate QR code technology into banner ads:

1. Comprehensive marketing campaigns

QR code software allows you to create sophisticated and sleek QR code banner designs with comprehensive information.

QR codes can help you give complete campaign details even with limited space leaving more room for other essential elements.

QR code technology integration can enhance your brand’s transparency, building customer trust and fostering strong brand loyalty.

2. Trackable and measurable banner ad

One problem with using traditional banner ads and other print campaign materials is that you cannot measure their engagement.

But thanks to QR code technology, you can now turn the tables.

Marketers can now use dynamic QR codes to track each QR code campaign’s real-time performance.

Trackable QR codes are a true game-changer, especially in the marketing industry.

This way, brands can improve or adjust their existing or future campaigns.

3. Overall convenience

With a simple scan, users gain instant access to a wealth of promotion-related data, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches or manual input.

QR code technology allows people to retrieve information and take advantage of exclusive offers, discounts, or details about products and services.

4. Multi-platform audience reach

Effortlessly bridge the gap between offline and online platforms with QR codes.

You can seamlessly integrate them across digital and print mediums, connecting diverse audiences across various channels.

Strategically place them on your marketing materials for a seamless transition from physical to digital realms, creating immersive customer experiences.

Whether capturing the attention of tech-savvy individuals browsing the internet or captivating those who prefer tangible materials, QR codes are a versatile marketing tool.

5. Cost-efficient

With QR codes, businesses can reach a vast audience without breaking the bank.

Marketers gain access to a versatile tool that bridges the two marketing streams — offline and online.

With their affordable price and comprehensive features, QR codes allow businesses to engage with customers, deliver captivating content, and drive conversions, all while keeping costs under control.

Upgrade your banners with custom QR codes

QR codes on banners are the new-age marketing strategy to give your print campaign a digital upgrade.

Their advanced mechanism allows you to bridge offline and online marketing streams.

QR codes are a brilliant integration for your marketing campaigns; they widen your reach and boost your visibility.

This is why it’s wise to invest in reliable QR code software.

QR TIGER is your wisest and most budget-friendly choice.

This advanced QR code generator offers 17 cutting-edge solutions and has the highest levels of security and privacy.

Level up your banner advertising strategies with QR TIGER. Sign up for a freemium account today.

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