How to Make a QR Code for a Wedding Invitation

Update:  April 29, 2024
How to Make a QR Code for a Wedding Invitation

A QR code for wedding invitations is used to redirect your guests who receive your invitation cards to online information about your wedding.

It can lead them to your wedding celebration's entire information, interactive media like videos, or a gallery showing your prenup, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Invitations are one of the highlighted parts when it comes to planning someone’s wedding plan.

This piece of card handed to your loved ones, friends, and families symbolizes your official save-the-date wedding announcement.

Thus, it is given a significant amount of time when planning for the design, the colors involved, and everything it includes to make it as attractive and unique as possible, creating a lasting and wow impression.

But what if you can make tech-savvy and interactive invites powered by wedding invitations with QR codes?

Using a QR code invitation card, there are many creative ways you can make use of this technology and connect your guests to online information, displaying the information on their smartphone screens when the QR code is scanned.

Wedding invitations with QR code: how does it work?

Wedding invitation QR code

QR codes were originally invented in Japan, which are 2-dimensional barcodes accessible using mobile devices and generated using QR code software online.

To scan a QR code, the user needs to open their phone's camera app and point it to the QR code to access the information or data encrypted in the QR.

So you might be thinking, what types of information can be encoded using a QR code and presented to your guests? The answer is simply endless and limitless.

QR codes were developed with different QR code solutions for a particular purpose.

For example, your wedding QR code can link scanning guests to a video of your prenup shoot.

In that case, you can create a video QR code for wedding invitations using the best wedding QR code generator online today.

There should be one QR code per solution.

However, this solution can be edited or replaced with the correct information using a dynamic type of QR.

For example, suppose you have generated a PDF QR code for your wedding invitation, and you found out that you have encoded the wrong data.

In that case, you can update your wedding QR code by going to the QR code generator dashboard and replacing the data with the correct one.

Here are innovative ways how you can use a QR code for your wedding invitation

Share your story using a video QR code

Video QR code

You can add a video QR code and print it along with your wedding invitation.

When the person scans the QR code on wedding invitation card, they can open the video to your prenup video.

You can also use an image gallery QR code to show guests your prenup photos!

QR code wedding program

PDF QR code

But with QR codes, you don’t have to worry about where to put your additional information or the detail about your wedding itinerary.

You can make a PDF document and break down your wedding’s flow of activities and convert it into a PDF QR code using a wedding QR code generator.

Furthermore, if you are planning to even go for a minimal, smaller size of wedding invitation, a PDF QR code is just the best solution.

Or, if you want to create your own landing page where you can embed all information in one QR (videos, URLs, photos, information, etc.), you can also make a mobile webpage QR code using the landing page QR code (H5 editor QR code) solution.

Showcase a series of images using the image gallery QR code

Image gallery QR code embeds multiple images. When it is scanned, it will display your prenup photos on your guests' mobile phones when they scan it.

The image gallery QR code is powered by the H5 QR code solution.

Make a Google Maps location QR for your wedding venue

Location QR code

In that case, you can generate a Google Maps QR code to direct and guide your beloved guests to the destination of your food and catering venue after the wedding.

How to create a QR code for wedding invitations

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide in making a customized wedding invitation QR code:


QR TIGER is the best QR code generator online that allows you to make creative or customized QR code invitation card for your wedding card invitations.

You can use this as an effective and convenient wedding QR code generator.

Select the type of QR code you want to present on your wedding card

What type of information do you want to redirect your guests to?

Do you want to lead them to a video of your prenup? Or use a Google Map for your venue?

There are many QR code types you can use. Just simply provide the necessary data needed for the QR code solution you want and generate them into a QR code.

If you want to know how to create a QR code for a link, then a URL QR code solution is your best bet.

Using this tool, you can easily convert a link into a QR code that you can use for your wedding invitations.

Switch from static to dynamic QR code to change the content behind your QR

If you want to change the content behind your wedding information in case you have encoded the wrong data, you can change your content using a dynamic QR code.

One of the main reasons it is advisable to use a dynamic QR code is its ability to be corrected or edited even after you have printed them, making them cost-efficient and smart technology to use that also increases customer satisfaction.

With that being said, you don’t need to worry about reproducing or having to print your QR codes all over again because you can automatically change its landing page in the QR code generator online.

Generate your QR code

To start generating your wedding QR code campaigns, simply click the Generate QR code button.

Customize your QR code wedding invitation

Customize your cards by adding a QR code on wedding invitation that suits the theme of your special day!

Run a test scan to check for errors

You wouldn’t want to use an erroneous QR code campaign during this special occasion.

Always do a test scan to see if your QR code is not working or if it’s fully functioning before displaying them at the event.

Download your QR code

Print your QR code along with your wedding invitation.

Make an interactive QR code for wedding invitation cards with QR TIGER

Putting QR codes on wedding invitations is a great way to make traditional wedding cards more modern, high-tech, and interactive.

If you have more questions or need assistance, you can contact us directly on our website today.

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